Street fashion for summer 2021

The street fashion trends for summer 2021 are already predetermined. Therefore, we suggest that you do not waste your time and start preparing for the upcoming season by studying the list of fresh trends presented in our article.

Street fashion trends for summer 2021

Despite the versatility of urban fashion trends, we were able to identify a number of trends that are common to all areas of this style.

  • Oversize. Hyper-volume in clothing continues to be one of the most relevant trends. In this regard, be prepared for the fact that you will have to replenish your wardrobe not only with oversized T-shirts, but also with dresses, shirts or blouses.

  • Flare. Not so long ago, the forgotten old is back in fashion. In this case, it’s a flare. And it can be present not only on trousers. Light blouses or tops with flared sleeves will also be in demand.

  • Denim. No season is complete without denim. And this summer is no exception. In addition to all the already so familiar trousers, shorts and skirts, stylists also recommend taking a closer look at sundresses, dresses and shirts. The design of such products should be minimalistic. But options with bright decor in the form of embroidery, stripes and appliqués made of colored rhinestones will not be prohibited either.

  • Lacing. Another hit of summer 2021 in the street fashion segment will be lacing. It can be on dresses or blouses in front and perform an exclusively decorative function. No less interesting in street style outfits will look outfit with lacing, imitating a corsage on the back. Also, lacing can be located on the side of the trousers.

  • Cell. If you have things with a checkered print from previous years, do not rush to throw them away, as this ornament is again in the top of the leaders. The gingham and argyle pattern will be especially popular. But other varieties of this ornament are not prohibited.

Important! Do not forget that in urban style there are no rules as such. Therefore, you are free to dress exclusively according to your taste and boldly combine several prints in an image at once.

Clothing that must be in your wardrobe

And now let’s look at the things that no admirer of street fashion can do without in the summer of 2021.

  • Suit. Residents of megacities should turn their attention to costumes. These can be options with trousers or shorts, jackets, jackets or shirts. Here everything depends solely on your preferences. As for the color design, as before, the white gamma remains trendy. Purple, orange, blue, light blue, red, green or pink models will also be welcome.

  • Dress. This is perhaps one of the main elements of the wardrobe, which you simply must purchase. But the choice of style already depends solely on your style and figure. You are free to choose between sports style options and lace models, products decorated with an abstract print or exquisite floral, ultra-short mini or floor-length maxi.

  • Overalls. If you want to spend a minimum of time getting ready, in this case you should take a closer look at practical overalls. In fashion will be not only models with shorts, but also with trousers. The upper part can be in the form of a bustier, T-shirt, T-shirt, or even have a shirt cut. The jumpsuit itself can be plain or decorated with intricate patterns.

  • Blouses and shirts. Blouses and shirts made from thin fabrics such as cotton, viscose and chiffon will help you create a spectacular street style look. They can be plain or printed, with or without sleeves. Models on one shoulder or with a lowered top will again be popular. Croy blouses can be classic shirt, straight or oversized. As a decor, patch pockets, all kinds of ruffles, beads, appliqués and embroidery can be present on them.

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Important! The trends of modern street fashion include inscriptions that can be present not only on T-shirts, but also on shirts or dresses.

  • Skirt. It can be denim, knitted, chiffon or silk. You can also turn your attention to leather skirts, designed not only in classic black and beige, but also in other brighter and richer colors. As for styles, straight, narrowed, trapezoidal and asymmetrical models, decorated with cuts, flounces or ruffles, will be in fashion.

  • Cardigan. On a cool summer evening, a cardigan made of silk, cotton or suit fabrics will definitely come in handy. Lace or thin knitted options will also be acceptable. The cardigan itself should not be short. At a minimum, it should cover the buttocks. Otherwise, there are no restrictions and you can choose the option in the form of a kimono, cape or button-down sweater.

Important! Don’t forget about accessories as this is one of the main elements in urban looks. These should be earrings, bracelets and pendants made in a minimalist or ethnic style.

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When choosing things for the summer of 2021, do not forget to focus on the photo with examples of street fashion outfits presented in the article. With them, the process of creating bows will become much easier, and the finished result will delight not only you.

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