Весеннее пальто 2020

Spring coat 2020: 5 fashion trends

Spring is a time of expectation and renewal, a time of inspiration and fulfillment. Any representative of the fair sex strives to become absolutely irresistible and spectacular in the spring. For many seasons, designers have unanimously recognized the coat as the most optimal and at the same time stylish and elegant solution for spring outfit. Among the current trends, any lady will find exactly what suits her in style, color and style, which will add zest and gloss to her spring look, give confidence in her own irresistibility.

Spring coat 2020

In order not to get confused and not get lost among the variety of mega-fashion trends, you should heed the advice of cult designers who certainly know a lot about coats in all its manifestations.

Hits of the season

The stylistic range of current coat models is able to amaze the imagination of both fashionistas and respectable ladies. Basic classics and their transformation through unexpected details, as well as completely new unique and original coat ideas, offer to plunge into the abyss of trendy elegance.

  1. Trench coat or trench coat: a spectacular double-breasted coat with irreplaceable decor in the form of a high collar, cuffs, yoke, epaulettes and belts. A prerequisite for this style of coat are pockets – both internal and overhead.

fashion trench coat

  1. Cape: stylization of outerwear under a cape will give the spring bow ease and mischief, and the versatility of its use in different styles and ensembles, diluted with notes of lightness and charm, will create a spring mood for its owner.

spring cape

  1. Collarless Crew Neck Coat: A minimalist take on a stylish coat that is dressed up with sparkle or contrast detailing at the pockets and sleeve lapels for a festive and festive look. You can adequately beat this outfit with accessories such as a neckerchief or a light scarf.

Spring coat without a collar

  1. Classic maxi coat: the reliability and versatility of this model has been in trend for more than one season. In the spring of 2020, you should give preference to classic color schemes (black, white, beige, gray) and combine it with wide jeans.

Maxi coat

  1. Oversized coat: cozy style and a straight cut will set a mischievous mood in bad weather and in sunny weather. And if you decide on the color in favor of bright, then the spring feeling of airiness and fragrance is provided.

oversized coat

The secret is in the details

Actualizing the “fashion peeps” that have accumulated over recent seasons, the designers gave battle to minimalism, diluting the elegant women’s coat with extravagant details. Many of the newfangled trends began to appear on the catwalks for the first time last season and, having somewhat transformed, predictably declared themselves in the coming:

  • imitation of the male style of a straight-cut coat with wide shoulders;
  • perforation as an element of decor;
  • belt in the form of a rope;
  • decor on the collar;
  • trim with multi-colored fur;
  • prints.

spring models

“Delicious” colors

The color direction set last season is becoming relevant today. Depending on the individual characteristics and desires of its owner, a spring coat can be bright to the point of acidity, or softly alluring in pastel shades. The most hit are:

  • red;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • olive;
  • sky blue;
  • pistachio;
  • bottle green;
  • mint;
  • powdery pink;
  • cream.

coat color

Magic Mix

In the spring season 2020, the wind of change is blowing towards the versatility of combinations. Almost any coat, regardless of style, will make perfect sets with ripped or wide jeans, and with strict skirts, and with romantic dresses.

fashion clothes

The current trend is to wear a coat open or casually thrown over the shoulders.

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