Steam baths for the face

Facial skin requires special care and cleansing. It is not enough to wash it and lubricate it with various kinds of creams.

The most effective and efficient procedure is steam cleaning. Steam baths not only help cleanse the skin of the face, but also moisturize well and promote natural skin rejuvenation. The healing properties of steam procedures were discovered more than a century ago.

Steam baths help moisturize dry skin. With their help, excess sebum is removed from the face, which is especially necessary for oily and mixed skin.

During steam baths, oxygen-enriched blood saturates facial skin cells with it, renewing them. This process is called natural facial rejuvenation. Oxygen, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin, normalizes its condition. As a result, the purified cells begin to breathe.

Facial steam baths are popular in beauty parlors. The procedure is expensive because various medicated oils are used. Use steam baths in salons to further cleanse the skin. But this procedure can be carried out at home.

Put on fire a container of water, designed for 2-3 liters. As soon as the water boils, add 1 tablespoon each of dried chamomile and string flowers. Boil for 3 minutes. If you have parsley root, grate it and add to boiling water. In this case, the use of herbs is not advisable.

Wash your face before steaming. Don’t use creams. Sit comfortably and keep your face above the steam. For best results, cover your head with a towel. Lower your head as the water cools. You can lightly blow on the water, then the steam continues to last longer. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. Now you can start deep cleansing.

After the steam bath, without washing your face, apply a peach stone scrub. This scrub gently exfoliates steamed and easily damaged facial skin. Scrub must be applied now. The skin is steamed and all dust particles are easily washed out of it.

After using the scrub, you can apply a mask with any effect you are interested in (whether it is a mask for rejuvenation, or to combat skin problems). After a certain time indicated on the package, wash first with warm and then cold water. Now the skin can be lubricated with a protective cream.

Also, after a steam bath, you can apply soda and salt, mixed in equal amounts (1: 1). This scrub is used for problem skin.

Steam baths help to eliminate puffiness of the face, including the eyelids. Wash out various kinds of toxins from the surface layers of the skin, normalize the water balance. There is no better skin cleanser than steam baths. It is when the skin is steamed that it can be cleaned quite well. It is important that after this procedure you should not go outside, otherwise you are guaranteed a cold.

Steam your entire body at least once a month. This can be achieved by visiting a bath or sauna.

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