Stylish everyday looks – summer 2020

Fashionable everyday looks on summer 2020 – it is beautiful and practical, because it is convenient – it does not mean ugly. Designers invite girls to remember the trends of the 90s and dress up in pleated skirts, loose jeans with a high waist, jumpsuits, Bermuda shorts and much more. However, in the new season, these things will look completely different, creating modern and stylish bows on every day.


With a skirt

By choosing comfortable and practical styles of skirts, you can create fashionable looks that are perfect for walking around the city or meeting with friends. In the new season, give preference to:

  • pleated models of medium length;
  • mini and midi denim products;
  • light chiffon skirts.

Complement them with a knitted T-shirt or a light-colored top; in cool weather, throw a denim jacket or leather jacket on top. So that your legs do not get tired while walking, put on stylish sneakers, sneakers or trendy flat sandals.

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Even in combination with sports shoes, skirts allow you to create a feminine and elegant look. And when combined with a free top, hide extra centimeters in the waist area, make the figure more fragile.

Accessories – a bright bag, an unusual belt and jewelry will help to give the image originality.

[tds_warning]Feel free to experiment by combining different styles of skirts with shoes in a sporty style. After all, stylists offer a lot of room for creativity, combining sneakers and skirts with an asymmetrical bottom in one look.[/tds_warning]

With jeans

Fashionable summer image for every day will not do without popular jeans models. Each fashionista can choose the style that she likes the most. There are no restrictions.

According to designers, special attention should still be paid to mom jeans. Not only are they extremely popular in 2020, but they are also very comfortable. The free cut of such products allows you not to constrain movements, while perfectly emphasizing the waist, allowing the image to remain feminine.

As a top, it is best to choose a spacious T-shirt with an original inscription or print, jumper, shirt, top or t-shirt in linen style. If the jeans are high-waisted, then it is recommended to partially or completely tuck the top into the belt.

Massive sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins or low-speed pumps will complement a comfortable and practical look. A hat, oversized sunglasses and a small purse on a chain will be the perfect completion of the outfit.

With trousers

When combining summer trousers with low-cut shoes, look for skinny and cropped products. Choose a stylish top or blouse for the top. Light and pastel shades will be a real find when creating a fashionable everyday look.

Also for summer walks, images with loose linen trousers in combination with a shirt or T-shirt made from natural fabrics are perfect. Pair them with chunky-soled shoes for an extremely comfortable look that’s perfect for both female shopping, as well as a long and active walk with child.

Do not forget about trendy culottes. Despite the fact that experts suggest wearing them with heels, this rule was invented solely in order not to visually reduce growth. Therefore, if your height is above average and you are not overweight, then feel free to combine culottes with sneakers and sneakers.

Interestingly, today designers offer to wear stylish flared and palazzo trousers with sneakers. Despite the fact that earlier such pants were combined exclusively with feminine shoes with heels, no less stylish bows turned out with sports shoes.

With overalls

Loose jumpsuits in classic black, brighter summer colors and floral print models will become one of the wardrobe must-haves. fashionistas for summer 2020. Products with pants will fit into any urban look. You can complement them with sneakers, slip-ons or sandals.

For relaxation, you can choose models of overalls with shorts. Put on a hat on your head, and delicate sandals on your legs – an attractive and feminine outfit for a walk along the embankment is ready.

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Particular attention should be paid to stylish denim overalls. Such models are also made in various versions – with trousers or shorts. They combine such products with plain and printed T-shirts, plaid shirts, feminine blouses with ruffles and frills, and even wear them on a naked body. This image is suitable for a woman of any age and will become an indispensable companion when traveling out of town or just for outdoor activities.

With a knitted suit

A knitted suit is beautiful and always comfortable. And it doesn’t matter at all what it is: a set with a T-shirt and trousers or with a blouse and a skirt. After all, knitwear does not restrict movement, soft to the touch and allows you to create attractive images. Choose practical sneakers or stylish sandals for a suit and your legs will also be comfortable.

With a dress

When compiling summer casual outfits with dresses, it is not necessary to wear shoes or sandals with heels. Modern fashion is extremely democratic, therefore it allows a combination of even chiffon and lace models with sports-style shoes. Gladiator sandals or one-finger sandals are also a great addition to a light summer sundress.

With comfortable sneakers and sneakers, dresses above the knee look great. So the image is feminine, but not frank, allowing you to look elegant, but at the same time modest and restrained. Look for denim or cotton shirt dresses, striped knits, T-shirt dresses, as well as white lace dresses and leather sundresses.

Complete the image with a backpack, a wicker bag and a hat, and you will certainly not be left without attention from others.

[tds_info]An image that combines contrasting materials looks very stylish, for example, a light summer dress and a thick leather jacket. [/tds_info]

Bermuda shorts

Loose and slightly elongated Bermuda shorts are extremely popular this season. Fashionistas can safely pick up products from cotton, linen and even denim. Such products are perfectly combined with comfortable flat shoes: slippers, sandals, sneakers, moccasins. Pair it with a stylish shirt or top, and you’ll have the perfect look for shopping or hanging out with friends.

With short denim shorts

Denim shorts in 2020 year will be popular among womenallowing you to create fashionable and practical casual outfits for summer. Feel free to combine them with T-shirts and tops, complement your casual looks with sneakers, sandals, slip-ons and sneakers.

With a shirt in cage

The cell is in the list trending prints for 2020. Whereas a cotton shirt will be an excellent addition to any…

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