Street fashion for winter 2020-2021

Convenience and practicality are the main trend of street fashion for the winter of 2020-2021. In the article we will talk about the rules for drawing up an original bow for every day, we will offer ideas for stylish images.

Street fashion – general trends for the winter 2020-2021

Increasingly, modern fashionistas prefer street style looks. Girls have long replaced stilettos and short skirts with sneakers, boots, jeans and sweaters. Moreover, such images are appropriate both for a walk and at work without a strict dress code.

Of course, high heeled boots, dresses, blouses and elegant coats are still relevant, but today there is an equivalent alternative to creating a stylish and practical look for the winter.

Street fashion is so diverse and multifaceted that, perhaps, it cannot be compared with any other modern fashion trend. The thing is that street style allows bold tandems that seemed unrealistic just recently, for example, a combination of sneakers and a coat.

When compiling winter outfits, you can not be afraid to combine dresses and business suits with sports shoes and rough boots, wear a knitted hat with a fur coat, a light dress under an oversized down jacket, boyfriend jeans with a voluminous sweater, a cocoon coat with a sports backpack.

It is also acceptable to combine the top new products of the season with any clothes from the wardrobe of past collections, combining expensive items with simple and cheap ones.

The main features of stylish street looks for the winter 2020-2021:

  • layering;
  • military and cowboy style;
  • animal and print.

Fashion experts agree that street style is the embodiment of ambiguous trends, which turned out to be incredibly harmonious and concise in street style looks.

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Outerwear – street style looks

Not a single winter look can do without outerwear in our latitudes. According to fashion trends for the winter of 2020-2021, eco-fur coats, trench coats, raincoats, oversized voluminous jackets, quilted down jackets, capes and capes will be in trend.

All top trends can be found in fashionable images for the winter, which we will talk about in more detail later.


To look stylish and beautiful this winter, you will have to include a raincoat in your wardrobe. Preference should be given to classic and leather models. As for the length, it can be any. When choosing colors, give preference to discreet shades of beige and gray, as well as bright and printed models. Trench coats in red and neon colors will also be extremely popular.

Such raincoats should be combined within the street style with pumps, boots with rough soles and ankle boots.


This is a fairly versatile type of outerwear that perfectly complements sets in business and street style. This winter, models in a beige palette will be most relevant. These coats fit perfectly into various urban style looks.

You can wear fashionable coats wide open, which will reflect the trend of layering.

Do not forget about trendy knitted coats, stylish capes, cashmere products. Fur trim and an accessory in the form of a scarf are what you need to make a beautiful outfit.

Stylish bows with an urban style coat are obtained in tandem with tight and straight jeans, dresses and skirts. As footwear, you can pick up boots, boots, if it is not very cold outside, insulated sneakers will do.

A knitted hat, beret and hat will complete the fashionable look and protect your head and hair from frost and wind.

Down jacket

The oversized quilted down jacket is still extremely relevant and popular among fashionistas. Also, elongated jacket models are suitable for creating a stylish urban look – you can not be afraid of even the most severe winter weather with wind and frost in them.

They wear down jackets with various wardrobe items, including jeans, dresses and skirts. From shoes, preference is given to high and rough boots with thick soles and lacing.

A beanie hat and a knitted model with a pom-pom will be a successful completion of a stylish winter outfit.


Such stylish, warm and practical winter jackets are incredibly popular among young people. With their help, you can create not only a warm, but also an incredibly stylish bow. When choosing a product, preference is given to models with fur trim in protective, brown or gray shades. Most often, parkas are worn with tight jeans and boots, complemented by long voluminous scarves. You can also combine a parka with a skirt or dress, the bow will turn out to be very original and unusual.

Sheepskin coats

Sheepskin coats are perfect for winter frosty weather. Moreover, such outerwear has become much more comfortable and practical than it was before. Models of various styles and lengths were presented on fashion catwalks. Particular attention should be paid to sheepskin coats of the aviator model. Colors can also be any – black, white and classic brown-beige shades are in trend. Also, models with fur decor and products with a combined texture look quite stylish.

They wear a sheepskin coat most often with boots. Do not forget about accessories – a knitted hat and a voluminous scarf are ideal for completing a winter outfit.

Fur coats

Fur coats with a long pile are artificial, as well as the Cheburashka model is incredibly relevant this season. Such models fit perfectly into the youth street style. Particular attention is paid to bright, colored and printed products. Fur coats allow you to stand out from the crowd, draw the attention of others to a stylish and fashionable outfit.

Do not forget about luxurious natural models. Today, women of fashion perfectly fit such fur coats into street looks, especially when it comes to cropped models, combining them with jeans and boots.


Street fashion for the winter 2020-2021 should include not only basic items for every day, but also accessories. No stylish look in frosty and windy weather can do without a warm hat, scarf and gloves. When compiling outfits in street style, preference should be given to knitwear with and without pom-poms, berets, beanie hats, and caps. The choice of accessories is incredibly large, so any fashionista can warm up to her taste.

Particular attention should be paid to scarves. This season, they still occupy a leading position among stylish winter accessories. The trend will be knitted models with voluminous patterns, wide stoles with a checkered print, as well as products with fringe and pompoms.


Trendy trouser suits have remained at the peak of popularity throughout 2020, and they will not go out of fashion in winter. Wide trousers go well with long coats, luxurious fur coats and faux fur coats. Complement the looks with heels or flats, long knitted scarves and stylish hats.

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