Street fashion – summer 2020

Surely, you opened this article for the purpose of summer 2020 street fashion inspiration? In this case, you are at the right place – the most current trends are already waiting to get to know you!

Strap sandals over trousers

A stylish feature of a summer look can be a long strap of sandals coquettishly placed over the hem of wide, loose trousers. This fashionable technique is easy to repeat in practice if you choose palazzo pants, cigarettes, straight models, slacks and even jeans as a bottom. Ideally, shoes should effectively contrast with the color of the bottom. The fashionista will be able to complete the created stylish image with a basic T-shirt, top, shirt or jacket.

Such a fresh touch will perfectly refresh the usual outfit in a classic style, turn the heads of others and make it clear that you are well aware of the fashion trends of summer 2020.

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voluminous sleeves

A stylish and sensational novelty of the 2020 season is voluminous accent sleeves with a hint of Victorian style, which can now be successfully included in everyday outfit. The easiest and safest option for giving an everyday bow a romantic charm involves a combination of your favorite jeans or shorts with the indicated trend.

square cape

By the summer of 2020, stylists give a simple hint that allows you to transform any boring outfit. The whole secret lies in the addition of trendy square-toed shoes. Such a stylish pair will not only visually lengthen your legs, but also add a trendy touch to the image. The fashion of the 2020 season presented sandals, mules and shoes with such an actual chip in a great variety.


Summer fashion in 2020 is heading towards femininity, romance and elegance. To play this trend in your outfit in an interesting way, you can dilute the basic outfits with fashionable tight lace, English embroidery, frills, flounces and ruffles. The game of contrasts when applying such stylish accents is only welcome!


Dress with trousers

The heroines of street style have long begun to experiment with the original combination of dress and trousers, but only by the 2020 season this tandem has gained immense popularity. If you want to pull off a creative trick in your outfit, pick up a pair of light trousers and a dress with a slit or a shirt style.


Light transparent textures also very organically fit into the summer style of the 2020 season. According to the leading trends, now it is better to beat such fabrics in multi-layered ensembles. This life hack will make any bow much more interesting and expressive. Among the most stylish examples are a combination of a sheer skirt with a dress or a tandem of a weightless loose T-shirt with a crop top.

Blouses made of sensual organza and chiffon also work well in summer combinations. Stylists recommend pairing this top with a tighter bottom, for example, with trousers, jeans, a pencil skirt, or your favorite new leather texture.

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Any suit with a trendy free cut can successfully fit into a stylish summer wardrobe. In the 2020 season, fashionistas deserve not only the usual combinations with trousers, but also combinations with trendy Bermuda shorts. In summer, you should definitely try to choose a top for a suit as a crop top, a silk bra or a basic T-shirt and experiment a lot with shoes, picking up either mules or sandals, or practical sneakers.

Crop Tops

This summer, crop tops remain in trend, which in their design resemble linen bras. It is customary to combine such a novelty with shirts, jackets, cardigans and dresses in multi-layered sets. True, only girls with a slender figure can afford this top.

Midi skirt + T-shirt

In hot weather, it is better not to reinvent the wheel when drawing up a fashionable bow, but to create the most comfortable combinations. If you like this principle, you can embody in your image a tandem of a basic midi skirt with a laconic T-shirt or polo shirt. This is a versatile combination that will look harmonious both on a Sunday walk and at a meeting in the office.

An image with a flowing skirt made of silk or satin will look especially elegant, which can now be included in street style.

A similar summer 2020 street fashion trend is perfect for overweight women if it includes dense textures and solid colors. A stylish solution would also be the reception of monochrome, which implies the creation of a single color vertical in the bow – this feature perfectly slims the silhouette.

white palette

Quite predictable, but such a great trend of the summer season 2020 was the relevance of a light palette that perfectly rejuvenates the appearance. If you have already mastered the fashion principles of modern minimalism, you will surely love this trend – then you can combine simple silhouettes of plain white things with each other and look amazing.


This summer, you can be enchanted not only with light looks, but also with juicy fuchsia. This trend can be used as accents against a white base or denim, as well as in a dazzling combination with green or orange.


Another undoubted favorite of the 2020 season is a refreshing lavender color that sets any summer look in a gentle and romantic mood. According to fashion trends, the current lavender will best reveal its beauty with basic white, beige or black things. You can also make a spectacular combination with other current pastel colors, such as peach, pistachio, blue or pink.

bucket bag

The real must-have of the 2020 season was the legendary bucket bag, which proved to be excellent in a wide variety of combinations. Such a novelty may well become your favorite accessory for the summer, because it impresses with its versatility, stylish look, spaciousness and practicality.

How to choose a bucket bag that will meet all the stated criteria? Stylists say that the best solution would be a model that is combined with other summer accessories.

[stextbox id=’info’]This street fashion novelty is also perfect for women over 50 who love to transform their looks with stylish accents.[/stextbox]


Elements of the boho style will fit into summer looks very harmoniously, which can appear in the form of colorful prints, loose styles, tassels, embroidery or lace. These trends with a symbol of nature are now relevant to combine with urban style – for example, with polo, Bermuda shorts, flared cuts or pantsuits.

country dresses

In summer outfits, dresses in an exquisite rustic style with a flower will look very harmonious. Typically these models…

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