Striped manicure: stylish design

Today we will talk about one of the main trends of this season in nail art – manicure with stripes, and also consider a variety of photos and ideas for such a design.

Such a manicure is quite versatile. With the right choice of colors and pattern, they can decorate any look: from strictly office to evening or festive.


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Striped design options

In 2018, photos of manicure with stripes began to appear on the Internet more and more often. Of course, no girl wants to have the same manicure as most of the fair sex. And this problem will not arise, since in this section we will consider all possible ideas for such a design.

Manicure with stripes using foil

This option is perfect for both a festive looka and for everyday wear.

The strip in this case is made of foil. Masters often offer their clients to apply it on a transparent base. A manicure with silver or gold stripes looks great in combination with a natural beige-pink nail color.

A manicure that combines bright colors and a foil strip is also obtained well. This option can be made more gentle by choosing pastel shades of gel polish, or you can add more bright colors.

Striped foil manicure

Manicure with stripes and print

A graphic pattern of straight lines will go well with more complex images on the nail. Such a contrasting design always looks very non-standard and unusual.

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Stripes can be arranged in any order, change their texture and color. This is a great way to make your manicure different from the rest.


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French manicure with stripes

French is very popular with girls. And this is quite logical, because its tenderness and simplicity can complement any image. But the classic version of the French manicure seems to many to be too banal and no longer relevant. Stripes will help solve this problem.

Stylish striped jacket

How to diversify a classic jacket with stripes:

  • the location of the stripes: they can be vertical, horizontal, or completely randomly located;
  • stripe color: you can get away from the classic combination of beige and white and add a bright stripe in a contrasting color;
  • the thickness of the stripes: the strip can be narrower or wider than the jacket itself, here you also don’t need to be afraid to play in contrast;
  • stripe shape: stripes may not be straight, they can be rounded and even broken.

Any solution will look non-standard and interesting.

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Glitter manicure

This option is ideal for a celebration or holiday. The combination of bright colors with stripes of sequins will help to achieve a bright manicure.

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Sequins add originality to the manicure, and if you combine them with nude shades, then this design is suitable for every day.


Manicure in the style of minimalism

vertical stripes

Such a graphic drawing looks very restrained and neat. One of its biggest advantages is that the vertical strip visually lengthens the nail plate and the nails seem longer. This option is perfect for girls with short nails.

Transparent stripes

Transparent stripes have become a trend recently, but have already begun to be in huge demand in nail salons.

Fashion technique negative space

Girls are attracted by their simplicity and simultaneous unusualness. Such stripes go well with intense colors due to the contrast.

Step-by-step instruction

You can decorate transparent stripes with the following materials:

  • sequins;
  • rhinestones;
  • prints;
  • manicure sand.

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Please note that this version of the manicure is better not to overload the design too much, since the transparent strip itself can become invisible and lose its zest.


Manicure with a “ribbon” in the middle

A design with a wide strip in the center of the nail plate is commonly called a “tape”. With wide ribbons, you can solve the problem of irregular nail shape and simply achieve a creative manicure.

Ribbons are often painted with varnish, but other materials (foil, sequins, rhinestones) can also be used. This idea is perfect for girls who want to have a neutral but beautiful manicure without overloading it with excessive design.

colorful stripes

A real hit of the summer of 2018 was a manicure using stripes of different colors. This design will also be relevant in winter, if you want to dilute the white environment with bright summer colors.

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The stripes can be painted, glued on or lined with rhinestones and embellished with unusual glitter patterns.


Strip of rhinestones and rhombuses

Unusual design appeared on the beauty market recently. A manicure with stripes and rhinestones looks very attractive and goes well with a festive look. Rhinestones can be selected to your taste: large or smaller, transparent or colored.

Rhombuses are created using specially shaped rhinestones or adhesive tape. In almost any image, this design will look organic due to its simplicity and originality.

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stripe gradient

An interesting color scheme helps not only to achieve a creative manicure, but also to correct the unwanted shape of the nails.

striped gradient

For such a design, you can choose completely different shades of gel polish – from nude to the brightest acid ones.

The most popular types of gradient:

  • geometric (creation of a graphic drawing);
  • with the addition of sparkles (gradient stripes are not drawn, but laid out with sparkles);
  • vertical or horizontal.

Everything here will depend on individual preferences.

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The color scheme of manicure with stripes

Color matching can perfectly solve the problem of brightness and unusual manicure. The stripe is perfect for any look. However, the color of the coating can be chosen based on the goals of the client: to make a festive bright manicure for a celebration or a neutral design that will be suitable for everyday wear.

Always a trendy classic


Nude shades are always considered a universal option. Their palette is quite wide, the intensity of the nude can also be different. In this case, gold or silver foil strips are perfect. You should not apply strips of light shades to the nude, as they will look faded.

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Bordeaux and all shades of red have always been considered timeless classics. Manicure in such shades always looks very elegant, but boring. So it will be great…

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