Spring 2020 fashion trends

The main fashion trends of the spring 2020 season in one article, and it is in front of you!

Top palette

The beige palette is the inspiration for the most feminine and elegant clothes of the spring season. Milky, caramel, golden and sand tones – they should be paid attention first of all if you plan to be in trend. Nude shades with a light coating of pink also look amazing.

[tds_warning]Interesting! The nude palette in the top shows was wonderfully combined with a minimalist cut and design. Such a trend will surely appeal to a fashionista both at 20 and at 40 years old, if she has excellent taste.[/tds_warning]

Peach, lavender, lilac and blue tones also appear this season, which rejuvenate and refresh the appearance.

If animal prints decide to leave the fashion world, then this will definitely not happen in the coming seasons. Designers and fashionistas have not yet fully revealed the stylish potential of animalistics.

Spring animal prints have pushed the boundaries of their color combinations. For example, a leopard with gray-blue spots entered the fashion arena. Combining patterns of various colors and styles is still with us. An addition has also appeared in the range of animal motifs – this is a print with an imitation of the colors of a giraffe.

Of course, spring images were not complete without a floral print.

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Key trends

Transparency and translucency

When else to decide on transparent accents in the image, if not in the warm season? Such a trend can be embodied in the form of separate seductive inserts in the product or in the design of the whole thing.

To get inspired by this trend, you can take inspiration from the classic silhouettes of transparent T-shirts with beautiful floral embroidery. The shows also featured crop tops, blouses and dresses made of translucent textures. So bold and so charming!

high rise

This trend is a real gift for obese women, as well as for fashionistas who want to visually increase their height or make their legs more slender and long. In a word, a high fit is the choice of girls who prefer to look beautiful and stylish.

In the spring season, almost all bottom options were complemented with a high waist – jeans with pleated waist, cropped trousers and various versions of fashionable skirts.

Creating a stylish and harmonious look is easy if you tuck the top into the bottom of the oversized fit. You can choose a classic style in beige or white, or play with the color combinatorics of the image – in the spring such experiments are especially welcome!

voluminous sleeves

If you have not had time to feel the beauty and femininity of exaggerated sleeves, designers give you a second chance and continue the relevance of this trend.

So, what new fashion dictators have proposed this time? First of all, these are sleeves with gorgeous watercolor stains that go well with a laconic black dress. So by chance, the FINCH collection presented a modern vision of the legendary invention of Coco Chanel.

Another trendy idea is laconic puffs, just like on princess dresses. Since the summer of 2019, fashionistas have loved blouses with voluminous sleeves, which they successfully combined with high-rise jeans. Great news! Such models can be safely continued to wear in the spring.

Such a cut is rarely suitable for owners of an inverted triangle figure with wide shoulders. But he’s doing great and harmonizes the proportions of the silhouette of a girl with wide hips. Women of fashion with an hourglass figure can also experiment with this trend as much as they like.

This trend can be embodied not only in puffed sleeves, but also in voluminous shoulders and greetings from the 80s.

Bold mini

The elegant midi and maxi length fades into the background in the spring season, kindly giving way to a frank mini. In the warm season, you can discard all constraints and show the world long and beautiful legs. But even if you think your legs are not long enough, you can afford this style – it will visually correct the situation.


Fashion in the spring 2020 season has announced the boho style as the main trend in the design of women’s clothing. But true fashionistas should know that this trend has undergone some changes.

It can still be expressed in bright colors and prints, as well as in fringe decor. Combinations of different materials and fresh variations of feminine midi length dresses became the novelties of the style.

If you like this trend, and you do not plan to bypass it, you can add to your spring shopping list:

  • voluminous silk blouse;
  • colorful accessories;
  • stylish turban;
  • mini dress with a large bow;
  • layered top to pair with high-rise trousers.

flying silhouettes

The fashion of the spring 2020 season is ruled by femininity, so the relevance of sophisticated flying silhouettes in clothes is a completely natural phenomenon.

In their collections, designers admired dresses, skirts and blouses made of silk, tulle and tulle. Such models were often complemented by delicate flowers in the form of a print or embroidery.

But still, you should not give in to this trend 100% and create exaggeratedly delicate bows. A game of contrasts in mixing styles, as well as non-banal colors for such flying silhouettes, will look more stylish.

Emphasis on the waist

The emphasis on the waist as a leading trend is suitable for both young fashionistas and women over 50. You can embody it with ties, a belt or a contrasting belt.

Asymmetry and architecture

This trend will help you stand out from the crowd without resorting to flashy colors and frank things. The strength of this cut is in minimalism.

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Top things of the season

Bright suit

Bright trouser suits have already appeared in the wardrobe of almost every fashionista. But if for some reason this wave of popularity bypassed you, this spring you will be able to catch up.

Some couturiers decided to deviate from the classics and complemented the costume with slits on the sleeves, drapery or an unusual belt.

Designers suggest that you can get a trendy look by wearing a suit on a naked body. This technique is not new, but it always disarms and hits directly on the target, creating a stunning effect. In the spring season, a similar look with a mixture of rigor and audacity looks especially stylish.

[tds_note]Interesting! A pantsuit can be worn with various new fashionable shoes for the spring 2020 season – pointy ballet flats, mules, sneakers, sandals with thin and thick soles, and sometimes with Cossacks.[/tds_note]

Oversized jacket

The most advanced fashionistas are already aware that a jacket is not just an element of a business wardrobe. If you approach the composition of the image creatively, you can use the jacket in romantic, casual and evening ensembles.

The key novelty of the season is the oversized jacket, as if politely taken off the man’s shoulder. Fitted models also do not lag behind …

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