Street fashion for fall 2021

Street fashion for fall 2021 surprises and inspires. Let’s look at the most important trends that, like freshly baked bread, grab it-girl fashion capitals and show them to the whole world.

Brief overview of current trends

“Street fashion” has earned a separate place in the cell of non-trivial styles, so original trends will become the main idea of ​​autumn 2021. The leitmotif is “to combine the incompatible”, boldness in colors and prints, unusual cut. Consider the suggestions of stylists.

  • “Pop art” t-shirts, jackets and suits. Helping creative people to express themselves. By the way, you yourself can “create” a drawing, and you will definitely become the owner of an exclusive.
  • Grandpa’s sweater. Not just one grandmother’s chest. Now let’s rummage through your relative’s closet. Knitwear with a large horizontal stripe, like Kurt Cobain, is in high esteem.
  • Flared trousers. This trend from the 2000s burst into mass fashion again. By the way, a great option for obese women – it will cover the flaws and “stretch” the silhouette.

  • “Leaky” knitwear. A strange and daring trend. It is based on wearing a modified knitwear that seems to breathe.
  • Wing-like sleeves. Flashlights are a thing of the past. Designers could not drive such an elegant detail from the catwalks forever, and placed their evolved version on raglans and jumpers.
  • Fringe. And not only on dresses and skirts, but on coats and accessories.
  • Space. Galactic aesthetics can be present everywhere: from a hat to shoes.
  • The fashion for patchwork lasts a long time. Buy yourself a cardigan or jacket in this style. So you will also join the eco-defenders, because it is easy to make a new thing from old things.

About outerwear

Without a doubt, this is the most important attribute of the cold season outdoor wardrobe. In the next autumn season, designers suggested wearing tight shirts instead of coats, girding trench coats with men’s belts and, despite the past summer, wearing floral raincoats in the rain. About everything in order.

Militancy. On the wave of feminism, fashionistas began to acquire military coats and brutal leather jackets. They can be used to spruce up your everyday outfit.

flicker. Do not put off the holiday until later, wear it on yourself every day, while street fashion moves towards the fall of 2021. Metallic gold and navy blue are especially relevant.

Lacquer cloak. Just a find. We won’t stop talking about it. It is important to choose the right shade according to your goal. For example, olive, black and burgundy slim the figure, and emerald, lavender, coral will refresh the look.

Outdoor. When, if not in autumn, wear quilted jackets and anoraks. The trend for clothing for extreme sports is gaining momentum.

Brightness. Lime, orange and yellow will always cheer you up on a rainy day.

Giant fur coats. It is called: getting ready for winter in advance. Although at the end of October-November, you will probably remember this trend. A double-breasted faux fur coat looks very stylish.

Chess board. A novelty in the world of TV shows – “Queen’s Move”, apparently inspired the designers. Just apply the aforementioned “patchwork” to create an ornament.

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What to wear for overweight women

Stop hiding under hoodies and oversized jackets (if you did). Plus-size fashion in 2021 will make you jump out of your cocoon and go for no-size style.

An elongated coat is your assistant. Pair it with light-colored tunic trousers and a dark sweater. Thus, you smooth out the problem areas of the figure and visually lengthen the growth.

Do not forget about the tricks that distract the eyes “not there and not there.” For example, bright shoes or ankle boots will help in this. The main thing is not to overdo it. Remember, if there is one motley detail, the rest should not be distracting. In this context, light shades will work as a neutrality.

Another option: blue jeans and a milk coat. Simple and beautiful.

The black power suit is a timeless classic. And now this outfit has become even more in demand. Plump ladies will not fit suits that are too tight, low-rise trousers and jackets with one button in the center.

Notice the poncho. An eye-catching detail that can be worn with both a formal suit and casual wear.

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Fashionable bows for mature ladies

Fashion cannot be called fashion if it is not worn on the street, Coco Chanel once said. Italians and French women “ate the dog” on street fashion for an elegant age. Let’s take a look at some of their fall outfit ideas.

Women in their 40s need to balance the line between pretentiousness and youthful style. Otherwise, you risk looking ridiculous. Extravagant crocodile-styled coats, high-waisted pants, flared dresses, and leopard (or any bright) print skirts will do. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Mistakes will only help improve the result.

At 50, you can already move towards the classics, adding stylish “tricks” to it. For example, an unusual bag, a pattern on a skirt or trousers, or put on trendy pointed-toe sneakers or stilettos. Add a few accessories and you’re on your way!

Take a look at our fall 2021 streetwear photo collection and create your own look. After all, our business is to show trends and help to combine them. Then your imagination comes into play.

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