Stylish haircuts for thick hair 2019

Haircuts for thick hair of medium length delight with their diversity. In fact, every owner of luxurious hair can afford any of the types of modern and stylish styling. And what they can be, we will tell in our today’s review.


Haircut options for thick hair

The average length of hair is considered, perhaps, the most successful to date. She is easy to care for, easy to style or turn into any, even the most intricate hairstyle. Why, even loose hair in this case will look great. Moreover, naturalness is now in vogue.

And yet, thick hair of medium length is better to ennoble with the help of some interesting haircut. From this, your image will look more advantageous, and the appearance will become neater. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from. And now you will be convinced of it. Below we have prepared for you the most fashionable and stylish haircut options that will help give your chic hair the right shape. And in our review, you will find a lot of photos that will clearly demonstrate the beauty of modern styling.


  • Stepped cascade. One of the most popular haircuts of today. It is especially relevant for medium and long hair. Its main advantage is lightening the image. Indeed, with a correctly executed cascade, heavy and voluminous curls seem to balance out, which makes the hair more airy and the facial features softer. In addition, the cascading haircut looks equally attractive on both straight and curly hair, which makes it affordable for girls with naughty curls.

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Important! With all the undeniable advantages, the cascade also has one minus – growing, it completely loses its original shape. And this means that once every three to four months it must be adjusted.


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  • asymmetrical cascade. Also a great option for a haircut for thick hair of medium length. Take a look at the photo, the different lengths of the strands and the unusual shape of the hairstyle attract attention, giving the image some extravagance. At the same time, you can ask the master to make strands of different lengths for you all over your head, or exclusively in front of your face. The latter are most often resorted to by younger women of fashion. And one more thing: oblique bangs will fit perfectly into any asymmetrical cascade, especially made on thick hair. So as a result, you will get a harmonious and stylish look that is suitable for any environment.

Stylish haircut

  • Ragged cascade. Daring, lively and very modern haircut, which is just perfect for thick hair of medium length. The process itself is performed with special scissors around the entire perimeter of the head. And as a result, the fashionista gets a haircut that makes her look lighter and more natural. Another advantage of a torn cascade will be saving time and money on styling. Indeed, sometimes it is enough to shake the hair with your hand, and they will fall as they should.
  • multilayer cascade. This is a novelty of 2019, which appealed to absolutely all fashionistas. The peculiarity of this multilayer haircut is that here each level is formed separately from the other. And the result is a very interesting styling that gives thick hair a shape.

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Important! The best coloring for any cascade on thick hair will be highlighting, ombre, balayage, or coloring. After all, the presence of volume and transitions will contribute to an additional “play” of color, which will allow any of the listed types of staining to open up as it should.


long bob

  • Classic bob with thinning. By and large, the classic bob always looks perfect, especially on straight hair. But, if you are the owner of thick hair, and you want to make the image a little lighter, then choose a bean with thinning. It will look more natural, and the hair will not look like one big shapeless mass.

    One of the best haircuts for thick hair

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  • Graduated long bob. Talking about fashionable haircuts for thick hair of medium length, you can not ignore the graduated bob. And especially when he has bangs. In 2019, this styling will enjoy the same popularity as several seasons in a row before. It is based on smooth or sharper transitions (it all depends on the wishes of the fashionista), which will give the haircut a stylish look and make its proportions more balanced. And to complete the look, bringing elegance to it, dye your hair in any of the shades of blond.

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Important! As you know, the classic bob haircut is universal for all types of appearance. However, in no case should it be done by the owners of a round face and lush cheeks. But, this rule does not apply at all to an elongated bean, and especially if it is without bangs. On the contrary, in this case, you will get a visual stretch and adjust your appearance.


  • Asymmetrical bob. Like the cascade, an asymmetrical bob will become a real lifesaver for owners of thick hair. Here you can create multi-level transitions in front and behind, on the sides, or only on one side. Everything will depend on the preferences of the lady. The asymmetrical bob is currently one of the most creative women’s haircuts. And very often stylists recommend it for thick hair.


Another great haircut that all owners of thick hair can afford. And choose the length yourself, it can be medium, or more, it doesn’t matter, because the styling will look equally attractive and feminine. And yet, do not think that a ladder and a cascade are one and the same. Yes, haircuts are really similar to each other in many ways, but they also have serious differences. For example, in the execution technique.

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So, the cascade itself is much more complicated, because it is cut vertically, creating multi-level strands, starting from the shortened crown and through the back of the head to the tips. But with a ladder, things are easier. Firstly, the difference in the length of the strands here is not so obvious and is only 2-3 mm, while in the cascade the transitions can be much sharper. And, secondly, the ladder is cut horizontally, forming something like an oval around the face.

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Important! Of course, such a haircut as a ladder has many undeniable advantages. But, there is one drawback – it is not suitable for wavy curls. After all, no matter how hard the master tries, it will not work here to make the hair lie as it should, and the hairstyle takes the desired shape.


Thick hair care tips

Whether you have a haircut, or whether you wear your thick hair in its natural form, it doesn’t matter. The main thing to remember is that such hair needs to be looked after very carefully! And now we will give you a couple of practical tips to help you maintain …

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