Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

Everyone is waiting for spring, especially fashionistas, because throwing off warm winter clothes, you can shine again and shine in new stylish outfits. The main thing is to know by heart what fashion trends will be in 2019 and creatively follow them.


What will surprise fashion in the spring of 2019

Diversity, bold decisions, amazing ideas of fashion designers are typical of every season. Spring has not been left out either. Here’s what’s going to be weird:

  • new silhouettes: the “inverted triangle” has become fashionable for jackets and jackets. True, wearing an elegant skirt and blouse, a jacket with broad shoulders and an aspen waist looks strange, see photos of bows, but among fashionistas there will definitely be those who say “Wow!”;

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  • It is difficult to surprise with the presence of the beach direction in the collections. It is quite logical that after winter people want to dream about vacation and the sea. But fashion designers have created sets of bikinis and jackets, sports shirts and short shorts and jackets, so now even cool weather is not a hindrance to put on your favorite swimsuit. The main thing is that the jacket should match him according to the color scheme;

  • cycling shorts – if you thought that these were purely sportswear – to run, ride a bike, sweat, twist around the house, now this is part of a stylish look. Fashion designers suggest wearing them with elegant blouses;

Fashionable bows with bike shorts – examples from celebrities

  • monotony – some designers offer to collect an image from things in one tone or in the nearest shades of the same color;

  • amazing outfits on the catwalks were also those that are reminiscent of the pool and swims: caps, like swimming caps, glasses with rubber straps, and even towels peeking out of bags or thrown over shoulders;

  • short tops in the form of closed bras, the so-called “bardot” in honor of Brigitte Bardot. It seems not quite a spring version, but designers suggest wearing it with short trousers and skirts.

Stylish images with a trendy bardot blouse

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However, we are in a hurry to reassure fashionistas: most of the models of different clothes have classic and elegant silhouettes, the proposed styles are very practical and functional. Many things are simple cut, and admiration is caused by their non-standard design and color experiments.

Spring 2019 Fashion Trends

In the winter season, fur products and fur decorations were typical. In the spring, almost all designers switched to a “warm” option and thought about the beach and pools. But there are many other moments too.

Characteristic features in clothes:

  • pleating – now not only maxi skirts, playfully assembled into “stripes”, but also entire dresses. Pleating serves as the main decoration and highlight of the images;

  • handmade continues to be in vogue. As if hand-woven nets create intriguing styles of dresses and skirts. And blouses and tunics, as if crocheted – openwork and elegant – can be worn as elegant, for going out or for walks;

  • lace – for sure, we will never refuse lace. It’s too beautiful;

  • the washed denim stepped firmly over the jeans. Now dresses, jackets, vests, skirts, shorts, shirts – everything looks slightly faded, or faded, or worn;

  • patch pockets – and not one or two, as in the past season. There are a lot of them – on vests, on pants, as if compensating for small handbags, where almost nothing can fit;

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  • jumpsuits continue to be popular and comfortable. It can be a comfortable denim jumpsuit, light and elegant – for a holiday, or casual and stylish;

  • Bermuda shorts are back – these short pants have firmly taken their place in office bows and are not going to leave fashionable images;

  • in maxi-trousers, a novelty is slits. Some styles are straight from the hip, from the knee or small, just to show how luxurious the shoes are on the fashionista;

  • leather continues to be on trend. Leather suits with a skirt or trousers will obviously migrate from the catwalks to the real lives of the most extravagant and daring women.

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Prints and colors:

  • love for prints results in a crazy mix: stripes with floral patterns, polka dots with geometric patterns, and so on;

  • watercolor streaks and faded colors are the favorite colors of the new season. Very original;

  • if last year there was a lot of purple, then in 2019 we expect a lot of things in coral color – after all, this is the color of the year according to Pantone.

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Warm clothes:

  • light cape jackets, cape cardigans, cape coats. You can safely choose blouses and blouses with luxurious sleeves to show them even on cooler days;

  • among fashionable coats, the most popular will be classic models and trench coats with two rows of buttons and a belt;

Stylish trench coats

  • capes of different options;
  • original jackets and bomber jackets are worn with both sweatpants and classic strict skirts.

Trendy bomber jackets

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Layering continues to be in fashion. Designers have even created some outerwear options as “multi-layered”, when a sleeveless coat or cardigan already comes with a cape.


Jewelry and accessories:

  • sports glasses like a skier or snowboarder. In order not to suddenly be mistaken for an athlete, it is better to wear such glasses with romantic dresses or a skirt;

  • long pendants with pendants and massive necklaces made of shells and other elements, as if created by oneself;
  • straw hats and caps;

  • headbands – either elegant and neat or frilly, as if ladies in headbands will compete;
  • belts, ropes, knots – fashion designers did not hesitate to come up with a variety of fastening options, making women eternal “alpinists” with their equipment everywhere, but complete with a romantic dress, a rope belt looks impressive;
  • turbans from a scarf – when the head is covered from the sun, and you can impress your friends with a unique headdress;

  • miniature handbags, handbags on the belt – it’s hard to say how all the necessary women’s little things will fit in them;
  • oversized bags are best suited for tall girls and tighter clothes. With oversized clothes, it is better to wear medium-sized bags.

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Advice. Judging by the number and types of jewelry on the models from the catwalks, it will be possible to wear everything together in the spring, without thinking about compatibility.


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In the spring of 2019, such fashion trends in shoes will be characteristic:

  • bright, saturated colors – red, burgundy, blue, green;
  • metallic, gold and silver shoes will be the most popular for evening dresses;

  • novelties among shoes will be as follows: completely or partially transparent, large bows as decorations, unusual heels made of different materials;
  • boots with…

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