Style mistakes that make you look old

Every woman at any age tries to look attractive and fresh. But, as practice shows, not all girls and ladies manage to find the right clothes. Sometimes even the most popular and fashionable thing can look awkward on the body. Often women make style mistakes that age. We will describe these nuances in detail below.

What things make a woman older than her age

Every woman needs to know the basic stylistic techniques that will help you always look young and attractive. Knowing the features of your figure, you can easily choose an adaptive wardrobe that will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws.

There are very few ideal figures, so the bulk tries to hide their shortcomings through clothing, and often unintentionally throws on 5-10 years old by their age. Let’s describe the main style mistakes that age.

Black clothing color

We all know the story of Coco Chanel’s little black dress. If you do not know what to wear, choose this outfit and you will look relevant at any event. Black is really slimming, but women go overboard with it. Putting on black pants, with a black jacket, shoes and a bag, a woman automatically looks several years older. This is especially true for ladies 40+. The skin at this age looks more pale, so the contrast with the black color will add “mourning” and soreness.

If you love black, make minimalist contrasts. For example, you can tie a bright scarf, purchase accessories or make up your lips with a contrasting shade to somehow “colorize” a black outfit.

Long skirts

Airy, pleated or chiffon skirts look feminine and give the image of romance and weightlessness. But even here you need to be careful. If you like long skirts, choose bright or nude, light colors.

Very old style of some skirts. For example, in no case do not buy skirts with wedges at the bottom of dense fabric. You immediately become five years older than your age. Avoid rhinestones, sequins and voluminous flowers on the fabric. It was fashionable in the 2000s, but not now. Choose mid-length skirts – just below the knee, and you will see that this piece of clothing will throw you off a few years.

Oversized clothing

Despite the fact that oversized is now in trend, I would like to talk about baggy clothes. Namely, when a woman deliberately purchases things a size larger in order to hide the flaws of her figure. This is a mistake, and it ages any girl or woman.

Baggy dresses, pants, T-shirts immediately give you +10 years. It is better to abandon this idea. Try to find comfortable things in your size, and you will see that they will refresh and rejuvenate you.

Platform shoes

This type of shoe has been in trend for several seasons in a row. The platform makes us taller and, accordingly, slimmer. But, it is important to take into account one point: if your legs are prone to swelling, then such massive shoes will emphasize this feature, which will immediately give + 5-10 years. Such shoes also make our legs visually even more plump, so if there are slightly plump calves, then it is better to refuse the platform.

As an alternative, you can pick up comfortable shoes with medium heels and even platform, but no more than 3-4 cm. It will look stylish, fresh and will not make you look too old.

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A scarf is an essential part of a modern woman’s wardrobe. With this accessory, you can diversify your everyday look, make it original and bold. But sometimes, improper use of a scarf can throw on several years.

Those who like to simply tie a scarf around their neck, it is better to abandon this idea. It was fashionable to tie a scarf around the neck so that the ends fell to the chest, but this trend remained far into the 60s. Visually, such tying a scarf makes us older and gives us years.

Today you can find a lot of ways to modernly tie a scarf or scarf. And also you can tie a scarf not around your neck, but on your handbag. It will also look stylish.

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Clothes not for age

In pursuit of youth, some women pick up a girl’s wardrobe, which includes frilled miniskirts, tight t-shirts with rhinestones, jeans with sequins and Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, the youthful, age-inappropriate style does not rejuvenate, but, on the contrary, gives age.

Why? First, there is a time for everything. A woman at every age is beautiful and can realize her style, according to her status. “Children’s” clothing ages women, making them awkward and strange. Miniskirts, even on slender age legs, do not look so good due to the presence of tubercles, vascular networks, cellulite, etc.

Secondly, the anecdote “behind a pioneer – in front of a pensioner” just refers to clothes that are not age-appropriate. After the “exposure” of the woman’s age, she is immediately attributed to pensioners. Therefore, it is better to choose an outfit according to age and look chic and youthful.

By the way, a woman may look older for other reasons. Here are a few bugs that make the image look older:

  • Black hair color. Do not choose black, saturated colors. It is better to give preference to chestnut color and approximate shades;
  • Excessive sunburn also gives extra age;
  • An outdated eyeglass frame can do an “evil deed” and throw on several years;
  • Poorly chosen underwear also affects the image of a woman. Adds years to the relief of panties under clothing.

Now you know that style mistakes that make you look older affect every woman in the slightest degree. It is better to notice your flaws in time and not allow this in your wardrobe.

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