Stylish haircuts for women after 30

Trends change every year, therefore, in order to stay in trend, women after 30 need to know what haircuts for medium hair will be the most fashionable in 2019, and a photo selection will help you understand this better.

Haircuts for 30 year old ladies

Young women after 30 look good, take care of themselves and, of course, pay special attention to their hair.

Someone has already found a dream haircut, and someone else is looking for it. But for ladies of this age, it is worth adhering to such points:

  • refuse to paint in one color. It is better to choose coloring – in 2019 it is very fashionable. That is, you need to take a few very close shades, then the hair will shimmer, look healthy, well-groomed, beautiful;

  • carefully consider the selection of hair color. If twenty-year-old girls can experiment, “wear” colors that contrast with skin color, then over 30 it is already worth thinking about it. After all, an unsuccessful selection of colors can not only emphasize age, but even add age;

  • give up too extreme: ultra-short bangs, shaved temples, too short haircuts. Long hair can be left if it is healthy and thick. The optimal hair length is medium. Short haircuts are for slender ladies with neat facial features.

But at the same time, 30 is far from the age to limit yourself and walk with a boring bun. There are many luxurious haircuts that will brighten up the flaws in appearance and will be perfect for every lady with a different type of face and figure. See options for the best bows in the photo.

Beautiful haircuts for medium hair to the shoulders

It is very important for a woman to choose a hairstyle that would suit her lifestyle, easily fit and transform her appearance, adding elegance, lightness and charm.

Medium haircuts of shortened length, to the middle of the neck, are suitable for ladies:

  • when you need to add volume to your hair;
  • to focus on the lips and eyes;
  • for slender and thin;
  • positive, energetic, active.

The hair is easy to style, you can wash your hair often, it does not interfere with sports or work.

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Advice. It is better not to choose haircuts to the middle of the neck for ladies with short necks – visually this will be even more emphasized. It is better for such women to stay at shoulder length.


See photos of female images 2019 – for women after 30, you can choose:

  • pixie for medium hair – a versatile and convenient option, suitable for any age;

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  • Beanie ideal for owners of a square or triangular face, the strands beautifully frame the cheekbones and brighten up a sharp chin;

  • Cascade – any hairstyle, cut in layers, adds volume to even thin and sparse hair. You can make smooth transitions between length levels, or you can leave sharp ones – as you like. This option is well suited for ladies with a round face;

  • Kare – a popular haircut loved by many. Now there are many modifications of Kare that allow you to “adapt” this haircut to any type of face;

Kare without bangs

  • Ladder near the face it will help brighten up protruding cheekbones or a square type of face – while the main part of the hair can be of the same length;

  • Asymmetrical a haircut – it can be Kare, and an elongated Bob, and Cascade – a useful property of this female haircut allows you to smooth out appearance flaws, and even now asymmetry is in trends.

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If a woman cuts long hair, she often seeks to leave a length, at least some – elongated strands to the shoulders or a little lower are obtained. On such hair look good:

  • elongated Kare;

  • Cascade.

Also, on medium hair, you can safely do highlighting, color stretching, transition of shades – and there is enough length, and you can immediately capture all the splendor with your eyes. Some ladies choose bright colors, and some, on the contrary, strive for naturalness.

Fashionable hair shades:

  • lightening, light shades refresh the face, rejuvenate the woman. It is necessary to be meticulous about the shade of light and match it to the color of the skin, eyes and your hair color;

  • red, copper, red – now very fashionable, and they look bright and beautiful. You can only do light highlighting with red shades, so as not to be completely “red”, or you can completely repaint;

  • dark shades are also in use. Especially swarthy, dark-eyed ladies with noticeable facial features can be painted “darker”. But the haircut and styling in this case must be flawless – all the tips and strands in dark color are very clearly visible.

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For plump and large women over 30, medium-length haircuts are just perfect. It is worth choosing more voluminous, layered hairstyles or making light waves when styling – this visually reduces the face, brightens up plump cheeks and a heavy chin.

Haircuts for medium hair with bangs

These, at first glance, insignificant strands that cover the face – bangs – greatly affect the image and can both emphasize flaws and brighten them up. The main thing is to choose the right bangs, its length, density. Or maybe you should abandon it altogether.

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With bangs are combined:

  • Kare is the most ideal option. Suitable for both straight and curly hair. Comfortable haircut, both for the office and for the evening;

Kare with bangs

  • asymmetrical haircuts and Cascade go very well with torn, asymmetrical, long and oblique bangs, creating a special, individual look;

  • elongated Bob and Pixie are also friends with bangs. Only, laying the main strands slightly carelessly, do the same with the bangs.

Girls with an oval face and regular features can do without bangs. If the nose is wide or “snub-nosed”, then it is also better to do without bangs, and comb the upper strands back.

No bangs

The bangs grow quickly enough, so that the strands do not get into the eyes, the fashionista will have to cut it on her own or go to the master. But we advise you to do a haircut only with a specialist, no experiments with your own hands – a professional will be able to play with the length of the strands, bangs, layers in order to achieve the maximum luxurious result.

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Advice. If you don’t want standard, “like other” haircuts, you can always add something original: bangs of a special shape, layered haircuts, slight asymmetry of strands.


For ladies after 30, haircuts for medium length hair will be a real find – after all, they brighten up appearance flaws, rejuvenate and add lightness and elegance to the image. At the same time, there are enough successful haircut options to choose according to your taste.

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