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Spring 2020 Outerwear Trends

The opening of any fashion season begins, first of all, with the preparation of the wardrobe. Spring is coming, which means it’s time to check the arsenal of outfits for relevance and relevance. In order not to look like a “black sheep” on the streets of the city, it is worth starting with the selection of outerwear. After all, it is in it that a person spends most of his time in front of others. A clear understanding of the trends of the current season will help to effectively deal with this issue.


The main trends of this spring

In recent years, fashion for outerwear has undergone significant changes. Today’s fashionable reality is very different from what we saw just yesterday. Nevertheless, outdated models still flaunt on store shelves, which further complicates the choice. In order to buy the thing you like and at the same time not look like a person from the past decade, you need to clearly understand current trends and how they work in everyday life. So, the main trends of the spring season 2020 include:

  • Oversize. Clothing, as if taken from a man’s shoulder. Comfortable and free cut emphasizes the femininity and fragility of the figure.
  • Environmental friendliness. A trend that migrated from the winter season, when all brands offered a variety of options for eco-fur coats. This wardrobe item is being replaced by no less stylish eco-leather options.
  • Denim. This season, the images of total denim are becoming relevant again.
  • 70s. Last season, designers from all over the world reimagined the fashion of the 80s, this season – at the peak of the modernized 70s. These are corduroy, comfortable flared jackets and vests.
  • Grunge and the 90s. Rebellious style, wide cuts and torn elements.

loose coat

Thus, the main trends of this spring, like last season, remain loose styles and hypertrophied, massive forms that reflect masculinity. In terms of materials, eco-leather is a top favorite for 2020. The color palette remains expansive, calm pastels exist alongside flashy neon. The most popular types of outerwear are coats, jackets, raincoats and jackets.


The coat in 2020 must be elongated, straight or oversized cut. These are universal characteristics that have remained with us since last season. The fashionable solutions of today include a game with color and textures:

  • quilted material;
  • patch pockets;
  • flashy yellow, red, blue and orange colors;
  • plaid coat;
  • eco-leather coat;
  • waist belt.

Spring coat


Just like for coats, designers this season continue to use wide styles and voluminous shapes. Comfort and convenience have been the main trend of the modern wardrobe in the last few years, but new solutions are inherent in each new season. So, the coming spring is distinguished by a combination of new bold and elegant solutions:

  • cropped jackets to the waist. The emphasis on the waist visually makes it thinner;
  • products made of eco-leather, suede and plush, lacquered and neoprene;
  • sports bombers;
  • raincoats with a belt on a daily basis;
  • quilted jackets;
  • massive jeans that look like men’s;
  • aviator jackets;
  • perforation and three-dimensional patterns;
  • voluminous and light down jackets become even more voluminous and airy;

Jackets spring 2020

As for the color scheme, this year it is a wide variety of shades – from nude beige to neon and shimmering chameleon.

Raincoats and jackets

The style of such spring clothes as raincoats and jackets is the same this season and is based on the fashion of the 70s adapted for today.

The favorite of the season are nude-colored trench coats and two-layer khaki raincoats made of eco-leather with transparent elements. They dilute the retro style of military raincoats.

Fashion raincoats

For residents of the southern regions, wide-cut jackets up to the middle of the thigh will become relevant spring outerwear. This season, these are items made of velveteen, velvet and plush in bright colors, as well as a classic cage. A mandatory attribute is a belt or belt on the waist line.

Fashion jackets 2020

Thus, the fashionable spring 2020 will not bring any global changes and will continue the trend of the previous one. Nevertheless, the current season is distinguished by a variety of solutions for both lovers of the classics and fans of grunge and avant-garde.

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