Street fashion – spring 2020

Street fashion is becoming more and more popular every season, which many stylists recommend paying attention to in the spring of 2020. Therefore, later in the article we will look at the most wearable street style trends with which you can create many stylish bows without much effort.


Fashion trends

Among all the street fashion trends, we have selected the top main trends. These include the following:

  • 70s style. The fashion of the 70s is gradually returning to normal. In addition to dresses and skirts, jackets that repeat the cut of this era will be especially popular. These should be fitted elongated models with a double-breasted or turn-down collar, decorated with patch pockets;

  • mini length. Dresses, skirts and shorts that only slightly cover the hips are the undeniable hit of the upcoming cruise season. For obese women, such things, of course, will not work, but the fair sex with ideal proportions can safely wear them;

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  • ropes. A fashionable accessory this year that should be worn at the waist instead of a belt. You can complement it with dresses, overalls and even sweaters or jumpers;

  • cell. The checkered print smoothly migrated from winter trends to spring ones. Moreover, this ornament can be decorated not only with coats, as it was before, but also with dresses, skirts, trousers and even overalls. As for the colors, both the standard white or gray-black version and the colored varieties of the cage are allowed;

  • underwear elements. The era of things made of silk and reminiscent of pajamas or nightgowns is gradually fading into the past. Now the trend is accessories that look like belts to support stockings. They should be worn over shirts and tops. It can also be corsets, which in street fashion can be combined with the same shirts or sportswear;

  • denim total bow. For decades, denim has been incredibly popular among women of all ages. Therefore, it was no surprise to anyone that jeans, skirts, shirts and jeans will be at the height of fashion this year as well. However, unlike past seasons, in the coming denim clothes should not be worn separately, but in one full-fledged total look;

  • stripes. Contrasting stripes placed on the outer side seam of the trousers remain relevant in the spring of 2020. Such decor can be located on classic trousers or sweatpants, which are an essential attribute of street style;

  • lacing. Such decor as lacing should now be present in clothes. It can be decorated with jeans or trousers, coats, jackets, shirts and other elements of the basic wardrobe;

  • transparent fabrics. Romantic products made of chiffon, the lightest silk, guipure, lace or soft tulle will help you create a stylish spring bow. But to combine such clothes in street fashion should be with things and shoes in a sports style or casual;

  • colored fur. At the beginning of spring, colorful faux fur coats will become indispensable outerwear. Firstly, they certainly won’t freeze in them, and secondly, they will make the image more vivid and informal;

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  • pleated skirts. A universal trend that is suitable even for women after 40 years. You can wear pleated models this spring, both with classic jumpers and sports sweatshirts. As for the length of the skirts, it can vary from midi to floor-length maxi. As a decor, belts or belts, a bright print and contrasting inserts from other materials can be used here.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Pay attention to the fact that the main requirement for street style bows is comfort and ease of wearing.[/stextbox]

What should be in the wardrobe?

So that you no longer have questions about what streetwear will be fashionable in spring 2020, below we have presented a list of the main things that every street style fan should have in their wardrobe.

  • Costume. According to many stylists, a suit is a win-win solution for creating a stylish yet practical urban look. It can be a trouser set, skirt or with shorts. The color palette must be necessarily sustained in light shades of pink, blue and lilac. Suits decorated in snow-white tones will look no less interesting.

The classic suit takes the trend ranks in street fashion

  • Dresses. No basic spring/summer wardrobe is complete without them. Absolutely any style is allowed in street fashion, from practical denim models to sophisticated cocktail dresses that can be worn with low-heeled shoes.

  • Overalls. Another fashionable must have that is perfect for everyday wear. In the upcoming cruise season, you can give your preference to monophonic models, as well as options decorated with all sorts of prints or colored embroidery. The style can also be anything, from products with straps to models with long sleeves. The same applies to the length of the legs.

  • Shirts and blouses. In street fashion, you can wear such a top, both with classic trousers or skirts, and with shorts or jeans and, of course, sweatpants. The style can be any and fitted, oversized or asymmetrical models are allowed. There are no restrictions on colors either, and in addition to the basic snow-white options, printed items may also be present in the wardrobe.

  • Skirts. Skirts will help you make the street set more feminine and romantic. Denim, chiffon, silk, cotton and linen will be an excellent bottom option, both for cool times and for the first hot days. The length of the skirts can be any, ranging from ultra-short options to floor-length products. As for the features of the cut, it can be standard straight or fitted models, asymmetrical cut products, as well as decorated with flounces and cutouts.

Fashionable spring bow 2020 is a denim jacket and a silk asymmetrical skirt

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Short skirts, as well as models with a complex cut, are taboo for women over 50.[/stextbox]

  • Trousers. In the coming season, it will not be difficult for girls to choose original trousers for themselves, since at the last shows they were simply provided with a huge assortment of all kinds of styles. Wide palazzos, graceful pipes, practical culottes, riding breeches and exquisite flared models will be a real highlight of your street look.

  • Jeans. Pants made from denim have long been a trendy garment that is perfect for every day. Pair them with T-shirts, blouses and shirts for a casual look. A shimmery or leather crop top will also look spectacular with jeans. The style of trousers can be anything: whether they are voluminous boyfriends or sexy tabernacles. But the landing must be necessarily high.

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