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Street style 2019 – for every age and every taste

World fashion finds in its wide arms a place for adherents of different styles and trends. Even what for a couple of years was considered bad taste, lack of style and elegance was called street style. But this does not mean that you can wear anything for any age and any taste – this direction has its own rules, its own system and line of development. Most often they start talking about street style during the most famous fashion weeks – it is at this time that you can enjoy real, genuine examples of fashion and style in this direction. Many of these people become real style icons for the rest of the population, and even set the fashion vector for the upcoming season. We advise you to keep up with them and learn as much as possible about street style in 2019 – what to wear, what to combine with, how to focus attention. Next, you can see photos of street style images for winter and autumn, spring and summer of the upcoming fashion season:

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Street style spring-summer 2019 (with photo)

In order to create a street style for the spring and summer of 2019, you just need to purchase at least a couple of things in pastel colors. To get started, we suggest you try out a few street style looks with ¾-length trousers in a delicate pink shade. Their main advantage is versatility: they are good with a T-shirt and a sophisticated shirt, which allows them to easily migrate from one style to another. For example, for a walk, we recommend choosing a white T-shirt with an unusual pattern, but if you are not afraid, then in principle you can choose something brighter. On a cool evening, you can wear a knitted set of a T-shirt and an elongated vest, or a chiffon blouse and a jacket that is also pink, but a couple of shades darker, upstairs. In such an outfit, not only is it not a shame to appear on the street, but you can also go to work, well, or on a date – if you wish. In all cases, do not forget to complete with a black classic bag and sandals, always with heels.[affegg id=66]

In the spring, you can try a new fashion trend – to connect a check and a strip, which at first glance seem to be incompatible. So on the streets of Paris (and other fashion capitals) during Fashion Week, you could see fashionistas flaunting, for example, dresses in the style of the 60s in red and white stripes and a white and blue checkered raincoat. They were accompanied by the same striped white and red bag and snow-white boots on a thick platform on a huge platform.

Look at the photo of street style bows for spring-summer 2019 – the main fashion trends of this style for girls and women are illustrated:

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What is the difference between the street style of the autumn-winter 2019 season (with photo)

By autumn, it is also worth preparing in advance – and new knowledge will definitely not hurt anyone. If you take care of your outfit today in advance, then in the upcoming season you will feel much more confident than ever. The most important thing that distinguishes the street style of the autumn-winter 2019 season is the naturalness of fabrics, shades and the sophistication of their combination in one look.

The Boss fashion brand invites all its fans to pay attention to the check again, however, this time they added a little green outline to the classic colors, which undoubtedly gave the overall look freshness. And what did fashion designers offer us? This is a stunning suit, consisting of a jacket and a pencil skirt, which, in some cases, may well pass for a regular business suit. But still, we attribute it to street style, since the material (and this is chintz) is very convenient for lovers of an active way of movement and does not hinder movement at all. And his shoes are appropriate – comfortable ankle boots on a small platform.

Look at the photo of street style images for late autumn and early winter – all the possibilities to look bright and stylish are demonstrated:

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Or here is another great combination for a walk with friends or even for a romantic date – a wine-colored sweater, which is made as if from scraps: elements of different colors are located on the front, which makes the image bright and a little playful. An equal member of the image for street style will be a knee-length leather sun skirt and short boots, also made in a patchwork style.

It is worth learning to wear pastel shades not only in summer, but also in autumn, when the weather is not particularly happy with the sun – you will be the concentration of tenderness, romance and all the most beautiful that is in this time of year. Last but not least, make-up and hair should be taken care of – they should also be as simple and natural as possible, and you can wear light-colored things of a simple cut under them, you can with geometric patterns. By the way, accessories may well be of a similar shape – a bag and jewelry, which should also undoubtedly be present on a lady who prefers an unusual street style in 2019.

But there are other equally interesting options, for example, with black and white colors. For example, a knitted turtleneck sweater with black and white stripes looks great with a coat of a delicate blue hue, complete with a gray floral print skirt, tight black tights and ankle boots to match them.

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Adult street style offers alternative looks and looks

There are also such fashionable lines that can be traced throughout the year. For example, you should pay special attention to the strip, no matter what color it is. It seems that she literally turned the heads of fashionistas around the world, which is what the adult street style of world fashion shows tells us about. The use of such a print offers alternatives to the usual images and bows in the traditional classic range. The combination of transverse and longitudinal, asymmetric and oblique stripes in one image gives charm and charm due to broken and intersecting lines.

Among all this diversity, most often on the streets of Paris and New York, we met girls dressed in wide striped trousers, and always with a vertical strip, which, as you know, visually lengthens the legs and makes the figure proportional. So at least one of these is simply bound to appear in your wardrobe.

You could also find whole combinations of striped things, so on one of the streets we met a black and white striped suit, again with wide trousers and a cropped jacket with a diamond-colored blouse and a stylish bandana on the head. A similar option is also suitable for a summer suit with shorts, only you need to complement the image with a small straw hat and flat sandals.

Of course, not only trousers can be striped, but also all kinds of dresses, capes, cape coats and sweaters.

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The next fashion trend that has taken over the streets of fashion capitals is the connection of the incompatible. That is, dresses and sneakers, and it is a sneaker, not sneakers. For example, I’m very interested in who thought of combining sporty style and elegant chic together? But the result is impressive. It turns out interesting combinations in which any girl can look interesting and elegant. And on…

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