Striped dresses 2020: fashion styles

Fashionable striped dresses in the 2020 season received a fresh vision from designers. This is a classic print that never goes out of trend, but is still influenced by current silhouettes, styles and colors.


The strength of the print

Any stripe in the design of the product has a huge corrective power, and this should definitely be taken into account when choosing an outfit. Sometimes such a motif can transform a figure beyond recognition, and sometimes the opposite effect occurs – attention is focused on shortcomings and disharmony is introduced into the image. Let’s figure out how to make friends with a fashionable pattern and use its properties to your advantage.

It should be borne in mind that tight-fitting clothes in a horizontal strip with a high width and contrast visually deform the figure not for the better. The transverse direction of the motif can visually expand the figure in certain areas – for example, in the hips or chest. A narrow vertical pattern, on the contrary, visually lengthens the silhouette and adds harmony. This action can be adopted by girls who would like to look visually thinner and taller.

In the 2020 season, you can also adopt a combined stripe that best corrects the silhouette. Vertical lines will stretch the figure, horizontal lines will add volume, and diagonals will visually make the desired area already.

fashion palette

At the top of popularity in the fashion palette are the classic tandems of black and white, as well as sea blue and white. These are traditional solutions that, according to stylists’ forecasts, will never yield to other colors in popularity.

However, other color combinations are ready to seriously compete with the usual duets in 2020. So, in fashionable outfits, a red and white tandem appears, as well as interspersed with actual pink, blue, orange, yellow and azure colors. Incredibly popular is the muted natural range, which is dominated by combinations of a light shade with beige, brown, green, mustard and terracotta lines.

A mix of multi-colored stripes looks very interesting – such a cheerful color scheme is especially in demand in the 2020 season.

Metallic stripes in the pattern also deserve the attention of fashionistas who love to create stylish and extraordinary looks.

Another creative novelty is the combination of a striped print with some other motif. For example, graceful flowers or flirty polka dots can be used.

What length to choose

The first question that a fashionista faces when choosing an actual striped dress is determining the ideal length. Fashion trends in the 2020 season delight with their diversity and loyalty – which means that every girl will be able to pick up a novelty to her liking.

  • Flirty mini dresses are a favorite option for young and slender girls. This year, designers decided to transform such products with ruffles and flounces, as well as decorative wooden buttons.

  • Midi dresses are already perfect for older fashionistas. It is worth noting that this length mark is most popular in the 2020 season. This trend is great for overweight women – only they should focus on the vertical direction of the print.

  • An elegant and fashionable look is easy to create with a long striped dress. In 2020, such models are presented mainly in flying feminine silhouettes. Such a choice is considered a win-win option for summer holidays.

current models

The fashion trends of the 2020 season presented striped dresses in a wide variety. We invite you to get acquainted with the latest news in order to decide on your favorite!

Ideal novelties for work

Striped dresses for the office are a practical, strict and at the same time stylish solution. Out of competition, of course, is the case model, which looks solid and at the same time shows a female figure in a favorable light.

A wraparound style, a laconic straight cut, a shirt model and a sundress with wide straps made of dense fabric can also fit into a strict dress code. The midi length is preferred – stylists recommend combining it with shoes with stable heels.

With smell

Wrap cut has been popular among women for many years, because it can radically transform any figure. Judge for yourself – a comfortable and stylish style emphasizes the waist, draws a feminine silhouette, slims, adds height and casually focuses on the décolleté. In a word, continuous advantages!

[stextbox id=’warning’]Such a dress can be safely considered the base of the wardrobe, because it is completely not subject to fleeting fashion trends.[/stextbox]


A classic of the genre in the fashion world is the combination of a shirt cut with a striped pattern. Such models of dresses remain in demand in every season for women of any age. Many of them opt for a classic straight silhouette in tandem with a midi length, others prefer to rely on the oversized trend and its camouflage properties, and some girls are fans of the design with a shirt top and a flared skirt.

This vertical striped neutral dress is perfect for any occasion. Such an outfit can be successfully beaten within the framework of a business dress code, and it can also be easily adjusted to fit the casual or romantic style. The undoubted advantage of a universal cut is the fact that it can be combined with almost any shoe. For example, in the 2020 season, you can experiment with mules, sneakers, sneakers and elegant sandals with thin straps.

Deep neckline

A distinctive feature of many stylish dresses in the 2020 season has become a deep neckline. This zest of the outfit is most advantageously combined with a midi length and heeled shoes. Having a dress of this cut in your wardrobe, you will always know what to wear when you need to look spectacular and flawless.


A stylish technique of modern designers that allows you to create unique and unsurpassed outfits is asymmetry. This move is on the list of key trends in 2020, and it is actively manifesting itself in the design of fashionable dresses. Asymmetry can manifest itself in an open shoulder, a creative hem, a complex and bewitching play of cut.


Frills, ruffles and flounces, which take an active part in the design of current outfits, have become a fashionable feature of the 2020 season. On a striped dress, such a romantic decoration is usually located on the hem or sleeves, but other options are also possible.

Open shoulders

Open shoulders can enhance the showiness and seductiveness of a summer outfit. Luckily for many fashionistas, the practical striped print pairs well with such an intriguing style.

Emphasized at the waist

The hot trend of summer 2020 is fashionable striped dresses with an emphasis on the waist. Designers create the desired effect in a variety of ways – from a contrasting texture, a different pattern, a belt or a belt. Never mind,…

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