Spring wardrobe colors 2020: trendy combinations

This spring, the most popular will be shades of colors of the entire spectrum of the rainbow, as well as pastel colors. The leaders in 2020 are blue, yellow, gray and red. Some popular colors of the previous year smoothly moved into the present one, retaining their positions: swamp, burgundy, purple, delicate lilac. Often the image is made up of several colors. The article tells about the most fashionable combinations of the current year.

Color compositions “Spring – 2020”

Bold combinations built on contrasts, as well as softer, muted tones will be in fashion. For example, for a business style, it is appropriate to combine pink with red or gray, white, rich green, blue.

Advice! To create a concise and elegant bow, look at the red color.

An example of a trendy look for spring 2020: a combination of a brown midi skirt with a white blouse (can be decorated with a bow), a black cardigan and red high-top boots.

For bold fashionistas, metallic shades in clothes are offered, which are suitable for almost any color. Appropriate glosses. The combination of brown and ocher, blue, denim and blue remains popular.

Combinations with yellow

Yellow will be one of the main colors this spring, with which you can successfully combine other colors. With its help, contradictory images are created, some of which are charged with optimism, while others are set in a calm mood. It is appropriate in combination with gray, white, black.

Compositions with colors of the rainbow spectrum give the image of lightness, even in some lightness.

Grey colour

Color combinations with gray will also become fashionable in the spring of 2020. For example, gray-pink combinations will make the look romantic, young, fresh. A great option for home wear.

For a business meeting, a combination of gray and blue is suitable, which will add rigor and grace. To make the image calm, add gray to yellow. For dinner in a restaurant, it is recommended to combine gray with fuchsia in one ensemble.


The blue color is distinguished by restraint, calmness, therefore it is suitable for work. However, the combination with bright red is an open statement of determination and courage. Yellow will give blue a touch of playfulness, warmth, and green – freshness and novelty.

You can make the base color red and complement it with almost anything. This unique color is combined with blue, green, yellow, all shades of its palette, gray, black and even purple.

Advice! When combining colors, you need to remember about color saturation. Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the brightness of individual details of the image so that it becomes harmonious and complete.

To be at the peak of fashion, you need to not only wear a thing of a “fashionable” color. It is important to be able to combine different shades in one image. This will help create an original bow. To place accents, accessories are used, taking into account the range of colors of the entire ensemble, both the silhouette and the shape. Spring 2020 provides true fashionistas with a huge selection of color palettes.

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