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Fashionable hairpins, headbands, elastic bands, ribbons and other hair accessories in 2019 will become an integral part of the image of absolutely every girl. They will help create an interesting hairstyle, serve as decoration, or make your appearance neater. In a word, they will be practical and beautiful. And what a variety of choices there will be, it’s hard to even imagine. For any, even the most attractive taste, there is sure to be some unusual hairpin, luxurious teak or intricate elastic band. But first things first.


Hair accessories fashion trends

Before proceeding to a direct description of the best hair jewelry, let’s outline the general fashion trends of the coming season.

  • Strict accessories. This is the choice of discreet fashionistas who prefer conciseness in everything. And they are perfect for business attire. As a rule, such hairpins will not be too bright and prominent. On the contrary, they will be characterized by a restrained but stylish form, for example, in the form of geometric shapes, as well as fashionable, but not bright colors (silver and golden metallic, black, white).
  • Exclusive handmade accessories. In 2019, handmade items will be in incredible demand among fashionistas. And there is nothing surprising here, because everyone likes to wear jewelry that you definitely will not find on another woman.

    Cute hair accessory

  • Romantic accessories. Hairpins with flowers, satin ribbons, hair bands with flounces, ruffles and frills, unusual headbands – all this is a real fetish for any romantic nature. And this season you can show your love one hundred percent – romance is in trend.
  • Retro style. Interest in fashion trends of the past decades has always been traced in one way or another. Many clothing and jewelry designers are willing to bring it into their fashion collections from time to time. So, there is no doubt about the relevance of retro this season either.

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Important! All hair accessories are good in their own way. But, before you decorate your hair with another outstanding copy, make sure that it harmoniously fits into your image..


The most fashionable hair accessories of the season 2019

So we come to the most interesting – a selection of accessories. Below we will tell you about fashionable hair clips, elastic bands, headbands, headbands and other hair ornaments that will be in trend throughout 2019. And you will also find a lot of photos with the most interesting and beautiful decorations. Let’s get started.

Unusual hair bands

It would seem, how can such a banal accessory as a hair band stand out? However, this season even she will pleasantly surprise all fashionistas.

  • Velvet elastic bands. Once upon a time, in the distant 90s, such an elastic band for hair was a real hit. It was worn by everyone, from schoolgirls to middle-aged fashionistas. Velvet hair ties were usually multi-colored and could be a bright highlight even for such a simple hairstyle as a ponytail. In fact, nothing has changed today, so any velvet elastic can perfectly decorate your everyday look.

Practical elastic band

  • Silicone rubber bands. Stylish and very comfortable novelty of the season. At first glance, it may seem that the elastic band will not be very reliable and simply will not hold the hair. But in fact, this is not the case, and this accessory will very confidently fasten any mass of hair, despite its lightness. And the variety of colors will make it a great addition to any bow.

  • Rubber bands with an unusual shape. For young and playful natures, hair bands of an unusual shape may well seem interesting. Here you can find a lot of things: a snake, an elastic band “with ears”, an elastic band with a holder ring, with flowers, fruits and others.

  • Knitted hair bands. A very cozy accessory that many fashionistas will appreciate. And do not worry that the knitted elastic band will not look fashionable. In fact, it is easy to fit it into any winter bow, where it will look quite appropriate. In addition, do not forget that knitted items and accessories are in fashion this season.

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Important! Perhaps the most important quality of each gum is respect for the hair. Not a single elastic band should pinch the hair too much, and even more so, it is not permissible for them to be injured and break because of it. That is why preference should be given to not too tight specimens, which will be sheathed with a soft cloth.



Invisible is a hair accessory known to every fashionista since early childhood. Even collecting us in kindergartens and schools, mothers often hid our naughty curls behind small black or silver invisible ones. And I must say that the relevance of these tiny hairpins has not gone away even now.

To this day, women use them to create cute hairstyles, or just as a little trick to shape their hair. The color range of these irreplaceable mini-hairpins has also noticeably expanded. And girls also willingly create interesting compositions with the help of invisibility on their hair. As a rule, these are geometric shapes or intersecting lines, such as in the photo. But I must say that such decoration looks very impressive. If necessary, it can even be used in an evening look.


Now let’s look at the fashion trends of 2019 directly for hairpins. Both lovers of minimalism and admirers of luxury will find a lot of interesting things here.

  • Clips. A great solution for creating a quick hairstyle. As a rule, large hair clips are decorated with something interesting on top. For example, satin flowers, stones, pearls, etc. This decoration looks amazing on the head. As a rule, its main purpose is to fasten the hair at the crown. Such a hairpin is made of plastic, metal or wood. But, there are also mini-clips. Most often they are used to fix bangs or to remove excess curls from the face.

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Important! Before you buy a metal clip-clip, and even inlaid with stones, you should definitely try it on. Indeed, for thin and sparse hair, such an accessory will be too massive. He will not be able to hold his hair and will injure and pull out hair.


  • Fancy hairpins in the style of minimalism. Do you want your hairstyle to look aesthetically pleasing and without any pretentiousness? Then neat metal hairpins of interesting shapes are definitely your option. Here you will not find anything superfluous, only practicality and uncomplicated form. For example, in the form of the moon, hearts, geometric shapes.
  • Luxurious hairpins with rhinestones. Naturally, you can’t get anywhere from among the fashion trends of hairpins inlaid with rhinestones. They will be in demand at all times, especially among girls who love the luxurious sparkle of precious stones. And of course, it is easy to complement any evening look with such decoration.


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