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A cap cut for short hair minimizes the complexity of care, looks great and always refreshes the look. Our photo selection will convince you of its advantages and stylish implementation, and the variety of options will allow you to make the right choice!


Main advantages

  • Versatility is a significant advantage of this wonderful haircut. The choice in her favor is made by both the main fashionistas and business women. Surprisingly, the cap really harmoniously fits into the image and style of any girl and becomes her decoration.

Universal haircut “hat”

  • Styling with such an original hair design comes down to a couple of minutes and elementary actions that every fashionista can easily handle.
  • Many girls are familiar with the problem of lack of volume in their hair. An excellent way out of the situation is a cap haircut, which skillfully creates the illusion of thick and voluminous hair, regardless of hair type.

  • If you think that opting for a short haircut means putting up with the monotony of the image, then the cap will convince you. She offers a lot of different styling options and even hairstyles: you will definitely like such experiments!
  • A cap turns any girl into a stylish coquette and gives her that elusive charm that all men go crazy with.
  • This haircut has 2 more wonderful properties that often serve as weighty arguments in its favor – a cap visually increases growth, and also mercilessly sheds a few years and looks younger.

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Who will suit

  • A cap haircut is just what the doctor ordered for fine hair that needs extra volume. It is noteworthy that the hair in this case can be both straight and wavy.
  • If you have a sharp chin and a triangular face shape, do not hesitate – with this hair design your image will become even more attractive and zest.

  • The pear-shaped face, paired with a wide chin, surprisingly changes with a cap – the proportions are corrected, and the narrow forehead becomes visually wider.
  • The standard is considered an oval face, which is suitable for most haircuts. So the hat looks amazing if it is not too noticeable elongation – facial features become more expressive, and a high forehead is disguised under a bang.

  • “Swan neck” is such a dignity of a girl, which one must certainly be proud of and demonstrate to everyone. The best way to do this is with short, cap-shaped hair that accentuates graceful and sophisticated features.
  • For owners of obedient and smooth hair, the choice in favor of a cap is the daily time saved for packing and styling – the desired shape of the hairstyle turns out by itself!

Beanie haircut – perfect for simple daily styling

And who should choose another option

The hat, although beautiful in its originality, is still not suitable for everyone.

  • Alas, the shape of the cap is powerless against thick and coarse hair: with this design, they will be untidy directed in different directions.

  • Light and fluffy, as well as curly hair are not combined with such a haircut, because they simply cannot keep an impeccable shape. Some girls get around this ban and decide to straighten their strands daily, but just think how detrimental this is to their condition.

  • The characteristic outlines of the haircut are absolutely incompatible with the round shape of the face, since the volume in the crown area can create an emphasis on roundness or fullness.
  • The cap also demonstrates the rough and strict features of a square-shaped face – therefore, stylists do not recommend this haircut for owners of this type.

  • The sharp chin of a rectangular face becomes more massive with this hair design.
  • If you are not ready for frequent visits to the hairdresser, we recommend choosing a less whimsical option that will look neat even as it grows out.
  • Such a haircut runs the risk of not being suitable for tall, thin girls with a very thin face.

Haircut cap for short hair – back, side and front view

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Note! Of all the rules, there are pleasant exceptions – and the ban on a hat can often be circumvented. For example, with a round face, you can choose not the classic version of the hairstyle, but one in which the back of the head is raised and shortened and the temples are short.


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More options!

  • No matter how fashion trends fantasize about the cap, girls usually still prefer its classic version. It is characterized by a clear cut to the temple in combination with thinning. If the girls choose the version without bangs, then the hair is combed along the parting on one side or in the middle with characteristic tips bent inward.

Look at the photo of the front and back views of the classic cap haircut for short hair, which, by the way, has not lost its popularity since the 60s.

  • The torn beanie is characterized by torn ends that create a stylish contrast with the usually perfectly even thick bangs to the eyebrows. With this hair design, it is very easy to emphasize your individuality and stand out from the crowd.

  • The trends of the 2019 season suggest taking a closer look at a more creative version of the cap haircut – with an asymmetrical edge. In addition to an extraordinary look, this hairstyle boasts the ability to correct facial features and hide flaws. The most relevant options for asymmetry are recognized: geometrically uneven haircut contour; smooth transition of length; double cap with double hair length, respectively, when one level is at the earlobe and the other is at the temple.

Multilayer option

  • The shortest and most creative option is the execution on the leg, due to which the characteristic shape of the mushroom is obtained, as in the photo below. With such an original haircut, the strands are cut most of all in the back of the head, and the length of the hair at the crown is selected based on the characteristics of appearance and personal preferences.

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With bangs or without

A hat on short hair cannot be imagined without bangs, because then the characteristic shape of the haircut and its zest will be lost. However, if bangs don’t suit you, you can simply cut them to a trendy short length, which will keep the proportions of the hairstyle.

Compatibility with coloring

If you like to experiment with your image, you will surely be pleased with the fact that the hat goes well with any coloring. It is wonderful with both cold and warm shades. Fans of the classics choose calm and natural tones, and the most daring fashionistas rely on bright and extraordinary coloring.

Fashionable coloring options for a haircut “hat”

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