Striped accessories are the fashion trend of summer 2020

Stripes, like polka dots or paisley print, are a timeless trend. From season to season, its relevance increases or decreases, but never disappears. In the upcoming summer season of 2020, the stripe is back at the forefront of fashion.

striped accessories

Marine theme

The sailor theme in summer collections is quite popular, as it is in tune with the summer mood, the expectation of a vacation at sea. The combination of white and blue colors, the use of gold hardware distinguishes this style. If we talk about accessories for the summer season 2020, then the nautical theme is reflected in their classic design. So, in the images of the Elisabeth Franchi collection, milky-white shoes with blue and blue stripes were used, as well as a similar style handbag.

striped shoes

Fashion house Germes presented bags of a similar blue and white range.

Striped bag

Jean-Paul Gaultier was also inspired by the nautical theme and presented white caps with blue stripes and striped white and blue tights in the spring-summer collection.

white and blue tights

Timeless classic

Strictly parallel clear lines of discreet colors – this is what characterizes the use of stripes in classic style accessories. Gucci at the spring-summer shows presented laconic models of men’s ties in soft colors.

striped ties

And Longchamp designers complemented the summer looks of pastel-colored models with handbags with wide and narrow stripes, which echoed the same print on the shorts. In addition, bags with a belt decorated with stripes were seen on the catwalk – a detail that has been relevant for more than a year.

striped belt bag

Jean Paul Gaultier included a light scarf with laconic red stripes in his summer collection, Balmain also presented a bag with a classic striped print.

striped scarf

Fendi, weightless organza dresses are combined with socks of the same texture made of transparent materials with thoughtfully arranged stripes.

striped dress

Sport style

Parallel lines in the design of sportswear and accessories have long been a classic trick: remember at least stripes on leggings for sports. Designers are also using this decor for sports accessories in the upcoming summer season. Adam Selman combines sandals and striped socks, as well as stockings, decorated with a laconic line, in the images of models.

striped socks

Boho chic

The stripes are also decorated with accessories suggested by Vivienne Westwood in her bow book: a stole, tied like a skirt, combines wide stripes of discreet soft colors; a bag with intermittent, as if blurred and sun-bleached lines, evokes references to ethno, grunge and hippie trends, everything that combines boho.

striped tippet

A pair of golfs by the same designer, worn on one leg of the model, is interesting with stripes of different thicknesses and colors. Combined with a summer dress and sandals, it gives the look a stylistic freedom characteristic of grunge.

striped knee socks

The iridescent colors of the lines adorning the Aquazurrf sandals also refer to the hippie style and their flamboyant looks.

striped sandals

Ethnostyle in jewelry

Large noticeable bracelets made of rectangles of different sizes will perfectly complement the summer look. Rough, not quite smooth lines cause allusions to ethnic motifs in fashion.

striped bracelets

In general, the stripe remains at the height of fashion, but in the coming season it is more diverse. Wide uneven stripes in color-block style, blurry lines in ethnic style, classic strict stripes – all this is relevant and can be beaten in a suitable way.

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