Street style for curvy women for spring 2021

Today, street fashion for curvy women offers all sorts of outfits. Designers presented in their collections fashionable images that will certainly make more than one magnificent fashionista happy. Plus-size women do not need to be shy about their figure, but just make a little effort to look luxurious and elegant.

Basic principles of street fashion

Casual clothes will look fashionable and unusual only thanks to bold combinations. Composing images with casual clothes, women should take into account the following features of this direction:

  • the chosen clothes should be comfortable, practical and give a feeling of lightness;
  • harmonious images should express a bright and unique individuality;
  • streetwear should attract attention, be spectacular and stand out from the crowd;
  • do not wear things that are large or small – such clothes will spoil the figure and reduce attractiveness;
  • do not wear shapeless clothes, give preference to classic loose or semi-adjacent styles.

Street style combines freedom, naturalness and complete comfort.

Stylish sets for street looks

For everyday bows, curvy women will suit trousers tapered to the bottom and a classic-cut shirt. They can be tucked into the pants completely or just the front. This style makes the hips visually slimmer. Pants with a high waist will hide a protruding tummy.

A-line skirts will add femininity and harmony to the figure. You can combine them with light blouses with a delicate print, turtlenecks. Fashion for full fashionistas considers models with a smell and voluminous sleeves.

Denim clothing is the basis for creating various casual style looks. Jeans styles do not have certain restrictions. Fashion designers recommend overweight women to wear skinny or straight-cut jeans. The only prohibition is to avoid wide models and styles with a low waist.

If you want to wear skinny, then it is advisable to choose an elongated blouse or tunic for them. It is important to remember that too voluminous top makes you fat.

An excellent choice for street style would be an elongated cardigan without unnecessary details with a neat knitted pattern in a duet with trousers and an openwork pullover of the same shade. The image will be perfect if you tie a scarf around your neck and wear sunglasses.

It’s nice to see curvy ladies on the street in trouser ensembles with contrasting jackets or blazers. Favorably emphasize the individuality of the scarf around the neck. To the image, you can pick up shoes with heels or a comfortable platform.

In the new collections, designers present overalls that look very feminine, easily and visually hone the figure.

For bold and self-confident women, trendsetters suggest wearing leggings. It is only important to consider that a tunic is suitable for this style. You need to choose models that are bright, with vertical seams or stripes. Fitted things will add femininity and attractiveness. It is important to remember that it is desirable to avoid a stand-up collar, which shortens the neck. Of the accessories, you can stop at the belt.

Women can also try on cardigans, blouses, blazers and jackets. They will make beautiful bows with skirts, trousers and jeans. Legs will be decorated with model shoes and sandals.

Present in the spring wardrobe and lighter clothes for the full. Women with a special figure should not refuse a-line dress and A-line. Such styles will hide flaws and emphasize the charms of the figure. Dresses are good to combine with jackets and cardigans. A small heel will give confidence to the image, which will visually reduce kilograms.

Designers offer puffs for spring fitted and trapezoidal, as well as elegant coats with a wraparound knee-length belt, models of coats and raincoats of the classic A-silhouette. Ankle boots made of suede, leather with heels and wedges are selected for the image.

Street style feature

A special kind of street fashion is able to turn everyday clothes into memorable bright images. To achieve this, you need to know some rules:

  • the main emphasis in the image should be given to one branded item, the rest of the clothes will only complement the outfit;
  • it is advisable to use accessories in bows: hats, caps, scarves, all kinds of handbags, which play a significant role in street style;
  • It is important to find your own style and show individuality in clothes.

The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments, and then you get a stylish and colorful bow. And streetwear is practical and comfortable.

Comfort, attractiveness and style are what street style for obese women is based on, and these features make it unusually attractive.

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