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Stars as well as ordinary people may not always adhere to the right lifestyle. This leads to the fact that they get better and gain excess weight, which is then very difficult to lose. In the article, we just gave examples of celebrities who, due to constant overeating, are simply not recognizable today.


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If you look at the “star” statistics, the number of celebrities who put on weight has increased significantly. However, the following personalities distinguished themselves by the most visible changes in proportions.

  • Rihanna. This Barbadian beauty managed to gain more than 15 kilograms in just half a year, which today has become one of the hottest topics in the world tabloids. However, such modifications did not affect Rihanna at all and she simply changed her wardrobe by replacing translucent dresses with complex cut outfits that visually hide the flaws of her figure.

  • Nelly Furtado. One of those celebrities who recovered just beyond recognition. Nelly gained more than 20 kilograms, but at the same time she did not change her extravagant tastes in clothes, which in general looks ridiculous, since her outfits do not hide problem areas at all.

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  • Olivia Wilde. The American actress, who has always been distinguished by fragile forms, has not yet been able to return to her former parameters after her second pregnancy. But this does not prevent Olivia from often appearing in public, as she skillfully hides figure flaws with the help of properly selected clothes.

  • Eva Longoria. After Eva married businessman José Antonio Baston, she began to lead a quieter and more relaxed life. The paparazzi still managed to find a couple in love on vacation on the beach, where the rounded forms of the actress were clearly visible. At the beginning, the journalists thought that she was in a position, but as it turned out, Eva was just happy, and her husband liked the new forms of the chosen one.

  • Mariah Carey. The record holder of our rating, since this Hollywood singer was able to recover by as much as 40 kilograms. Mariah tried in every possible way to hide the changes in her figure with the help of oversized outfits and Photoshop, which she still failed. Now the singer has come to terms with the changes that have occurred to her and continues to pursue a solo career, while not embarrassing to dress in translucent tight-fitting suits at concerts.

  • Kylie Jenner. This beauty, like other representatives of the Kardashian family, also has an aspen waist and voluminous hips. Recently, Kylie has noticeably recovered, gaining a few pounds. But this does not prevent her from continuing to flaunt in rather provocative tight-fitting outfits.

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  • Adele. One of the highest paid singers has always been distinguished by magnificent parameters, with which she fought throughout her life. It would seem that recently Adele lost a lot of weight, changed her image and got prettier. But the last photos of the singer prove that she still gave herself some slack, which could not but affect her proportions.

  • Aishvaria Rai. Indian “Cinderella”, which during pregnancy recovered beyond recognition. After giving birth, the star could not lose the gained kilograms for a long time, for which she often received unflattering reviews from her fans. But last year, Aishwarya in Cannes appeared in a radically different way. She has significantly lost weight and prettier, and her chic outfits caused considerable delight.

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Important! The secret of Aishwarya’s transformation is eating curry, which boosts metabolism, as well as a vegetable diet. As for sports, she replaced cardio training with daily walks with her daughter. Thus, the actress proved that you can lose weight with pleasure.


  • Kesha. Previously, this singer simply “blew up” the dance floors with her hits, but today it is simply impossible to look at her without tears. Kesha recovered a lot and gained more than 30 kilograms. According to the singer herself, such changes were provoked by nervous stress associated with sexual harassment, which she was subjected to from her producer.

  • Jessica Simpson. A typical American blonde who previously had sexual proportions is simply not recognizable today. Due to two pregnancies, this celebrity gained more than 40 kilograms, of which she has already managed to lose 20. But no matter how hard Jess tried to return to her former forms, she did not succeed.

  • Julia Roberts. Everyone’s favorite “beauty” today looks completely different. Due to a break in relations with her husband, the actress stopped playing sports, and stress began to simply seize.

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Domestic “donuts”

In Russian show business, there are also stars who have recovered. Below we just gave examples of such changes, as well as photos of domestic celebrities before and after their transformation.

  • Natasha Koroleva. And it seems that just recently this singer flaunted her achievements in losing weight, as today she recovered again. Blame it all – it’s a cottage. Natalya and her family went on vacation outside the city, where she forgot about training and diet.

  • Anna Sedokova. After the birth of her third child, Anna gained a couple of extra pounds. Although the singer exhausted herself with training, she did not manage to return her former thinness. Nevertheless, according to Anna herself, she likes her new forms and the singer is not going to torture herself with strict diets.

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  • Eva Polna. The ex-soloist of the fashionable Russian pop group “Guests from the Future” in the 90s, after the birth of two children, gained more than 30 kilograms. At the beginning, Eva promised her fans that she would definitely return to her former forms. Unfortunately, she failed to say goodbye to her excess weight, and in order not to confirm her fiasco, Eva said that she had come to terms with the new image and she really liked it.

  • Lolita. The singer, who recently shone with a toned figure, this summer amazed everyone with her changes and not for the better at all. But even despite this, fans still love such an eccentric celebrity and always meet her with a standing ovation.

  • Anastasia Melnikova. The star of the television series “Streets of Broken Lanterns” has always been inclined to be overweight, but constant exercise and limited nutrition helped her stay in shape. Anastasia began to recover after 40 years, when hormonal changes began in her. According to the artist, she has already tried a variety of diets that did not help her.

As you can see in the photo presented in the article, the stars also get better and gain extra pounds, which are then quite difficult to part with. Some tirelessly begin to struggle with the changes that have occurred, well, while the rest are just …

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