Spring manicure with butterflies

Delicate manicure with a butterfly is a new trend of the upcoming spring-summer season. It looks great in any image of a woman – from light romantic to office, business. We reviewed the most popular options for applying butterflies and offered, in our opinion, the best of them. Take note and make a stylish nail design.


What does the butterfly symbolize?

In many countries and among many peoples, the butterfly symbolizes immortality, the soul, the ability to resurrect and resurrect. She is like an immortal phoenix. Invariably appears, no matter how much she experiences her dying.

Different peoples interpret the image of a butterfly in different ways:

  • In Japan, a delicate winged insect symbolizes a young and intelligent woman. If the Japanese see images of several butterflies next to each other, for them they mean family well-being and happiness.
  • In China, the butterfly is a symbol of abundance, summer and joy. If an insect is depicted against the background of a chrysanthemum, this is beauty. If a butterfly is drawn next to a plum branch, this is longevity.
  • For Orthodox Christians, the butterfly also symbolizes resurrection. It can be noted that this gentle winged insect is often depicted in the hand of a small Christ.

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[tds_warning]Please note that according to Feng Shui it is better to depict a butterfly with a full wingspan. So it will bring more joy, well-being and a fresh stream into your life. If you are single, it is better to draw paired insects on your nails. Then in the near future you will definitely meet your destiny. [/tds_warning]

Ways to depict butterflies

Modern masters of nail service are rapidly growing in their ability to apply images of butterflies to nails. Thanks to this artistic approach, each butterfly turns into a separate work of art. Masters resort to the following options for depicting an insect:

  • Butterfly painted. A butterfly painted with a thin brush in different shades looks very beautiful on the nails. With the right combination of colors, such a composition looks very stylish. There is one requirement for such a design – it is necessary that the wings of a butterfly are organically combined with the main shade of the rest of the nails.
  • Butterfly sticker. In this case, the specialist carefully places a ready-made image of a butterfly on the nail plate. To securely fix it, a layer of glossy and matte top is applied on top. When hardened, it forms a dense, durable surface that protects the design from chips and other damage.

  • Bright butterfly made of stones and rhinestones. This design looks like a king. Nails look expensive and luxurious. The butterfly made of stones looks especially beautiful on a large nail plate. After all, her wings need a good swing. To create a masterpiece, the master uses stones of different sizes and shades.
  • Combined butterfly. A great option for spring or summer manicure is a butterfly painted with a brush and complemented with stones. A beautiful combination of decorative elements gracefully complements your manicure.

Interesting and delicate manicure design with a butterfly

To create an interesting design using a butterfly figurine, experts place it in different ways. Consider the most popular manicure options.

  • Butterfly whose wings are located on two adjacent nails. When the fingers are connected, the figure folds into one. Such a manicure with a butterfly on two nails looks especially beautiful if the master applies a smaller part of the insect wing to the adjacent nail. As a result, a nice movement effect of the pattern is created. Visually, there is an insect on one nail, but when you add an adjacent finger with a smaller image, the figure becomes larger, more voluminous.

  • Two butterflies on one nail. In the fashion of 2020 and such a nail design. Here the main requirement is a sufficient size of the nail plate. The image of two flying insects, different in size, looks elegant. It can be one large butterfly with a full wingspan and a second adjacent to it, but with folded wings. The effect of spring manicure has been achieved.

  • Butterflies on the ring fingers of both hands. Unnamed fingers, when creating an interesting nail design, are considered the best place to place decorative elements. Therefore, masters widely use them when creating their works. A manicure is considered stylish and fashionable, in which all nails except the nameless one have a single tone. Butterfly figurines are applied to the nameless nails.

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  • Butterflies, the color of the wings of which echoes the shade of other nails. If you decide to do a manicure with a butterfly on one nail, ask the master to use this technique. For example, 4 nails of one hand can be painted in a mint shade. The nail of the ring finger remains colorless. On it, the master applies the image of a butterfly, the wings of which are made in the same mint color. The insect must be outlined in black or white outline. If necessary, complement with rhinestones. You can play with any desired shades.

  • Large and small butterflies on two adjacent nails. This technique is also widely used today in the formation of an elegant nail design. Try to make it so that there is a large butterfly on the ring finger of the hand, and next to it on the middle or little finger is a small insect with half-folded wings. Such butterflies look beautiful if they are made in the same color and style.

  • Stamping. This is a technique of a kind of printing on painted nails. The master takes small stamps with a figure of butterflies. He applies varnish of the desired shade on them and puts prints on the nail plate. From above, the nail is covered with a top with a gloss or matte effect. The stamping technique can be used for all nails of the hand. Then the manicure will look dynamic and playful.

  • Wedding manicure French with a butterfly. Or just a French manicure with a picture of a butterfly. Often performed in nude shades – white, milky, beige or pale blue, silver. This manicure is incredibly elegant and beautiful. If desired, it can also be diluted with stones. Manicure with a butterfly and rhinestones is the trend of this season.

  • Lunar manicure with butterflies. The so-called moon manicure is especially popular with modern women. In it, the nail bed (or hole, as it is also called) remains clearly defined. On the rest of the nail, the master depicts a flying butterfly.

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  • Lace butterflies. Here, the image of flying insects is either simply drawn with black paint using an ultra-fine brush, or applied to the nail using pieces of lace. From above, the nail plate is covered with a protective top.

Whichever butterfly nail design you choose, you win anyway. Your hands look stylish, well-groomed and spring-like. So don’t be afraid to experiment. Hold on and…

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