Stair running for weight loss

Why do people run? Someone to relieve stress, someone to increase immunity, metabolism, and some pursue the goal of improving their body.

Every time, when the beach season approaches, most of the female begins to frantically look for all possible ways for quick weight loss, gyms, fitness centers and kilograms to throw various pills like “losing weight” into themselves. Those who use the latter method are excused by the lack of time due to constant work and household chores. You see, there is no time left for yourself. This article is especially for such people.

So, one of the most effective ways to lose weight through physical activity is running. Well, in order for running to bring the fastest result in improving your figure, you need to learn a few fairly simple rules.

Lesson time. You need to run at least 4 times a week and not less than half an hour. It is also desirable to do jogging at the same time.

Some restrictions. First of all, you need to at least partially limit yourself in taking very high-calorie foods. It is also not advisable to fill the stomach immediately before going to bed (as a rule, you won’t be able to fall asleep for a long time, and the next day you simply won’t have the strength to run). If your appetite has worked up, and it’s already time to go to bed, limit yourself to a glass of juice – and it’s tasty and won’t bring much harm.

How to run correctly? It is necessary to run only in sports shoes, as even a small heel can let you down at the most crucial moment or even lead to injury. If the time to restore the figure is running out for you, and the amount of work is far from the 90-60-90 marks, running up the stairs will suit you. For beginner runners, training should begin with walking.

Returning home from work, slowly go up to the top floor (preferably at least the seventh) and also slowly go down. Then rise again, but with a slight acceleration. After a couple of such workouts, you can already move on to running. The main thing is to make a race without holding hands on either the railing or the walls. In addition, you can not skip a single step. You can relax during the descent back to the first floor.

And if you do such jogging every day, and even load yourself with additional weight (warm clothes, bags, heavy shoes, and so on), then the result will not be long in coming. After a week, you will feel a shift in a good direction. This type of running is much more difficult than regular runs on flat terrain. The muscular system during such exercises works with a vengeance and contributes to a noticeable reduction in fat “layers” in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

In addition, running improves the functioning of such human organs as the lungs and heart. Remember, not all medicines you take are beneficial. And even more so drugs for weight loss.

Leading nutritionists say that the only way to achieve the burning of adipose tissue is by physically influencing the muscles, otherwise, all your lost centimeters will immediately return back after quite a bit of time.

As they say: if you want to have a beautiful and fit figure, then forget about the elevator!

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