Starch face mask for wrinkles instead of Botox

The secrets of beauty and youth were known to our grandmothers. And in the era of plastic surgery and advanced cosmetology, few people think about the help of starch instead of expensive procedures. But the forgotten remedy will help restore youth, elasticity and silkiness to the skin.

Starch is obtained during the processing of potato tubers. This powder contains a lot of useful substances. Their content provides an amazing effect on the skin of the face.

  • Vitamin C keeps the face youthful. As an antioxidant, it starts regeneration processes, prevents cell destruction and the negative effects of natural factors.
  • Thanks to niacin, the cells of the epidermis are actively working.
  • Choline contributes to the normalization of sebum secretion.
  • Iron saturates the skin with oxygen.
  • Vitamin PP prevents the development of skin diseases.
  • Potassium retains moisture.
  • Carbohydrates enrich cells with trace elements.
  • Vitamins of group B improve the work of collagen, do not allow harm from cosmetics and the environment.

In addition, starch contains other useful elements. For example, folic and pantothenic acids, vitamin E, pyridoxine, riboflavin, thiamine. All vitamins in the complex rejuvenate well and eliminate wrinkles.

The positive effect of the starch mask will be noticeable after the first time. A course of procedures will rejuvenate the skin, smooth out wrinkles, and women will feel young and attractive again.

When to apply

A starch mask can replace expensive salon treatments. According to many women, it has the effect of Botox. Perfect for aging skin. Unlike expensive analogues, it will suit every mature woman. Wonderful masks will relieve many cosmetic problems. In addition, the procedure is affordable and effective.

Starch masks:

  • Remove irritation in problem areas of the face.
  • Moisturize dry skin, remove oily sheen.
  • Enrich the skin with useful substances, giving youth for many years.



  • mimic wrinkles;
  • unhealthy complexion;
  • sensitive, painful, problematic skin;
  • oily sheen and enlarged pores.
  • aging aging skin.

Starch does not cause allergies and irritation, it is suitable for consumption by the main part of women. But if the skin has wounds, scratches, cracks, damage, there are dermatological diseases, you will have to abandon the masks. Do not use in case of individual intolerance. In the acute stage of herpes, procedures are prohibited. Potato starch masks are recommended to be applied every other day. An excellent effect will be after a course of 10-14 masks. The skin will take on a healthy youthful appearance.

Preparatory procedures

In order for the starch mask to work and live up to your expectations, you need to properly prepare and apply it. In addition, it is important to prepare the face for the procedure. First of all, you should prepare the components for the mask and dishes for mixing the ingredients. Preference should be given to wooden or glass containers. Do not take an iron spoon for mixing. All products that are part of the mask must be fresh, apply the resulting mixture immediately.

Before applying the mask, the hair must be collected so that it does not climb into the eyes. Next, wash with a cleanser, apply a soft scrub to cleanse the pores, and wipe your face with a towel. Apply the mask with a brush or fingers. Hand movements should be massage. Smoothly move in a circle, avoiding the eyelids, eyes and mouth. The mask should lie flat on the skin. Liquid products are preliminarily applied to gauze and applied to the face.

Hold the mask for fifteen to twenty minutes. At this time, you should relax, exclude conversations and facial expressions. Wash off the mask with warm water. Then wipe the face with an infusion of medicinal herbs or mineral water. Apply oily nourishing cream with massage movements.


Popular Recipes

There are a huge number of masks based on starch. It is better to make from potato starch, although corn starch is no less good for the skin.

  • For sensitive skin.

Mask with milk and peach oil. Take starch and fresh milk in equal proportions, put peach oil (2 times less than the two previous ingredients). Mix the components.

  • For oily skin

egg mask. Prepare a starch paste (add warm water to a spoonful of starch) and combine with egg white, a few drops of lemon juice. Mask with oatmeal. Pre-prepared starch paste. The protein of one egg and a teaspoon of oatmeal are introduced into a warm liquid.

  • For dry skin.

Starch water for washing. It is done very simply. For a liter of water you need a teaspoon of starch. The resulting solution is suitable for daily use.

Mask with butter and milk. Each component is taken one teaspoon (starch, milk, butter or vegetable oil). The mixture of ingredients is applied for 15 minutes.

Mask with dry yeast and milk. Take starch, dry yeast and warm milk in a ratio of one to one. Yeast with milk should be put in a warm place to rise. The mixture cools down and starch is added. This mask will relieve fatigue.

Berry mask. To prepare it, you will need raspberries and starch in a ratio of 2: 2. From the berries make gruel with the addition of starch. The recipe is best used in the summer, because in winter they take care of the skin in a different way.

  • For aging skin.

Mask with honey and salt. Take a large spoonful of starch and tea coarse salt and liquid honey. With the help of warm milk, achieve the consistency of gruel. Get a scrub mask with a lifting effect.

Kefir-egg mask. Mix equal amounts of starch, kefir and egg white. Thanks to this mask, the skin will become elastic, and the yellowness will pass.

Mask with carrots and sour cream. To 100 grams of cold water add a tablespoon of starch, stir. 500 grams of boiled water is poured into the resulting solution. The contents are boiled over a fire until a paste is formed. Next, put a spoonful of sour cream and five tablespoons of carrot juice, mix. Apply to the face for 25 minutes, rinse, lubricate the face with a cream according to the type of skin.


  • From pigmentation with a whitening effect.

Lemon juice mask. Take the same amount of starch and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Keep the mask up to 10 minutes. Pigment spots will turn pale, and after a few sessions they should disappear. Mask with hydrogen peroxide. You will need starch and hydrogen peroxide. All ingredients are taken in two tablespoons. Mix and apply on the face for 25 minutes. Wash off after drying with water with the addition of lemon juice. This composition will get rid of freckles.

  • lifting effect.

banana mask. For the mask, you need to take starch (a teaspoon) and a banana (1 piece). The ingredients are well mixed and applied not only to…

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