Strict vests in fashionable images of spring 2021

A strict vest looks like an element of a men’s wardrobe and is not mandatory in women’s. But in fact, he is able to make a stylish multi-layered outfit out of an ordinary outfit. In 2021, designers offer options for different shapes and models from light and coarse fabrics, plain and with a wonderful ornament.

Instead of a coat

Sleeveless cashmere coats have been the trend of the last few seasons. In the spring, when the weather is very changeable, such a trench coat is very comfortable. It is not hot in it, but at the same time the back is always warm. Yes, and the airy sleeves of the blouse look spectacular on the dense fabric of the vest.

As outerwear, an elongated vest is suitable for any outfit: a formal business suit, evening dress or jeans with a hoodie. Yes, and you don’t need to “bother” especially with shoes: both high-heeled boots and sneakers will be relevant.

With jeans

Such an unusual option stylists consider the most successful and bright. A formal vest with a turn-down collar and jeans with holes are the squeak of spring 2021 fashion.

Under the bottom in a casual look, both a plain golf or a T-shirt, and a bright men’s cut shirt are suitable.

You can even get a romantic look if you replace an ordinary shirt with an elegant blouse with lace, and sneakers with high-heeled sandals.

As for colors, it is better to choose monochromatic models for combination with jeans: black, gray, white, beige, purple, yellow, blue. Red-orange shades in such an outfit are best avoided.

original forms

At fashion shows, designers tried their best and presented vests of the most unusual forms that can be used in everyday life.

But it should be understood that such an element of unusual clothing is the center of the outfit and the rest of the components are selected in soothing shades and classic styles.

Knitted patterns

Over the years, knitted vests have been associated with grandmother librarians and male engineers. But now hand-knitted vests are all the rage. They are combined with classic trouser suits and blouses, jeans and T-shirts, maxi and mini skirts.

Short in the form of a jacket, long sweaters under the belt or sleeveless sweaters – all models are relevant and acceptable. In addition, stylists do not limit the choice of color: what skein of thread grandmother left, this will be the trendy vest.

A vest is not a relic of the past and not an office outfit, thanks to it you can turn a simple set into a stylish outfit and even a unique outfit.

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