Stylish dresses with sleeves!

For our beloved readers, we have prepared the most complete guide to dresses with long sleeves. This is one of the most trendy things of 2018, which plans to linger at least for the 2019 season. You will find out what colors and styles are the most fashionable now, and which option should be preferred for you. In short, everything you wanted to know about dresses with long sleeves.


Color spectrum

All fashionistas are always interested in what colors have been awarded the title of being the most important this season. The current color palette dictates the rules of what to wear and what to combine it with, but no one has canceled fashion experiments and their own style.

Intense colors are in fashion

The main color scheme of the 2018 season is dictated by the course towards naturalness, which is followed by fashion trends. Beautiful pastel colors will emphasize your femininity and romance of nature. Win-win options for the outfit are beige, gray, lilac, pale pink and grass green shades.

Luxury evening dresses with long sleeves

The color riot of fashion trends is represented by sunny orange and yellow hues. The elegance of burgundy and the mystery of purple are also relevant.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Timeless classic black and white palette. Therefore, we advise you to buy a dress in one of these shades – it will help you out more than once in future seasons.[/stextbox]

Main prints

  • Floral colors have long been associated with exclusively summer dresses. Long sleeves make models with this print comfortable and suitable for any season. And most importantly, the floral mood in clothes is still in fashion.

Fashionable floral print on the dress

  • Peas do not lose popularity either. A dress of this color will look great on you if you take into account the features of the print. So, small peas suit almost any figure. But with different-sized circles you need to be more careful – they adorn only tall and thin girls.
  • We also advise you to look at the animal print. It’s a bold option, but the long sleeves can subdue the animal-colored dress and make it suitable for every day.

Graphic print and trendy color block

  • Stylish geometry is also widely represented in fashionable dresses of the 2018-2019 season.

The most fashionable styles

Great news for our readers: the current styles of dresses with long sleeves are so diverse that even a demanding fashionista will choose the option to her liking.

Grotesque sloping shoulders are back in fashion in spring

Open back

Perhaps the role of the most chic models in this ranking goes to dresses with an open back. You should definitely find a reason to show off in such a luxurious outfit. Of course, it is not suitable for a work dress code – here you need an event of a festive scale.

Fiery red dress with cutout back

Designers this season love to play with the main accent of this dress – the back. They add elegant lace, lacing or translucent fabric inserts as decoration.

Original models of dresses with cutouts on the back

[stextbox id=’info’]Interestingly, some models of dresses with sleeves and an open back are distinguished not only by their sexuality, but also by restraint and modesty. This is aerobatics in the world of style! The neckline is made shallow, and the sleeves are closed and elegant.[/stextbox]

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Dress shirt

Variations on the theme of this style are very diverse, and one of them is dresses with long sleeves and open shoulders.

Long sleeve shirt dresses

Most often, shirt dresses with sleeves are sewn from dense materials, but romantic chiffon models are also in trend.

Trendy jacket dresses

You can combine the actual cut of the shirt with a check print – this is the hit of the season. Such a thing will be your trendy decoration and the basis of images in a different style.

Midi, fitted & long sleeve

The main thing that every fashionista needs to know about such a model is that it noticeably slims and emphasizes the elegance of the figure. The legs in this dress miraculously become longer, and the waist narrower.

Stylish midi length dresses

Would you like to buy this dress? Great idea! Both warm woolen and light chiffon models are in trend. You can choose a year dress or a straight midi dress and wear it with a belt.

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Incredibly cozy and warm knitted dresses deserve to settle in your wardrobe. You can choose a neutral color and use the dress as a base item when creating stylish outfits. But there is another way – a knitted tight dress of a deep saturated color always attracts attention and looks impressive.

Knitted dresses with long sleeves

[stextbox id=’info’]A fashionable knitted dress can be made using large and textured patterns. The trend is voluminous braids and large knitting.[/stextbox]

Stylish knitted dresses

baby dollar

If you are not only a stylish fashionista, but also a bit of a princess, be sure to take a closer look at babydoll dresses. Long sleeves will slightly reduce the naivete of this style and turn it into an element of everyday wardrobe.

Classic long sleeve babydoll dresses

Mandatory elements of such a cute model will be the waistline under the bust and the length above the knees. Color can be not only doll-pink. Any of your favorite shades are allowed.

Long sleeve denim dresses

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! To make such a dress look stylish, do not go overboard with additional decor. All kinds of rhinestones, children’s drawings and butterfly patches, combined with the baby doll style, have sunk into the list of anti-trends.[/stextbox]

Flared sleeves

Floor-length dresses with long flared sleeves can turn any girl into the main star of a gala event. Almost like a fairy tale “Cinderella”, only in a modern way!

Fashionable colors and models of dresses with long sleeves

Such a flying silhouette of the sleeves makes even the simplest cut incredibly graceful and elegant. Now any flare is in trend – from the shoulder, elbow or wrist.

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A dress with wide sleeves made of weightless guipure is ideal for full girls who want to delicately hide their hands without sacrificing a chic appearance.

Long puff sleeves

Many are accustomed to seeing dresses only with short puffed sleeves. But there is a more solemn and interesting idea. Designers offer this season to play a little with this style and allow yourself the puffiness of the sleeves for the entire length of the arms.

Dresses with a cut at the shoulder line and long lantern sleeves

Not so bold, but also a very beautiful version of long sleeves-lanterns involves narrowing from the elbow. The trend is also the style of “poet” with volume in the shoulders and…

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