Stylish hair accessories 2022

Fashionable hair accessories in 2022 are a great way to complete the look for every woman. They help to correctly place accents, attract attention and emphasize the individual style of the fair sex. But here, as in any other industry, the main task is not to overdo it. Every detail must match the style, and be in its place.

What hair accessories are in fashion in 2022

Trends change from season to season. What shapes and designs will be in fashion this year?

silk scarf

This attribute has become fashionable in 2021, and will remain relevant. Only the color has changed. If last season women were recommended to wear bright printed scarves, in 2022 they will be replaced by plain pastel shades. A scarf is a simple and elegant way to decorate your hair. It is versatile for different styles and looks, suitable for both short and long hair: buns, high tails and loose curls.


Hairpins with artificial pearls were considered an attribute of a wedding hairstyle a few years ago. In 2022, a note of luxury can be safely added to your everyday wardrobe. To stay in trend, it is worth putting on several hairpins of different shapes and designs on one side.


A noble metal that adorns a laconic hairpin or elastic band is one of the most relevant choices if you need to diversify your look.


Hair accessories, as fashion trends show, in 2022 should literally scream about your personality. Fashionable hairpins and elastic bands with inscriptions are one of the ways to tell the world about yourself and your tastes.


The most common invisible ones help to add a little variety to the appearance of a woman. They can be used not only to create a careless bun or a beautiful perfect bun, but also as a separate accessory. Invisible patterns will be fashionable – stab them, making tricky weaves.


Rubber bands are back in fashion. Last season, designers recommended hiding this hairstyle attribute under the hair. In 2022, the situation has changed dramatically – large and massive accessories made of silk, velvet and other attention-grabbing materials are returning to trends.

Tiara or headband

A hoop with a narrow base is an actual hair decoration in the coming year. In past centuries, they were decorated with precious stones so that a woman could demonstrate her status to others. Nowadays, the hoop can be decorated with ordinary jewelry, because its main goal is to bring a touch of freshness, romanticism and dreaminess into the look.


With this attribute, it is easy to create a simple messy hairstyle. Chosen hair is one way to emphasize the grace of facial features, to emphasize beautiful eyes, plump lips or clear cheekbones. The trends will be large massive crabs, decorated with pearls or gilding.


This accessory can be safely woven into braids or placed on loose curls to give the look playfulness, audacity and mystery.

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How to wear barrettes in 2022 and what to pair with accessories

Hairpins are fashionable hair accessories not only in 2022, but at all times, as evidenced by the photo from past decades. This decoration will never lose its relevance, because its use is justified by practicality. A convenient attribute helps to put “full order” on the head, to rein in a naughty mop.

You can wear hairpins in any situation. They are beautifully combined with different styles:

  • classics and office business;
  • urban and street;
  • safari;
  • casual;
  • grunge;
  • evening.

In 2022, it is recommended to cling several hairpins side by side to your hair. They should be the same size, but may have different colors and textures.

You can diversify with thin hairpins a strict business hairstyle or a bun at the back of the head. And under the urban style, massive accessories with a clearly defined geometric shape are perfect.

In 2022, it is recommended to wear at least three to four hairpins on your hair at the same time. The placement scheme will depend on the individual taste and features of the woman’s appearance.

Headbands are also considered a versatile addition to any look. You can wear them for any style, choosing matching colors and textures.

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How to wear a scarf in your hair in 2022

A neckerchief on the head is a trend of 2022 that should not be ignored. This accessory helps to hide the lack of volume of curls, emphasize the features of appearance, make a bright accent when creating an image.

Silk jewelry tied on the hair gives even the most strict business look femininity and lightness.

In 2022, you can wear a scarf in different ways:

  • tying like a bezel around the head;
  • with loose hair in the style of a hippie;
  • tied to a tail, braid or bun;
  • in the Hollywood way, like a bandana.

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As the trends show, choosing fashion accessories in 2022 for short and long hair will not be difficult. It is only important to catch the right mood and have inspiration to create original images.

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