Stylish combinations with a white turtleneck 2020

How to Wear a White Turtleneck in 2020 season to look trendy and simply stunning? We have studied fresh combinations and are in a hurry to share these ideas with you!

Actual combinations

With leather pants

Extremely stylish bow in the 2020 season, you can get it if you complement a white turtleneck with leather trousers. Moreover, stylists advise not to limit yourself to only black colors – along with the base color, pastel, beige, emerald and red tones are relevant in the 2020 season. To fashionable image not only consistent with the trends, but also advantageously emphasized the figure, it makes sense to withstand the combination of trousers with an oversized fit and a tucked-in top. Voila! – you are simply amazing!

With trendy trousers

The novelties of the 2020 season, of course, are not limited to leather trousers alone. A turtleneck also looks great in tandem with bottoms made of denim, tweed, thick knitwear, wool or suiting fabric.

As for winning styles, the fashionista’s fantasy is practically unlimited. So, your choice can fall on chinos, bananas, straight cut, palazzo, culottes, flares, models with arrows or vertical cuts. A cropped cut looks great in combination with contrasting or decorated shoes.

Putting on a turtleneck complete with trousers, stylists recommend tucking in the top. Often this combination also requires a leather belt to emphasize the waist.

The image will turn out to be more dynamic if you choose trousers with a print for a plain turtleneck. For example, in the 2020 season, stripes and cages in various color variations are most in demand.

With a suit

Your favorite white turtleneck can make a stylish company and a classic suit – with a skirt or trousers. If we are talking about such an ensemble for a strict dress code, then stylists recommend preferring calm colors – black, beige, gray or brown. The white base layer harmonizes perfectly with the listed color schemes.

If you intend to try this combination in warm enough weather, complement it with strappy sandals. In the cold season, it makes sense to bet on laconic leather ankle boots.

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Tweed suits deserve special attention, which triumphantly return to the list of the leading trends of the 2020 season. Under such models, even the bottom layer does not need to be specially selected – you can always turn to your favorite white turtleneck for help.

With top layer

Turtleneck in combination with a shirt – you must admit, this is a rather unusual duet. But he is not limited to creativity – such a combination, like most layered ensembles, is at the peak of popularity in the 2020 season. When composing such an image, you can choose both layers in a similar color – so the bow will turn out to be discreet and elegant. An alternative option is the contrast of both layers, which looks especially impressive.

This multi-layered experiments in the 2020 season do not end there. You can also use that same white turtleneck as a blank canvas in combination with a trendy work-style jumpsuit, sundress or wrap dress. A special chic is the combination of the said ribbed base layer with a leather shirt dress. This tandem is a clear example of how you can combine several trends in one bow and look amazing.

A more mundane example of layering is expressed in the combination of a turtleneck with a jacket or jacket. This duet will be a great escape in the office, when you suddenly decide that you have nothing to wear. On weekdays, it is appropriate to allow yourself more experiments and complement a ribbed turtleneck with a leather jacket. In the role of the top in this image, not only trousers, but also jeans can serve.

To maintain a successful color palette in the specified outfit, you can choose shoes to match the jacket, and prefer the rest of the elements in the basic design.

Young girls can try out a combination with an oversized T-shirt in practice. Such a technique can even give a second life to a tight turtleneck, which is no longer very relevant in the 2020 season – the top layer will simply hide the outdated style.

You can use all your fashionable resourcefulness in combination with a sweatshirt or hoodie paired with a turtleneck. Many modern designers insist on such a combination – at their shows they clearly demonstrate that comfort and a non-standard approach are best harmonized in multi-layered ensembles.

With a skirt

The white turtleneck also makes you fall in love with the fact that it is perfectly combined with various models of skirts. In 2020, you can opt for a straight cut, a wraparound or a flared novelty. Of course, a skirt with a high waistline promises to look the most advantageous. For fashionistas who are open to interesting experiments, stylists advise trying on a combination of a turtleneck with an asymmetrical skirt – the basic top will obediently withstand any of your experiments.

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fat woman has the meaning wear a white turtleneck in combination with a bottom below the knee – so all the imperfections of the figure will be securely hidden. If you have nothing to be shy about, you can choose a mini-length skirt for the specified top – due to the closed top, the specified image will not look vulgar.

With jeans

A white turtleneck with classic blue or light blue jeans looks fresh and attractive. If you are afraid that such a bow will turn out to be rather boring, add variety to it due to the original style of the top. So, in the 2020 season, badlons with creative wide sleeves have become a real must-have. An alternative option is the choice of extraordinary jeans with decor.

Another relevant technique that allows you to add variety to your everyday look is the selection of white boots or ankle boots to match the top. Such an experiment looks very impressive! If you’re planning to up the ante in style, you can further complement the look with a fanny pack in a snow-white color scheme.

With shorts

Fashion trends 2020 season also offer wear a white turtleneck paired with high-rise shorts. Of course, based on weather conditions, you should rely on the bottom of a dense texture – wool, tweed or leather. To add zest to this look, topical high boots or boots, as well as an elegant elongated coat, will help.

In monochrome

The 2020 fashion season suggests that a woman wear a white turtleneck in monochrome – an incredibly simple trick with great potential. So, remember a simple sequence of actions. Support the white top with matching bottoms, shoes and outerwear. And to make such a bow look as impressive and elegant as possible, it makes sense to bet on a combination with high-waisted wide trousers and an elongated coat. Something tells us that in this image you will collect all the compliments!

Other color combinations

Composing images with a white turtleneck is a solid …

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