Square nail design: super ideas!

Square nails did not get the laurel of championship in 2019, they lost the title of the main trend to almond-shaped and oval nails. However, a beautiful design that looks great on a square shape encourages fashionistas to stop more and more often on it. On square nails, you can embody your most daring ideas of nail art. And we, in turn, will tell you which manicure will be the most fashionable in 2019.

Beautiful manicure for long nails

Why girls choose square nails

In fact, there are several reasons for this, and it’s not just about beauty.


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  • If you are an active and fashionable girl, you are probably looking for a compromise between stylish and practical manicure. Then the square shape of the nails is the best option. With it, you can do any job without fear of breaking your nails at the most inopportune moment.

Fashionable and comfortable nail shape

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  • With a practical square, it is not only convenient, but also safe. This form is rarely subject to injury and delamination.

Manicure for square nails

  • It is difficult to imagine a holistic image of a modern business woman without a laconic manicure. But business girls know how long and spectacular nails can interfere with computer work and office work. These inconveniences do not threaten you with a square-shaped nails.

square nails

  • The design that can be embodied on this form is very diverse. There are practically no exceptions, so you can experiment with manicure to your heart’s content.

Manicure design on square nails

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When is it better to choose another form

Square nails, unfortunately, are not suitable for all fashionistas.

  • The shape of the square is designed to visually lengthen the nails, and make the fingers thinner and more elegant. However, if you think that your fingers are already too thin, you might be better off with a more rounded nail shape.

Manicure on square nails of natural colors – visually lengthen the fingers, make them more elegant

  • Wide nails will also be an exception for the square shape.

A wide nail plate is not the best option for a square manicure

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The square shape is ideal for girls with fingers of normal length and thickness and flat nail plates. The square looks most harmonious on nails of medium length – do not forget about this when filing.


Beautiful manicure on natural nails

The main colors of square manicure

The design of square nails in 2019 allows nail art masters to realize all their ideas and fantasies. The photo of their work features the most fashionable colors of this season:

  • purple;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • sand;
  • coffee;
  • red;
  • cherry;
  • silver grey;
  • gold.

Fashionable manicure colors on square nails

Actual ideas for any length

  • The design of square nails in 2019 can be done using the classic French technique. This is the perfect option for you if you want to create a sophisticated and feminine manicure that will successfully fit into any of your looks.

Stylish french on square nails

Today, various versions of French design are in trend. The smile boldly changes shape, width and even shifts from the tip of the nail. The laurels of the championship of the most interesting French get a geometric manicure and ombre.

French gradient on square nails

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  • Fashion makes its own adjustments to the moon manicure. You can safely embody any of the trendy designs in this technique on a square shape.

Lunar French on square nails

  • The bewitching ombre technique is another relevant idea for this shape. The most successful manicure will turn out if the color transition includes a light pastel shade.

Delicate ombre on square nails

  • An excellent solution for evening design is a matte top combined with a rich decor of rhinestones or beads. Do not forget about the sense of proportion and your impeccable taste – create a laconic decor on all nails or more interesting, but already on 1-2 nails.

Matte manicure with a stylish design for two nails

  • Geometric motifs in the best traditions of minimalism look elegant on square nails. However, in such a manicure there is one important taboo: a horizontal pattern gives unnecessary width.

Stylish matte geometry

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  • Polka dot manicure will help to add playfulness and coquetry to the image. It pairs amazingly with the pastel color palette. Lilac, mint, pink and coral shades are welcome. You can easily implement such a design at home and then it will always cheer you up.

Polka dot manicure

  • Fashionable in the season, the painted manicure is in harmony with the shape of the square. This technique involves three-dimensional drawings in a dark frame on a transparent basis. If you agree that manicure is an art, embody real works of art on your nails.

Painted manicure

The beauty of natural short nails


The most popular nail length in the 2019-2019 season will be short or medium. Owners of natural nails are incredibly lucky: they are automatically in fashion. And if you add a beautiful manicure to the actual length, then you will not be equal at all.

Stylish manicure on short square nails

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On short nails, you can safely apply bright and provocative designs without fear of looking vulgar. Natural length will soften any of your creative impulses in manicure.

Bright manicure on short square nails

Play with rich and deep colors, try their different shades – this season everything is possible! The color scheme you like will look equally good with both glossy and matte finish textures.

Matte manicure for short square nails

Short nails can be decorated with sparkles and rhinestones. However, they must be small. We advise you to place jewelry in the central part of the nail plate or at its base.

Chic manicure on square nails with rhinestones

If you are afraid to visually expand short nails, choose a laconic geometric design on a light background. Contrasting vertical stripes visually elongate the shape of the nail. Such a laconic manicure is perfect even for a teenage girl.

Fashionable geometric manicure on short square nails

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Spectacular long nails

The most impressive incarnation of the square shape will be on long nails. Sharp corners of this form cannot boast of their practicality, so girls most often opt for a rounded square.


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