Stylish autumn bows for obese women

In one article, we tried to collect the most stylish and relevant autumn looks for obese women. And it looks like we did it!


Don’t be afraid of color

The hottest and most fashionable color of this autumn is red, embodied in the shade of “chili pepper”. Bright and bold, rich and deep – it will add actual peppercorns to any autumn bow. Full ladies should not be afraid of his sharp temper – with well-chosen styles, the red color reveals femininity, emphasizes individuality and attracts admiring glances.

Do not give up clothes in light colors. This fall, the main favorite is a sophisticated look with a combination of several shades of beige.

An excellent choice would be deep tones with a noble touch, which are successfully combined with each other.

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Don’t forget about the magic of a fashionable monochrome look. If the things in the set are designed in one color or print, then such a bow will make you look slimmer. The most fashionable and practical embodiment of this property is a trouser suit.

Plaid is one of the trendiest prints of 2019

Clothes with prints will help to make the image more stylish and interesting. Curvy fashionistas are advised to pay special attention to the cage and vertical stripes.

Actual animalistic accents are also welcome, but in a metered amount and in combination with plain things.

Choosing outerwear

The most win-win solution is a fashionable coat. It is better for overweight women to abandon the oversized trend and instead give preference to a straight cut of medium length.

A cocoon or A-line would also be a great idea. If you need an accent on the waist, choose a coat with a belt or complement your outerwear with a leather belt – this trick is now in fashion.

Stylish novelties of the season – cape, poncho, havelock and cape – also look harmoniously on a full figure. Moreover, they perfectly hide the stomach and other imperfections in the upper body.

A versatile leather or suede jacket is also mentioned by stylists as a good choice for plus-size options.

This list also includes a practical trench coat.

Emphasis on the waist

Fashionable autumn bows for overweight girls may imply an emphasis on the waist, which brings the figure closer to the cherished hourglass silhouette. For this purpose, stylists suggest using fitted clothes, leather belts, belts and fanny packs.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Fitted silhouettes on full ladies look much more advantageous than an oversized cut.[/stextbox]

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Turtlenecks and sweaters

Perhaps sweaters and turtlenecks are the most practical and indispensable thing in the autumn wardrobe. With them, any image in an instant becomes more comfortable and feminine.

The basic colors of this fall are limited to white, beige and black tones. Such sweaters are as versatile as possible in their combinations.

For the autumn season, deep tones will also be a good choice – burgundy, blue, eggplant and emerald. Such colors can be combined with the same noble shades, they can also make a stylish union with a printed bottom. Experiment!

This fall, you should definitely try the combination of a voluminous knitted sweater with a light flying skirt. Finally, you can extend the life of summer clothes without going against the weather. A hot trend is the combination of a plain sweater with a printed midi-length skirt that hides imperfections. In such a fashionable image, it is desirable to adhere to a single color palette.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A real must-have for full ladies is pullovers and sweaters with V-neck. This technique works to visually stretch the figure, plus it creates a beautiful accent on the neckline.[/stextbox]

Jackets and jackets

The first thing you should buy for a curvaceous fashionista for the autumn season is a stylish jacket, cardigan or jacket. Such elements of the wardrobe are remarkably young, slim and make the bow more stylish. Of course, this will only work if you do not make a mistake with the relevance of the style. The favorite of the 2019 season is a loose or fitted cut that is mid-thigh length.

If you plan to be on trend, combine these clothing options with t-shirts and jeans or trousers. A warmer bow will turn out paired with a turtleneck, and for a solemn occasion, you can save the idea of ​​​​an image with a jumpsuit.

Separately, it is worth mentioning an elongated vest, which can be safely added to the list of basic things for a full woman. Its remarkable properties lie in creating the effect of harmony and masking figure flaws.

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Looks with skirts

The fashion of the fall 2019 season calls not to give up feminine skirts. Depending on the complementary things, skirts easily adapt to capricious weather. The most successful styles are considered to be a pencil, straight cut, A-line, wrap-around cut and a model with a slit.

In early autumn, you can try to combine a basic white shirt with a printed skirt. Stylists advise to tie the top with a knot to bring the proportions closer to the parameters of the “hourglass” type.

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When it gets colder, do not refuse a combination of a T-shirt or a shirt and a skirt, but complement it with a leather jacket or a trench coat. Overweight women are advised to wear such outerwear unbuttoned, creating vertical lines in the silhouette that are slimming.

Looks with pants

The classic model of trousers for obese women is a combination of a straight cut and dark colors. Welcome and arrows that visually lengthen the silhouette.

A fashion trend that is definitely in the hands of a full lady is an oversized fit of trousers and jeans. This cut hides the stomach, visually lengthens the legs and creates a beautiful waistline.

High-waisted trousers will perfectly adjust your figure

Do not be afraid of the flared style – with a moderate expansion of the cut, it will make the legs visually longer and slimmer, and will also hide flaws if necessary.


A total denim look is a stylish fall trend that visually slims and creates a modern fresh look. At the beginning of the season, you can use light jackets and shirts in combination with jeans, and with a rapid drop in temperature, it makes sense to switch to insulated outerwear with sheepskin.

Details are everything

Sometimes only one detail is missing to complete the outfit, which will emphasize individuality and style. In the autumn season, fashion trends have offered a lot of new products that will transform any ordinary bow.

  • The edgy shoes in the autumn look are like a pinch of spices in a dish, always in place. If you want to create a “delicious” outfit, pay attention to trendy white ankle boots, shoes with snake or leopard print…

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