Stylish autumn looks with culottes

What to wear with culottes in autumn to be the most fashionable and stylish? Inspirational ideas can be safely drawn from our article!

How to choose the perfect model

It is believed that this style of trousers is rather capricious and not suitable for every fashionista. But stylists prove that this is nothing more than a stereotype – you can choose a style that will take into account any complexion of the figure.

  • Overweight women are advised to rely on an oversized fit paired with a length below the knee. This combination visually lengthens the silhouette and makes it more slender. Another winning solution would be culottes with arrows, which also have a great property to add harmony.

[tds_warning]Note! Ladies with large parameters are advised to avoid trousers with patch pockets and appliqués.[/tds_warning]

  • If you are a petite girl, this is also no reason to refuse the stylish style of trousers. One has only to bet on the classic waistline and not too wide cut of the legs. A combination with flat shoes is allowed, but it is still better to choose ankle boots or boots with medium heels. The best choice of top in this case is a fitted jacket or jacket.
  • If you can’t boast of long legs, choose shoes with heels for such trousers and bet on an oversized fit.
  • Culottes are a real must-have for girls who want to make their thighs more appetizing. But if you have this area is full, give preference to black culottes in tandem with a light top.

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Autumn nuances

  • Culottes for the cold season must certainly have a dense texture that will not allow you to freeze. It can be knitwear, thick cotton, soft leather, suede or velvet. Modern fashion encourages girls to play on textures and express themselves in this way.
  • Given the voluminous cut of culottes, it is appropriate to combine them with a fitted top for balance.
  • These trousers are easy to combine with socks, leggings and tights of various densities.
  • You should not combine such trousers with catchy makeup. This style celebrates the nude style.
  • A stylish fashionista who appreciates comfort and beauty can combine culottes with ankle boots, boots, and birkenstocks. Especially charming is the combination with high boots or over the knee boots, which does not allow you to freeze.

  • If there is a desire to visually stretch the silhouette, it is appropriate to choose shoes to match the trousers. But if there is no such need, you can safely play on contrasts.
  • Now, in images with culottes, minimalism and conciseness of the cut are welcomed. Basic simple things will allow you to create a flawless and neat bow.

We select outerwear

A stylish bow is easy to create if you combine culottes with a raincoat or a classic straight coat. Moreover, if the weather permits, it is better to wear this outerwear for plowing – it looks more stylish and visually lengthens the silhouette.

A tandem with a leather jacket also takes place, but it is better for short girls to “pull” it with shoes with heels.

A great idea would be a stylish union with a warm fitted bomber jacket or anorak. Often fur products look advantageous – short fur coats and vests. This choice of outerwear will allow you to wear culottes even in winter.

With a sweater

When choosing what to wear with culottes in autumn and winter, the watchful eye of a fashionista usually falls on cozy sweaters. Perhaps this is the most comfortable and win-win combination for the cold season. It combines everything – beauty, convenience and practicality.

The high top of the trousers may suggest the selection of the top of a shortened length. This combination can afford slender women of fashion.

However, the shortened length of the sweater is an optional condition for a stylish look. Women over 50 it can be advised to tuck such a top into trousers to create a more discreet outfit. You can also get a relaxed bow with a straightened top – this technique is now in trend..

With a turtleneck

In autumn, a cozy and feminine look can be paired with a turtleneck. This top should be tucked into trousers to emphasize the waist and create a harmonious look. We advise you not to limit yourself in color combinations – it is so interesting to play with shades in images with basic concise things!

With a shirt

A shirt is a versatile choice of top that looks good with culottes of any texture. Fashionistas especially love the combination with denim and leather trousers. Depending on shoes and accessories, such a bow can adapt to any mood – relaxed everyday or strict work.

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In a layered way

With the advent of cold weather, fashionistas begin to notice not only beauty, but also the practicality of multi-layered ensembles. The secret of their success is simple – when a girl has several layers of clothing, she is more reliably protected from the cold.

Since culottes have a rather specific cut, other components of the image should be selected in solid colors and concise design. Only with this approach, the bow will not turn out to be overloaded.

In a monochrome bow

If you think the culotte style is too extravagant, you will surely like the combination with things in that. A monochrome look is always the epitome of style and feminine elegance. An unusual combination of textures will make this combination even more interesting.

The monochrome ensemble has another undeniable advantage – it creates a color vertical that perfectly slims and adds height.

To work

A fashionable look for everyday work can include not only boring black trousers. Stylish culottes with a simple design are also a great idea! In order not to go beyond the dress code, we suggest combining such an interesting bottom with a strict shirt, blouse or loose blazer. The ideal choice of shoes in this case is patent brogues or business loafers.

Evening out

Culottes can be skillfully transformed into clothes for a special occasion, if you choose the right top and shoes. Let’s start with the second. Stylists call two win-win options – stilettos and velvet ankle boots.

As a top, it is good to choose a silk or sparkling top, or a blouse with an interesting cut. It is appropriate to complement such a bow with a classic coat or short fur coat.

[tds_note]Interesting! Evening culottes can have a sophisticated texture. For example, silk models look stylish, which are quite capable of replacing an elegant dress.[/tds_note]

Choice of accessories

When choosing complementary details, it should be borne in mind that in an image with culottes, they are the leading accent and the center of attention. Accordingly, accessories should only emphasize the beauty of the trousers, and not compete with them in the brightness of the design.

Laconic pendants, stylish geometric earrings and elegant bracelets can successfully complement the outfit.

Another good addition to culottes is an elegant hat. Such an accessory is especially held in high esteem by fashionistas over 40 years old.

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