Stylish and trendy socks 2021

Fashionable women’s socks in 2021 have again become a trend. The peak of popularity of this wardrobe item came in the 40s of the last century. In the post-war period, they were used to keep warm or replace warm shoes. It was then that the fashion for a combination of socks with open sandals or shoes began.

Since last year, socks have been frequently used on the catwalks of famous brands. This season, spring and summer collections are also known for this accessory.

What socks are in fashion in 2021

There are many varieties of women’s socks: different colors, styles and patterns. At the present time, stylists offer to pay attention to the following options.


Women’s socks of this style are included in the fashion trends of 2021. Small or medium mesh is considered a universal option for closed shoe models. Choose from durable materials. The color scheme allows you to choose a pair of socks for any outfit. Classic black and white is perfect for everyday looks.

With lurex

Exquisite lurex socks are perfect for shoes with heels. These can be standard pumps or shoes with wide heels. Take, for example, black lurex socks with slippers on a low square heel. This combination is suitable for skirts, short dresses and classic trousers.

with heroes

Among young people, socks with cartoon characters, characters of computer games and comics are especially popular. Such models make the image more liberated, add zest. The image of cartoon characters is best used in informal outfits.

with cities

Fashionable socks with a pattern of cities are considered relevant this season. You can choose accessories with the image of a foreign or domestic city. Reproductions of paintings with cities also look interesting. These socks will help you effectively stand out among the crowd.


Another expressive option for socks. Among the fashion trends are models in medium and small peas. For home and walks in cool weather, choose cotton and terry products. For elegant looks with heels, nylon socks with this print are suitable.

With abstraction

Models with this coloring will look good on teenagers. For a walk with friends, take socks with a multi-colored abstract pattern. They can be paired with jeans, shorts or a tracksuit.

With food

Such a fashionable print will successfully complement a home or walking look. This season, you can safely wear the brightest socks with a pattern of your favorite treat: fruits, vegetables, cakes, sweets, etc. Yellow-pink socks with donuts will help create a cozy atmosphere.

With animals

One of the most popular socks in 2021 are products with cute animals. You can choose dogs, cats, tigers, raccoons and other animals. Such an accessory will dilute your everyday bow and cheer up those around you.

With the stars

Socks with asterisks look no less impressive. Stylists offer to choose both large and small stars. To stand out, choose bright colors. For neutral looks, you can take black socks with white stars.

With famous paintings

Fashion 2021 invites girls to try on unusual socks with the work of famous artists. This trend will especially appeal to creative people. Socks with a picture can be put on for a theme party or a meeting with friends. For example, the famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

In a cage

Checked socks are considered one of the universal options. They will successfully complement the formal and informal style. A variety of colors makes it possible to choose a checkered accessory for any outfit.

with insects

This trend will be most relevant in the summer. Socks with butterflies, dragonflies, ants and bees will help to diversify the image. For a summer walk under jeans, wear black sneakers on a white platform, and under them – white socks with small ladybugs on the back.

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with space

Another interesting option is socks with a space image. Socks with stars, planets and rockets will successfully complement a sports bow, a home suit or jeans.

New Year’s

During the New Year holidays, many girls like to wear themed sweaters, pajamas, etc. This year, themed socks are also relevant. The trendiest color for socks in 2021 is white. For home gatherings, take a pair of terry socks of this color with the head of Santa Claus. They will add to the atmosphere of comfort.

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With animal paws

A very cute product are socks with imitation paws. The most popular are the paws of cats and tigers. This option will help to complement the bold image for parties.

military style

The girly camouflage print socks are the perfect solution for sports, practical training and outdoor activities. It is not necessary to choose classic dark green colors. You can take a light pink color.

Fashionable women’s socks in 2021 have become popular again, the presented photos show their diversity. This accessory is suitable for shoes, oxfords, sneakers, sneakers, etc. Choose the option you like and add to your outfit.

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