Street Fashion – Fall 2020

What will please street fashion in the fall 2020 season? We learned about the most interesting trends and saw how fashionistas embody them in their stylish looks!

Key trends and fashion looks

Fresh ways to wear a cardigan

A loose cardigan with large buttons is an undoubted must-have for autumn looks. Perhaps you have already tried to combine such a novelty with your favorite jeans and trousers. This means that it’s time to move on to more non-trivial combinations!

If you have a bright cardigan in your arsenal, try to make a stylish color-blocking look with it. This technique allows you to wear several saturated things at once in spectacular contrast. To make such a bow stylish and relevant, stylists recommend taking plain clothes and accessories as a basis and not overloading it with small details.

In early autumn, you can skillfully turn an elongated cardigan into a fashionable dress. As shoes for such a bow, leather boots or over the knee boots are ideal – models that invariably remain in the trend of the 2020 season.

A stylish cardigan is incredibly interesting to use in layered ensembles. To do this, you can choose a turtleneck or a shirt as a base layer. Interesting color combinations when composing such an image are only welcome!

A long cardigan with style will replace a light coat and make you stand out from the crowd.

Oversized jacket

One of the main characters of autumn bows is a loose-fitting jacket, which can be successfully styled in a variety of looks. Such a top layer is easy to use in a duet with a sweater, a mini or midi dress, leather trousers or jeans. Interestingly, in a fashionable look, you can keep all the elements in an oversized cut, or you can play in contrast and combine a loose jacket with fitted silhouettes.

Pants with slits

The main hit of the fall of 2020 was the slit trousers, which perfectly slim and look extraordinary. As a top for such an original novelty, you can choose a turtleneck, shirt or contrast jacket.

noble palette

Many girls, when compiling autumn images, adhere to a rich noble palette with the prefix “chic”. This range is usually represented by emerald, burgundy, wine and eggplant shades. All these colors are perfectly combined with each other and create especially elegant and expensive looks. Also, noble tones are wonderfully combined with another favorite of autumn 2020 – beige color scheme. All these tandems can be used in their street style by women over 50!


Her Majesty the cage is recognized as one of the most stylish motifs of the 2020 season. If you are planning to create especially fashionable bows this fall, feel free to combine several varieties of the same print at once, which at the same time differ in color or size. Checkered pattern looks great in the company of other prints, such as polka dots or stripes.

Monochrome in gradient

It seems that the heroines of street style have not exhausted the full potential of monochrome bows, because in the fall of 2020 they decided to embody a fresh trick on this topic – a combination of several shades of the same color in a gradient effect. Such a trick can be a real find for girls whose wardrobe is literally bursting with clothes, but they don’t know how to beat familiar things in a new way.

In addition, the color vertical in a monochrome bow is great for overweight women, as it visually stretches the silhouette and slims the figure.

Sheepskin coats

This photo clearly shows how you can fit your favorite sheepskin coat into the concept of autumn 2020 street fashion. Now such outerwear rhymes perfectly not only with jeans – you can also choose a feminine dress, miniskirt or even shorts for an actual sheepskin coat. Say “Yes” to experiments and come up with your own unique combination!


To look stylish this fall and not freeze at the same time, you can take note of the relevance of overalls. As fashion collections suggest, today the most popular models are from a dense texture with a loose fit and a high waist. A basic turtleneck, leather belt, accent chain and heels can be used as stylish complementary elements of a bow with a jumpsuit.

Golden accents

Fashion 2020 season suggests using gold accents as a transformation of familiar autumn looks. Decor on a bag or shoes, metallic fringe on clothes, trendy large chains and pendants can play this role. The latest accessories will look most advantageous in a duet with a cardigan or jumper with a V-neck.

Everyone on a sweater!

Perhaps the most practical investment in a cold season wardrobe is a sweater. Fashion trends 2020 for the classics, namely for cozy knits with a high neck or coarse knit models. Girls who are open to stylish experiments can bet on asymmetry or a cropped cut of an autumn sweater.

Now let’s move on to the most interesting – combinations of fashionable sweaters in actual looks. Of course, you can combine such a top with jeans, but stylists offer you more interesting combinations. For example, a sweater looks cool in a duet with trousers, as well as in a multi-layered ensemble with a jacket. A loose style can be supplemented with a belt or a leather peplum – such a simple trick will embody the emphasis on the waist and form a feminine silhouette.

The undisputed trend of the 2020 season is a monochrome bow, built on the basis of the unity of the color palette. Such an image promises to look especially interesting if you start it with a bright sweater or turtleneck.

Accent sleeves

Puffy sleeves promise to be a stylish feature of many autumn street fashion looks. Yes, yes, this trend is still with us and it seems that it will still gain momentum in popularity. But what new product to choose in order to be guaranteed to guess with its relevance? Modern designers practically do not limit fashionistas and offer them to adopt dresses, blouses, shirts, sweaters and even outerwear with such an interesting cut.

Accent sleeves are beautiful because they are a self-sufficient highlight of any look. Even in the company of laconic basic things, they promise to look stylish and extraordinary.

Interesting: Fashionable bows for autumn 2020

[tds_note]To make the final bow successful, it makes sense to choose a sufficiently adjacent bottom to balance the proportions in the company of the magnificent shoulders.[/tds_note]


Street fashion for fall 2020 for every day can include interesting elements of ethno style. This direction is most often manifested in the actual fringe, embroidery, free cut and natural materials. As for the fashionable palette, muted natural shades, brown-beige colors, as well as ethnic and floral prints came to the fore.

Leather pants

Leather pants, according to the designers, will be the “new jeans” this fall. AND…

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