Sprays for weight loss: do they work?

The market for weight loss products is gradually being conquered by a newfangled remedy: slimming sprays have entered the arena. As usual, these miracle remedies promise everything at once – the fastest possible weight loss at minimal cost in any conditions. This drug has already found a lot of buyers praising the novelty. However, the number of skeptical customers is also large. So after all, is it worth using this drug?

Any potential buyer should understand that all kinds of weight loss drugs give only a stimulating effect. Therefore, you should not hope that after using a whole bottle of spray, you can pounce on pies, cakes and burgers with a clear conscience. Everyone who wants to use the spray in the first place must adhere to certain rules to achieve the desired effect.

The above rules are not particularly difficult. First, those who want to lose weight should reduce their daily calorie intake according to the recommendations for their weight and height. Secondly, the matter cannot be limited to the use of drugs for weight loss – you need to rebuild your lifestyle, which should become more active in order to contribute to the burning of calories consumed. By adhering to these two recommendations, coupled with the effect of the drugs used, it is possible to achieve progress in the difficult task of losing weight.

Here lies the main problem. Sprays for weight loss so quickly gained a lot of fans that they began to be perceived as nothing more than manna from heaven for those who want to lose weight. Therefore, there are a lot of reviews on the Internet from those who did not wait for the momentary effect. This, in turn, raises the question of whether the claimed effect of the sprays is real. This question is now to be answered.

Different brands, same promises

Now in the segment of sprays for weight loss, several manufacturing companies of these products are fighting among themselves. These include brands such as Fitosprey, Glucobreak, Popular series of cosmetics for weight loss, AnexSpray, TriActive. Among themselves, they are distinguished by the composition of the products. We will have to return to this aspect in the differences between sprays a little later, but now we will consider the possibilities of their preparations declared by manufacturers.

The preparation of the company “FitoSpray”, unlike other similar products, is used by spraying into the oral cavity. The manufacturer claims that their use of their spray is guaranteed to lead to a decrease in the level of appetite, speed up metabolic processes even in the intestines and will not cause any health problems. However, in order to feel the effect of “FitoSpray” in full, just one “zilch” will not be enough. The bottle with the drug is equipped with a dispenser, and one dose will obviously not be enough for the desired effect. So, there are doubts about the effectiveness of this drug.


Sprays from Glucobreak, according to the manufacturer, are suitable for use with any diet. The company notes that the main plus of the drug is its oral use, however, as the previous manufacturer showed, this method of use is far from new. However, this medicine may have the desired effect with prolonged use. This must be taken into account with the proviso that a prerequisite for achieving the desired goals will be compliance with the diet.

Sprays of the line “Popular series of cosmetics for weight loss” honestly warn – they are suitable for use by those who are engaged in active training and lead a mobile lifestyle. Instructions for using the drug is simple – it must be sprayed onto areas of the skin that need improvement. Judging by the reviews of customers who have tested the products of this brand, there is an effect of this spray. Moreover, this effect is already visible to the naked eye by the seventh day of applying the spray. Also, this product simultaneously rejuvenates the parts of the skin on which it was applied, making it silky and elastic.

AnexSpray brand very unreliable as a choice of means for rapid weight loss. Naturally, the choice of the method of using the drug by spraying it into the oral cavity is no longer surprising (especially after the described products of Glucobreak and Fitospray). The manufacturer clearly assumed that a greater effect could be achieved if the components of the spray directly regulate the body’s metabolism. As a result, the company made a mistake – judging by the comments on this product, AnexSpray is more suitable as a breath freshener.

Producer of the spray “TriActive” insists that their remedy is what you need to lose weight in a “lazy” mode. Buyers who fall for the “lazy” bait often prefer this particular product, but are often dissatisfied with the result. The same “lazy” weight loss does not work, the drug also needs to be combined with an active lifestyle. In addition, due to some components in the drug prescription, complications are possible – too much spray applied can cause a rather severe burn to the skin. But the TriActive spray will come in handy in the fight against cellulite areas of the skin, which may come in handy for some buyers.

In general, you can see that different companies offer different ways to use sprays and promise different actions. As it turned out, not all promises are honestly kept. However, judging by the reaction of buyers, some sprays have advantages over others. It is possible that this is due to the various components of the drug. In order to confirm or refute this, it is necessary to consider these same components on their own.


Recipe secret

How is it that sprays should produce the same effect, but different companies produce different products? There must be some secret ingredient, right? It turns out that there is no secret ingredient. But there is a small part of the truth in this reflection – the entire effect of the spray depends on its components.

Product from the brand “AnexSpray” contains the following ingredients:

  • Lemon acid;
  • Succinic acid;
  • Xylitol;
  • Eftiderm;
  • lipoic acid;
  • sodium benzoate;
  • Vitamin supplements;
  • Essential oils.

Looking at all these components, one involuntarily gets the impression that all this is a recipe for a good cough and cold remedy. Therefore, its effect on weight loss is negligible.

Spray “TriActive” includes the following components:

  • Pepper extract;
  • caffeine extract;
  • ginger extract;
  • Pineapple extract;

Pineapple extract is the component that can lead to burns. However, the manufacturer did not interfere with finding new ingredients for the promised …

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