Strengthening nails with acrylic powder

There is a great way out for girls with fragile or thin nails, for whom any manicure does not last long – you must first strengthen the nails with acrylic powder. How to do it right under gel polish – our step-by-step instructions.


What is acrylic powder and why is it needed

This is a synthetic powder created from acrylic acid, which has useful characteristics:

  • high thermoplasticity – does not soften even at high temperatures;
  • strengthens any foundation;
  • protects from frost, sunlight and household chemicals.

Procedure for strengthening nails with acrylic powder

Is used for:

  • nail design – you can create three-dimensional drawings, achieve the effect of “powdered sugar” or “velvet sand” – see photos of a beautiful and elegant manicure;

Acrylic powder in nail design

  • strengthening fragile and brittle nails;
  • strong coverage of thinned, weakened or thin nails;
  • for leveling, smoothing uneven nail surfaces.

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Important. Even gel polish, which, as a rule, must last about two weeks, can quickly chip off on fragile nails, or even completely peel off or fall off with parts of your own nails. Therefore, strengthening the nail plate in many cases is a very necessary procedure.


Acrylic powder reduces the chance of nail chipping

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Strengthening with acrylic powder is used very often:

  • for girls with very thin nails, which, when growing, begin to lose their shape and twist or bend;
  • for those who have bad and short-lived any coverage;

The procedure increases the wear resistance of gel polish

  • for ladies with fragile nails prone to delamination;
  • for women who like to work around the house, plant flowers, wash dishes and floors without gloves.

Acrylic powder strengthens brittle and exfoliating nails

Type of acrylic powder:

  • colorless (transparent) – just what is needed for the strengthening procedure or natural manicure, French design;

  • color – for nail design;

  • camouflage – to mask cracks, grooves and other defects of the nail plate;

  • finishing – matte or glossy (glitter can be of different sizes) – for a luxurious manicure.

Manicure with acrylic powder

When applied decoratively, as a finishing layer, acrylic powder also gives strength to the nails, but this will not give a 100% result against brittleness. But when acrylic first models dense and hard nails, and then a luxurious design is created on top, then such a manicure will last longer than a simple gel polish.

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Pros and cons of strengthening nails

If you read reviews about the procedure, then all the girls talk about a significant strengthening of the nails. After a properly performed manicure, even with long nails, you can do anything without fear that they will exfoliate or break off.

Positive aspects of the procedure:

  • strengthening;
  • nails look natural and natural, without additional volume, not extended;
  • elimination of microcracks and damage;
  • easy to correct;
  • the procedure is simple and fast, you can do it even at home;
  • the possibilities of using acrylic powder in design are huge – this allows you to diversify an already bored manicure and come up with new ideas.

Beautiful manicure with colored acrylic powder


  • the procedure requires care and strict adherence to the instructions;
  • the process of removing the reinforcing layer is quite complicated, acetone-containing products will not help. The acrylic layer is removed by cutting.

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Important. Acrylic powder does not heal, does not nourish, does not change the nail plate and after removing the powder – the nails remain the same as they were.


Original nail design with acrylic powder

Acrylic powder is not cheap, but one jar will last a long time, especially if you use it carefully and shake excess powder crumbs back into the jar.

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Strengthening nails with acrylic powder, step by step instructions

In addition to reading our instructions, you can watch a video where experts will show you how to properly strengthen your nails with acrylic powder for a regular manicure or gel polish.

Procedure steps:

  • nail preparation, hygienic manicure;
  • degreasing, giving the desired shape;
  • be sure to clean the surface of pterygium (the lower layer of the cuticle);
  • antiseptic treatment is a mandatory step;
  • apply a primer – will help the adhesion of the nail plate and artificial material;
  • apply the base gel in a thin layer over the entire surface, do not dry (it is better to choose thick silicone bases);
  • sprinkle with powder in an even dense layer, for example, with a brush over a jar, so that all the excess can be poured back, or you can simply dip your fingers in the powder;

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Clue. You can not powder the entire surface, but strengthen only weak areas – the free end and side edges. Use a nail file to level and smooth out irregularities with the base.


  • dry under a UV lamp (two to three minutes);
  • remove excess powder with a brush;
  • if tubercles or pits are obtained, it is necessary to grind the plate;
  • make a coating: if without decor, just apply a layer of top gel, which is dried by a lamp;
  • if decor is to be made on top, then it is better not to apply anything to acrylic, but immediately cover it with a decorating gel varnish, which is best taken on acrylic. Do not forget to dry each layer;
  • apply topcoat, dry;
  • apply moisturizing oil or nourishing skin cream.

The final result of the procedure

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Life hack. Experienced craftsmen also practice another way of applying powder: mix acrylic powder with a base and apply with a brush already like a liquid varnish with grains. So, according to them, it is more convenient to distribute the powder over the nail plate.


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Making the correction of the acrylic layer is much easier than building. You just need to remove the decor, sand the surface. Apply a gel base, acrylic again and make a new decor.

Watch the video and read the detailed instructions on how to step by step, carefully and correctly carry out the procedure and strengthen the nails with acrylic powder for gel polish.


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