Styling for medium hair for the New Year 2023

The fashion trends of the 2023 season offered many ideas for New Year’s styling for medium hair. We have selected the most interesting ones and offer stylish looks for inspiration in a fresh review!

wet hair effect

Among the options for styling for the New Year with your own hands, a hairstyle with the effect of wet hair is the leader in popularity. Stylists assure that such a spectacular image is easy to repeat at home.

To repeat the fashion styling of 2023, stock up on gel. First of all, remove clean hair from the face and arrange the desired parting. Then distribute the gel over the strands, moving from the tips. A wide-toothed comb will take care of the stylish texture. The final touch is drying the roots with a hair dryer to fix the direction and a couple of strokes of varnish.

To make the New Year’s look 2023 look harmonious, we advise you to take care of combining the style of the outfit with styling. So, a face-opening hairstyle fits perfectly with a bow with a flirty off-the-shoulder dress.

Hollywood Waves

New Year’s style for medium hair length looks great with a Hollywood wave. If you want to meet 2023 in an elegant, luxurious and expensive look, master the classic technique or entrust the creation of an image to a stylist.

To replicate Hollywood curls at home, curl your hair in the classic way, comb to soften the transition, and fix the direction of the wave along the entire length.

With accessories

Hairstyles for the New Year with the addition of decor look especially expressive and stylish. With additional accessories, even simple styling takes on a festive mood.

On the occasion of the New Year’s party, stylists advise discarding modesty and decorating your hair with several shiny hairpins and invisible ones at once. This fashion technique is friendly with smooth styling.

A headband or tiara with decorative stones and pearls will easily become an adornment of a feminine image. Such accessories are ideal paired with romantic curls.

An elegant addition to styling on medium hair is beads in the form of pearls. This is not a banal and very effective technique.


Curls for medium hair can be repeated at home with your own hands. The trend is moving and natural waves with a slight carelessness. To repeat fashionable styling, form a basal volume, and then wind strands from a horizontal parting in a chaotic direction onto a large curling iron.

A fashionable version of the hairstyle for the New Year 2023 is a low tail or bun, created on the basis of voluminous curls.

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Smooth styling

A photo selection of examples demonstrates that styling medium-length hair with a smooth effect is the true embodiment of elegance and sophistication.

Retro style

The image for the New Year 2023 in retro style promises to look luxurious and unforgettable. For such an outfit, styling on medium hair with large curls is suitable.

To maintain the authentic mood of the image will allow a luxurious dress and appropriate makeup. You can remember the good old classics – a combination of scarlet lipstick and dark arrows.

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On one side

Another trendy hairstyle for the New Year 2023 is styling hair on one side. In this image, light curls or large waves look charming. In order for the hairstyle to last throughout the night, stylists recommend connecting accessories – for example, decorative invisible hairpins or hairpins with rhinestones to fix the parting.

Asymmetry in the hairstyle perfectly corrects the round and square shape of the face.

with sequins

Glitter and sequin decor is the next super trendy hair styling idea for medium hair for New Year 2023. Most often, a spectacular decor is applied to the roots and fixed with a gel.

Shiny threads in the hairstyle, reminiscent of New Year’s tinsel, also look extraordinary.

Fashionable hairstyle 2023 for the New Year will add charm, elegance and stylish perfection to the festive look. Meet the coming 2023 in a great mood and in an impeccable way, so that you can spend the next 365 days exactly like that!

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