Spring-Summer 2019 collections at Paris Fashion Week

Fashion show in Paris, spring-summer 2019 collection, made a splash. According to fashion critics, it is the French week that is the brightest, most interesting, and also “diverse”. Several famous designers were able to demonstrate their collections. Among them were Saint Laurent (Anthony Vaccarelo), as well as the new director of the world-famous brand Lanvin, Olivier Lapidus, Liselore Frowijn, Valentin Yudashkin and others.


Of course, the fashion show in Paris (spring-summer 2019) could not have passed without the participation of Dior. This brand was introduced by the director of the house, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

This week has been a memorable one. Why? It’s very simple, the visitors of this event love to create total outfits of one brand. This time, Dior received such an honor. It girls tried on light dresses made of translucent fabric. All of them were presented in the new look style, maxi and midi dresses, small and neat handbags, as well as jackets that were “borrowed” from a boyfriend.

Looks at the spring-summer 2019 fashion week in Paris were bold and interesting

The collection also included berets, which are so characteristic of French fashion.

Results of the fashion show in Paris spring-summer 2019

Fashion Week has already passed, but the talk about it still does not subside. After all, the designers were actually able to surprise us and present completely unusual novelties that amazed all fashionistas.

Designers’ collections were completely different, but there was something that connected it all into a single composition. The creators wanted to show the naturalness, spontaneity, youth protest. And in order to be convinced of this, you can review the video from the shows. You can find it below.

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To understand what the French fashion week was like, you can only carefully study the designers who took part in it.

Christian Dior

Perhaps this is a brand that has been showing its developments to the world for many years. This year, Maria Chiuri Grazia was able to create a story that details all the possibilities of women, as well as their youthful eccentricity. But, as always, this brand relies on elegance. After all, this is the basis of all collections from this fashion house.

Christian Dior. Spring-summer 2019

Saint Laurent

Also no less famous brand, which was able to pleasantly surprise all its fans. Their fashion collection can be described in just two words – hot and sexy. The fashion house’s heritage of sexy revealing dresses inspired head designer Anthony Vaccarelo to create a unique line of clothing. Shiny and glamorous men’s bows looked at us from the podium.

Saint Laurent. Spring-summer 2019

Valentin Yudashkin

I could not pass the fashion show in Paris with the spring-summer 2019 collections without Yudashkin. He relied on elegance. The famous designer tried to display the ideal woman with a great sense of style as much as possible. Valentin Yudashkina drew inspiration from avant-garde art, or to be more precise, from Suprematism, which was founded by Kazemir Malevich.

Valentin Yudashkin. Spring-summer 2019

Liselore Frowijn

This fashion house sang an ode to freedom in general, and in particular to Mexico. To do this, they used elements of cultural history in their collection, as well as their hopes for a brighter and better future.

Liselore Frowijn. Spring-summer 2019


How could we not mention this fashion house, from which we received a huge mass of beautiful outfits. No haute couture show is complete without a Chanel collection. This time the inspiration for Karl Lagerfeld came from the water.

The show of new products from Chanel was held at the highest level. It took place in the Grand Palace and, in order to initially set the guests in the right mood, they were met in the room by a huge edge of a rock with a real waterfall. And all this is reflected in the collection. Models of translucent things were presented on the podium: wide-brimmed hats, raincoats, as well as jackboots, plastic boots and tote bags.

Chanel. Spring-summer 2019

But since Chanel is characterized by the use of linen, chiffon, knitwear, denim, tweed textures, this time it was not without these fabrics. This allowed us to create a truly unique line of clothing that all fans of this brand fell in love with.

Junko Shimada

It’s interesting to revisit photos from this designer’s show as there are many interesting details here that can truly surprise you.

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The main feature of this collection is a magical tree, which seems to have been drawn by a child’s hand. Also, the advantage of this collection is unusual embroidery, as well as unusual prints.

Junko Shimada. Spring-summer 2019

With her positivity and timeless energy, Junko Shimada has been able to perpetuate rebel chic as well as alternative chic.

Manish Arora

This designer’s collection harmoniously combines lace, Indian brocade, unusual Arabic prints, bright glitter, and Indian embroidery. Manish Arora has created a huge amount of breathtaking drawings.

Manish Arora. Spring-summer 2019

Ralph and Russo

Another one of the designers who presented his collection at the French fashion week. And it is worth saying that Ralph and Russo won the hearts of many dandies and fashionistas with bright colors. The highlight of his show was that the bride came out at the end. Her role was played by one of the most famous video blogger in Brazil.

Ralph and Russo. Spring-summer 2019

[stextbox id=’info’]It should also be noted that this is the only British fashion house that has been invited to the French Fashion Week in the last 100 years.[/stextbox]

TOP 5 fashion items from French fashion week that you want to wear

  • Fifth place is occupied by tweed deuces from Chanel

This fashion house has already managed to present one fashion trend that has remained relevant for many years and this is a little black dress. But now it’s tweed suits. A cropped jacket, an A-line skirt and pastel colors are what fashionistas need.

  • The fourth instead is a shirt dress by Alexis Mabille

Despite the simplicity of the cut and casual outfit, this dress turns into a stylish piece of haute couture.

  • Third place – baggy trousers from Valentino

They look very stylish and help create a feminine, sophisticated look.

  • Second place – trouser suits by Jean Paul

Despite the fact that this is an exclusively male element of the wardrobe, it looks unusually stylish and fashionable on fragile girls.

  • And the first place is occupied by mini-dresses from Giambattiata Valli

His luxurious dresses are a real work of art. This time, at the peak of popularity, the models are very similar to those that Twiggy wore in the 60s. Only now they have been supplemented with various embroidery, appliqués, and frills.

Tweed twos by Chanel

Paris and its last fashion show gave a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions. Designers did their best, and therefore they were able to please and even surprise. Well, now it remains for us to review the photos from the shows and look forward to the next fashion week.


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