Stylish color combinations for spring 2021

Stylish color combinations are essential for spring 2021 looks. Very often, clothes of a particular color can show the character and preferences of a person. Red things are chosen by lovers of leadership, beige – by gentle girls. And black is most often worn by fans of an elegant classic style. It is important to choose a combination of colors that will be in harmony with your appearance and character. It is also worth remembering the actual palette, which changes every season. The material describes the popular color combinations for this spring.

What colors to combine to look stylish in 2021

Stylists have identified a number of colors that will be in demand this season. They can be combined with each other, combined with other tones or used for monochrome looks.

orange shades. A rich bright shade that resembles a marigold flower will be one of the main ones this spring. Famous designers in their collections presented different things in such colors. Jason Wu invites girls to meet the warm season in a trouser suit in a cheerful shade. Such color combinations are warm, not vulgar, so the look looks expensive and fits well in the spring 2021 season. The combination of orange with white, black and blue looks harmonious.

Light blue. Another spring trend will be a gentle, attractive shade of blue. Experts advise using this color to create monochrome bows. Such a noble shade is suitable for romantic dresses with a fitted or shirt cut. You can also safely wear banana trousers and a classic shirt in blue.

Intense green. The main positions in the spring collections of 2021 were occupied by shades of green that resemble young greens. If you have not worn clothes of this color before, then you can choose a shirt dress for a start. It is better to choose a safari style, it will successfully fit into a casual look or leisure outfit. Clothing of this color can be combined with yellow, white, orange, black. The most daring fashionistas will create bows with a bright green trench coat, instead of the standard sandy one.

Butter cream. The spring 2021 fashion trends also include a warm shade of white that is reminiscent of a sweet treat. This color must be combined with warm shades. Otherwise, the image will look messy. Silk long shirt dresses in this shade, double-breasted coats and knitted suits look very delicate. The light palette creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Dark blue. Last year, the standard blue color was relevant. In the spring of 2021, the trend will be a deep saturated shade. It became popular after appearing in the Chanel collection. The designer presented a tweed combination of a classic jacket and Bermuda shorts in bright blue. An unexpected solution would be a leather coat and a hat in this color interpretation. A beautiful combination for this spring is the combination of jeans / denim skirt and a rich blue wool sweater. For a romantic look, it is better for fashionistas to choose a monochrome outfit in the form of a pleated skirt, a fitted jacket and shoes of the same color.

dusty pink. Delicate color shades of pink make the image feminine, its combination with white refreshes and adds lightness to the outfit. At first glance, this color seems frivolous or even childish. In the spring 2021 collections, pink has taken on a new meaning. It is suitable for independent girls who want to add a touch of romanticism to the image. Experts recommend combining a shade of dusty rose with wheat tones. This combination will harmoniously fit into both formal and informal bows. For a walk, you can choose a pink light blouse and a sandy pleated skirt.

solar shades. An optimistic bright color enhances mood, creates a warm atmosphere and adds confidence. Therefore, designers consider it one of the most relevant this season. For lovers of bright images, experts recommend combining yellow, orange and red. For a romantic combination, you can choose a skirt, golf and shoes in this color scheme. You can wear trousers and a shirt to the office. Particularly relevant will be elongated shirts with a floral pattern. Yellow shades are successfully combined with basic colors, as well as green and blue.

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How to combine trendy colors

You can combine actual shades in several ways:

  • combine tones that are in the same color scheme;
  • use contrasting combinations.

The first option rejuvenates and creates a harmonious picture, in the other case, color combinations must be selected carefully. Because even the most beautiful colors together can look disgusting.

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For bold young ladies, designers recommend using the following combinations.

  1. Yellow and purple/green or pink.
  2. Red with brown and mint.
  3. Blue and light yellow/beige.
  4. Pink and grey, terracotta.
  5. Bright lemon with deep purple.

The most important thing is not to overdo it. It is not worth using a large number of colors in one image, so that the image does not become cheap.

Fashion designers offer different stylish color combinations for spring 2021. Each girl will be able to find an option to her liking.

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