Stylish bows for summer 2021

Making fashionable bows in the summer of 2021 will only be a pleasure for you, because in the warm season you can safely experiment with your appearance. The fashion of the next summer invites girls to choose bright colors, as well as comfortable and original things. We have compiled a selection of the most successful looks for the summer of 2021 that will inspire you!

How to make a fashionable and stylish bow in the summer of 2021

Each woman has her own taste and preferences in outfits, and this is quite natural. Someone loves trousers more, someone cannot live without dresses, someone is more comfortable in a tracksuit. Therefore, we offer you examples of fashionable summer looks for every taste.

Trendy outfits with trousers and shorts:

  • Jeans. Jeans are the basis for creating many stylish and comfortable looks, so you should definitely have several denim trousers in your wardrobe. For a change, you can buy skinny models, bananas, as well as palazzo or flared ones. As an example, we offer a simple but very versatile outfit where jeans are combined with a classic white shirt and mules.

  • Pants with stripes. In the context of the theme of summer bows in 2021, I would also like to talk about a fashion item from the sport-chic style – trousers with stripes. This is the most successful option for girls who value practicality and convenience. Pants with stripes look equally good with a blouse and a top. You can also take different shoes for them – sport-chic allows you to wear both high-heeled shoes and sneakers.

  • Bermuda shorts. Shorts are a great summer piece. Bermuda shorts, which are not only suitable for the beach, will be very popular this summer. For a light and warm look, choose shorts in white or cream, complement them with a white top or t-shirt. As a bright element, you can add a yellow jacket, and from shoes – sandals or sneakers.

  • overalls. If you pick up a bow for every day, then the jumpsuit is perfect for this role. Among the various models there are options for straps, with sleeves, as well as with trousers or shorts. For street style, sandals, slip-ons or sneakers are best suited for overalls. And, of course, do not forget about accessories – a handbag and glasses.

Even if you don’t follow the fashion trends of 2021, here you can get ideas for stylish bows for the coming summer. Most importantly, turn on your imagination and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Dresses and skirts in summer looks 2021

The image in which there is a skirt or dress can be safely called the most feminine. In addition, in such bows in the summer it is comfortable and not at all hot. Very gentle and cute images are obtained with white dresses, so be sure to pay attention to this color. If you want to make the look more daring and play with contrast, put on coarse sneakers for a light white dress.

You can not do without a summer dress with a print. Floral, tropical motifs, stripes and polka dots are always fashionable prints that will be relevant this summer. Dresses with frills and ruffles look especially gentle. As you can see, wearing a maxi dress with a floral print, you can very interestingly emphasize the waist with a belt bag.

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An A-line midi or maxi skirt will look perfect in summer. You can complement it with a blouse, shirt or some kind of top, and take sandals or pumps as shoes. Also, do not forget about accessories – a hat, glasses and a handbag will not be superfluous here, and even vice versa – they will perfectly complement the bow.

A few more stylish bows for the summer of 2021 can be created with a trendy pleated skirt. A light, feminine, flowing pleated skirt is a very versatile thing. It can be bright and restrained, plain and printed, and you can wear it with a blouse, T-shirt or top. In addition, you can see in the photo that she looks equally stylish with shoes and sneakers.

Do not forget about the fashionable denim skirt, which is very easy to incorporate into summer looks. For a discreet look, you can take a knee-length skirt, fill it with a blouse, and complement the bow with heeled sandals and accessories. If you want something brighter, then a patchwork mini-length skirt will come in handy. Just look how perfect the off-the-shoulder blouse fits her!

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Summer bows for business women

Women who prefer a strict style also have a large selection of boring looks. These bows are suitable as outfits for every day, in which you can go to work. For example, a classic trouser suit looks very stylish in combination with a blouse and sneakers. In this outfit, you will definitely fit into the dress code, and at the same time you will look stunning.

An original summer bow can also be made with very popular palazzo trousers. You can wear them with a blouse or shirt, and take shoes or sandals as shoes. Sometimes these trousers are so long that the shoes under them are not visible at all. In the summer it will be very comfortable to move in such trousers, and their big plus is that they are able to visually lengthen the legs.

All described fashionable bows for the summer of 2021 are shown in the photo. But this does not mean that summer looks are limited to them. Show your imagination, experiment and don’t be afraid to be bright!

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