Spring looks 2020 that make you look younger

In one article, we have collected the most stylish looks for spring 2020 that look younger. We hope you find a lot of inspiring ideas for yourself!



Spring 2020 dictates its own fashion rules, including the current palette. After a gray and gloomy winter, light shades enter the fashion arena. Beige, white and milky colors perfectly refresh the appearance of a fashionista. The most accurate hit in the trends will be the creation of a monochrome image in light colors.

Accent shades of the spring palette will help bring bright notes and juiciness to your image. The favorites of the 2020 season are orange, scarlet, coral pink, blue and yellow tones. Do not be afraid of such dominant colors – in a duet with basic things, they will create modern stylish images.

Do not give up their positions and pastel shades, which are great for women over 40 years old. Your choice can fall on lavender, lemon, powdery pink and blue colors. Their main feature lies in the successful combinatorics with each other. Combining different pastel colors with each other, it is easy to create feminine and elegant images.

Dark colors are great for slimming, but they also have the ability to visually add age. To level the second unwanted action, it is worth diluting dark outfits with light accents.

Actual prints can be adopted as stylish accents of the image. Animal, geometric and floral motifs bring a stylish twist to any outfit. True, so that they do not exclude the rejuvenating effect of the bow, it is worth making sure that the print is restrained and not too contrasting.

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trench coat

Spring is known for its changeable weather, so every fashionista should have stylish outerwear in her arsenal in case of fashionable warming. Stylists recommend that women of elegant age pay attention to a light trench coat in the current midi length. Pleasant colors will have a rejuvenating effect on the appearance of a fashionista. A double effect is guaranteed if you put into practice modern stylish combinations. For example, it is now extremely fashionable to wear a trench coat with sneakers.


Spring 2020 looks that look younger can include a denim texture. Even ordinary straight or slightly voluminous jeans masterfully refresh the image and reset for several years. Other trendy denim novelties have the same effect – these are jackets, dresses, midi skirts, sundresses and bermudas.


Structured silhouettes and trendy cuts are two well-known techniques that perfectly reset the years. That is why many stylists recommend women not to ignore the relevance of jackets. The most fashionable pieces in the 2020 season will have a loose and elongated cut.

[stextbox id=’info’]In order for the image with such a jacket to really turn out to be rejuvenating and stylish, it must be combined correctly. Fashionable ensembles can be easily obtained in a duet with jeans, a flying midi-length dress or with matching Bermuda shorts. Emphasis on the waist in the form of a belt is also welcome.[/stextbox]


The fashion trends of the 2020 season still have a special feeling for the leather texture. It is worth noting that such novelties are suitable not only for young girls. With a discreet cut, matte surface and neutral colors, a leather item will also suit an older woman – it will add a stylish peppercorn and zest to the bow.

White shirts

White shirts rejuvenate fashionistas at any age, including women over 60. In the 2020 season, designers have made adjustments to the basic item and added stylish accents to it. It can be an emphasis on the waist, puffy sleeves, oversized cut, lace inserts or frills. If you want the image to be not only rejuvenating, but also modern, you can adopt one of the listed trends.

Feminine dresses

Elegant and romantic outfits are a universal means of raising your mood and self-esteem. With age, women also realize that they are also remarkably shedding years. In 2020, for the desired effect, you should pay attention to flying dresses of midi length, wrap style, straight cut with a belt at the waist, as well as sophisticated models with polka dots or a floral print.

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Bright trousers

Stylists strongly recommend that many fashionistas get high-rise straight trousers for the spring season. In order for the choice to be successful, you should first check with the current palette. It’s great if you choose a bright or pastel shade as your favorite – this is a much more non-trivial and stylish solution than the usual black trousers.

Pleated skirt

According to stylists’ forecasts, the pleated skirt continues to be in trend, so it can be actively used in feminine spring looks. You can literally wear it with anything, be it a sweater, jumper, turtleneck or T-shirt. The choice of shoes can also encourage experimentation.


Monochrome in 2020 is still a stylish and relevant idea. This technique is great for women at an elegant age, especially when choosing a light palette.


Images in the style of sporty look relevant and dynamic, and due to this they rejuvenate their mistress for at least a few years. The basic attribute of this direction is comfortable and trendy white sneakers. According to the fashion of the 2020 season, they should be combined not only with jeans.

In the spring, you can make an actual tandem with a dress or with trousers and a jumper. The technique of layering can also be used – for its implementation it is important to use a duet of turtlenecks and sweatshirts. Do not forget about the tracksuit, only now it is fashionable to combine it not with a jacket, but with a basic straight coat. Such images are perfect for stylish everyday life, and will make you feel like a young and active girl.

Fashion accents

Women who strive to look younger definitely benefit from the relevance of the emphasis on the waist. The easiest way to embody this trend is with a leather belt, oversized trousers and a tucked-in top – a shirt, turtleneck, cardigan or blouse. What is the strength of such a fashionable bow? And the fact that a clear structured silhouette is an effective anti-aging technique.

A silk scarf is another lifesaver in the wardrobe of a modern woman. This detail in an instant will make the image elegant and unique. Today it is fashionable to use this accessory as a scarf, headband, hair accessory or neckerchief.

In the 2020 season, jewelry in the style of minimalism is in high demand. Such details have a concise design, but often quite large in shape. You can also fall in love with them for their rejuvenating properties – such jewelry looks much more relevant than sets of necklaces and earrings with multi-colored stones.

In 2020, they break all records in popularity and chains. They can be both thin elegant and overall accent. In any case, such…

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