Street Fashion – Fall 2019

Street fashion is one of the favorite styles in clothes for modern fashionistas for the fall of 2019. It is practical, fashionable and suitable for everyday life, so those who do not know how to make autumn looks should stop at street style.


current models

To create fashionable bows for the next seasons, you need to pay attention to such things:

  • Cloak – an indispensable element of the wardrobe for this fall. A stylish, high-quality trench coat will complement any look, suitable for everyday life, work bows.

Women of fashion are advised to choose a midi length, just below the knee, pay attention to the presence of a wide belt, a wide lapel.

The oversized style is popular, in which things look like they are several sizes larger, so the presence of a large number of folds, a lowered shoulder line will only be a plus.

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  • Coat – A good alternative to a raincoat, but it will not be possible to wear it in rainy weather. In the fashion of 2019, tweed material, as it holds its shape well, does not roll down even after a long time of wearing.

The style can be anything, but at the shows there are non-standard, massive, bright options that attract attention. The length of the hem is usually to mid-calf, as this is the most practical and stylish option.

  • Bulky down jacket perfect for today’s cold winters. It simply must be multi-layered, as voluminous and massive as possible.

Usually confused with a down jacket for snowboarders, as they use dense fillers, the length is usually short.

The only negative of this trend is that it will not be possible to create multi-layer bows, as then it will be too hot in such a jacket. It is better to dwell on rich shades and unusual prints: fuchsia, cherry tomato, abstract or geometric patterns.

  • Autumn dresses at the same time distinguished by femininity, practicality and simplicity. Designers abandoned tight-fitting, fitted options and settled on a free cut, A-line, flying fabrics.

Also, for autumn, you should not choose short models, the midi or maxi length is more suitable. Wrap dresses, slips, puffy skirts, sweater dresses – all of them are found on street shows.

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In cold weather, wear knee-length dresses with oversized sweaters to show the hem.

  • The style of the skirts is similar to the style of the dresses: there are no tight styles, most are loose, light, the length is just below the knee. Particular attention should be paid to pleated models, wraparound options and asymmetrical skirts.

Guipure, knitwear, denim or chintz are chosen as materials. You need to combine them with plain turtlenecks, T-shirts, sweaters, you need to complement the image with fanny packs, dangling earrings, small clutches and any comfortable shoes.

  • Yeti style fur coats – a special form of outerwear, which is distinguished by volume, massiveness and often bright color.

A fur coat with a densely stuffed, short pile can be of any length, but most often girls choose knee-length or slightly lower. To preserve nature and animals, fashion designers use eco-friendly faux fur, which does not differ in warmth and quality from natural fur.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Want to make a bow memorable? Feel free to combine a fur coat with leather inserts, with studs, clutches with metal chains.[/stextbox]

  • Coveralls – the avant-garde of street fashion for the fall of 2019, photos are present in our review. It should resemble the uniform of workers as much as possible, be solid and one-piece.

It is worth wearing it both on a naked body in good weather, and over turtlenecks or T-shirts. Any shoes are suitable, you should choose it depending on the desired effect: stilettos are suitable for feminine looks, sneakers or sneakers for comfortable and everyday bows.

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  • large scarf – an essential element of the image in rainy and cold autumn weather. It will warm and add an interesting zest. To do this, you need to choose the longest possible formats that will wrap around the entire body. Fashionistas prefer natural knitted styles, they are distinguished by large knitting, dense woolen threads, 2-3 meters in length and bright colors. By the way, unusual colors will perfectly dilute any, even the most basic, monochromatic bow.

Interesting details and materials

  • Denim is a practical material for street fashion for autumn 2019, which, according to the main trends, fits perfectly into any wardrobe detail. To create a fashionable bow, you should choose a denim suit consisting of an oversized jacket and boyfriend jeans.

Oversized denim jacket

These things can be worn together or separately worn unusual images. Under the jacket, fashionistas choose plain turtlenecks, thin sweaters, jumpers, T-shirts for good weather.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! There were practically no novelties for jeans: high-waisted models, bell-bottoms, boyfriends, free options with jewelry and decorative elements are in fashion.[/stextbox]

  • Checkered print came to the fashion industry from Scotland. Many girls like it because of its slightly business style and versatility, because bows for every day with a cage also turn out great.

It is better to choose a plaid for suits, trench coats, coats, skirts or trousers. It should be combined with patent leather, fur inserts, things to match the color scheme.

Fashionable autumn bow – plaid skirt and fur coat

The style of the 80s is also in fashion: checkered jackets should be voluminous, mid-thigh length, reminiscent of men’s style.

  • Leopard print – a real trend of past and future seasons, so buying a thing with such a pattern will definitely be a good investment.

The most extravagant and outrageous detail that you can find is a leopard coat. To create a stylish look with her, you should be inspired by the fashion of the 60s and choose ballet flats, black tight tights, massive vintage glasses and a bright red mini or baguette bag.

If you are not yet ready for such a trend, then the leopard print should be added pointwise. It is better to stop on the collar, sleeves, pockets, hem. Combine the pattern with smooth textures, such as patent leather.

  • Monoluks perfect when you want to dilute the gray autumn weekdays. The peculiarity of such images is that all clothes should be selected in a single color scheme, perhaps even tone on tone. This technique looks great on the older generation, suitable for obese women, and for women over 40 years old.

To create a bow, you should choose your favorite shades, for example, pink, ultraviolet, chili pepper, deep green, sky blue. The key condition for choosing clothes is their brightness, which will help to dilute and saturate any formal suit or basic wardrobe. At the same time, shoes and jewelry are worth …

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