Spring accessories: how to complete the look in the 2020 season

Girls who want to always stay in trend should heed the advice of stylists. Designers from the world of high fashion recommend taking care of accessories in advance, without a hat, bag and wristwatch, the image will seem incomplete and dull.


In the spring of 2020, every girl should have a hat in her wardrobe, but it is better to purchase two or three models at once. Panama hats with large fields are popular this season, especially straw models.

Peaks remain in fashion. The shape, size and color are matched to the bow. Do not forget about scarves, bandanas and headbands – this is a classic that does not go out of fashion.

A woman in a wide-brimmed hat will attract attention and cause admiration in women and men.

Original handbags

Not a single girl who follows fashion trends can do without a luxurious bag in the spring of 2020. Transparent models will be popular in the spring.

Handbags, made in the form of a keychain, remain trendy, they have remained popular for several seasons in a row.

Color hits:

  • white;
  • black;
  • beige.

There are also bright shades in many famous collections. The material also differs, fabric-based handbags, accessories made of leather and suede are popular. The main highlight lies in the original tailoring, unusual shape and originality.

Massive decorations

Jewelry comes back into fashion, but preference is given to bright and massive jewelry – this is the main rule that a woman should be guided by when choosing accessories for herself.

Girls with different earrings in their ears look spectacular, moreover, they are not just of different shapes, but also of color, as well as length. Stylists advise giving preference to large accessories, like a chandelier.

The trend is wide bracelets with ethnic engraving, there should be a lot of them, and on both hands. Well-known world-famous designers presented a collection of hand-made jewelry made of bright fabrics and multi-colored laces.

Fashionistas should stock up on jewelry such as:

  • chokers;
  • necklace;
  • pendants;
  • chains with large links.

Massive chains are located anywhere: on the handles of the bag, belt, boots. Any thing with this element will become fashionable and stylish.

This season, a woman should have a lot of jewelry made in an original form with a non-trivial decor and a fantasy pattern. The color is selected taking into account a specific bow, as well as the event to which it is selected.


Each outfit on the models walking the catwalk of the spring-summer 2020 collection is decorated with a belt, strap or belt. These elements remain relevant for the second season in a row. Accessories must meet two requirements: external aesthetics and practicality to wear. Products in black and beige shades remain popular.

Must have spring 2020 – high belts that look like a corset. At the peak of fringe popularity, belts with such decor will be beautifully combined with denim and leather items.

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