Spring wardrobe anti-trends 2020

An antitrend is a former trend that has temporarily lost its relevance. Fashion is capricious, and what everyone wore back in 2019 will look outdated in the spring of 2020. What fashion designers and stylists are advised to forget about in the coming season?

Antitrends in clothes

With the onset of spring 2020, items of clothing that were relevant in past seasons will finally go out of fashion. What is better to give up to stay stylish and follow the trends?

Black leather jacket

Leather jackets in black give way to jackets in bright colors. Pink, red, blue models will look good. Jackets should become tighter, thin leather is more suitable for dresses and skirts.

Blanket jackets

Volumetric down jackets are practical and comfortable, they have become part of everyday city life. But in the spring of 2020, they will be replaced by quilted jackets and coats.

Fur vests

A trend that has existed for too long has become uninteresting. In addition to the fact that vests do not warm, they are obsolete. It is better to pick up a down jacket or a trendy double-breasted coat in the new season.


It was worn over T-shirts and turtlenecks, creating the illusion of warmth. But it does not warm, and cuts the figure ugly. Bolero is included in the anti-trends of the next season. Instead, large-knit cardigans or oversized sweaters are recommended.

Lightweight jackets and cardigans

In 2020, the trend will be layering and volume. Thin knitwear fits the figure too much and does not hide imperfections. It is better to replace jackets and cardigans from it with things made of dense fabrics that keep their shape well. Medium and large knitting and oversized things will come into fashion.

Sweater dress

Whether it is fitted or wide and voluminous, the sweater dress has become anti-trends. His place will be taken by dresses made of thick knitwear, just as warm and comfortable, but at the height of fashion.

Bouffant skirts

Tutu skirts and sun skirts, temporarily out of fashion, remain only for theme parties. It is difficult to select the top for such models, and they are not easy to care for. Instead of puffy skirts, things with a straight or A-line silhouette, with a high waist, asymmetrical edge or a smell will come into fashion. Pleated maxi models will be popular. Miniskirts remain in trend, but are worn only in combination with the most closed top.

Pencil skirt

Tight-fitting things will become anti-trends in the spring of 2020. The pencil skirt, so loved by business girls, will fade into the shadows a bit. Her place will be taken by straight models of medium length, not too tight on the hips.

Skinny jeans

Tight jeans of any color are not recommended in the next fashion season, especially in combination with stocking boots. Instead of skinny, it is better to choose looser models – mom, bananas, boyfriends. The high waist is in fashion, which will correct figure flaws. Ripped jeans with knee slits are a thing of the past.

Sports pants

They are useful only for training, and models close to the classics are suitable for going out. Fashionistas will have to abandon the sporty style and move on to feminine looks.


Light fitted blouses, an attribute of office style, fade into the background. Loose shirts will help create a business look instead. To emphasize the waist, you can use a belt.

Antitrends in shoes

The fashion for shoes is as windy as in the case of clothes. Some favorite options will lose their relevance in the coming season.

Ankle socks. They lost their popularity last year, and in 2020 they are considered bad taste.

Uggs. This comfortable, but harmful to the spine footwear has become obsolete several seasons ago. Uggs have given way to more sophisticated models.

Moon rovers. They are comfortable and unusual, but their popularity is a thing of the past. Actual moon rovers look in the mountains at winter resorts, but not on the streets of the city.

Platform shoes. Today they look tasteless and vulgar. A great replacement for them is classic pumps.

Wedge Sneakers. Sometimes they are called arrowroots, and they no longer match the trends. In the spring, it is better to choose ordinary insulated sneakers or platform models.

Classic sneakers. They are temporarily out of trend. Therefore, fashionistas who love simplicity and sporty style will have to choose other shoe options.

Unfashionable accessories

The wrong accessory will spoil the impression, even if dressed in the most fashionable things.

What not to complement the image in the new season:

  • thin tight hats;
  • hats with extra details in the form of pompoms, veils, shiny jewelry;
  • bags in the same tone with the color of the shoes;
  • hats and scarves of the same knitting and the same color;
  • multi-colored hairpins with rhinestones and pearls.

Colors and patterns

In order for the image to turn out to be modern, attention should be paid not only to models and cut, but also to colors and prints that are popular in the fashion season.

Drawings and colors that have lost their relevance:

  1. Delicate pastel shades. They will be replaced by rich tones and bright colors.
  2. Clear geometric patterns. Strict shapes and angles are outdated, the classic cage and softer shapes with fuzzy contours will be in fashion.
  3. Pop art prints. They give way to drawings from comics.
  4. Repeating pattern on several things. Accessories and garments with the same print look tasteless.
  5. Image in one color. Monochrome is boring and no longer relevant. First of all, this applies to dark shades – black, purple, brown.

Attention to detail

Anti-trends are not only the garments themselves, but also the little things that make things outdated and unfashionable. What details should be eliminated in order to maintain the relevance of the image:

  • rhinestones on clothes;
  • peplum on skirts and dresses;
  • lace sewn to sweaters and shirts, creating an imitation of layering;
  • colored fur on the hood of the parka;
  • combination of neckline and mini;
  • stripes and arrows on jeans and trousers.

Lists of anti-trends are not laws that must be followed in everything. With a reasonable approach to trends and in the right combinations, there is a use for any subject. Fashion trends come back periodically. Don’t toss out your old clothes, because one day it might be time for them to get out of the back of the closet and spruce up the look again.

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