Stylish haircuts for women after 55

To know which haircuts for women after 55 remain relevant, you should follow the collections of photos with names from shows. Flip through fashion magazines, follow fashion brands and of course read our review of the most popular hairstyles.

Main selection trends

After 55, there are several basic rules that help with choosing a hairstyle. It is worth remembering that these are only tips, it is better for each woman to build on her own preferences. Let’s look at the main factors in choosing a hairstyle:

  • The average hair length is the best option for a haircut in 2019 for women over 55. Hair often loses its shine and does not look as healthy. With a medium length hairstyle, you can make several types of styling that are suitable for everyday life and for going out. If you are a happy owner of a healthy long hair, then it is worth discussing a ladder haircut with a hairdresser. With such a haircut, the main length is preserved, and the front strands near the face are made a little shorter.

  • Bangs are a great choice for a graduated hairstyle. Do not be afraid to cut bangs, because, contrary to prejudice, it suits both young girls and older women.

  • It is better to choose hairstyles that do not require constant styling. A haircut that needs to be styled daily using mousses, balms, foams, flat irons or curling irons will look overloaded. Also, the constant use of a hair dryer or ironing without thermal protection can ruin the hair structure, cut the ends.

  • A good haircut is impossible without the right, competent painting. It is better to discuss the choice of shade and type of color with a hairdresser, listening to professional opinion.

  • To keep your hair looking healthy and fresh, do not forget about hair care. Use ampoules with natural oils and vitamins, thermal protection before styling, masks and balms. Then even the most ordinary hairstyle will look interesting due to the “live and fresh” hair.

Types of haircuts for women after 55

Fashionable haircuts for women after 55, according to the photo from the shows, are:

  • pixie. With such a haircut, the longest strands are located at the back of the head and at the temples, a small bang is obtained on one side. The shortest strands are cut with a machine in the neck area. The hairstyle resembles a small hat, which is especially suitable for women with a round face. Also, the hairstyle looks advantageous on weak, thinned hair. Pixie looks structured, visually adds volume, texture, fluffiness.

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There are many variations of pixies, the hairdresser will tell you the best option. For example, a short haircut with bangs on the side will make the face look fresh, reduce a few years. An elongated hairstyle with a ladder will make the image soft, gentle, suitable for ladies with soft features. With a pixie, you can create a new look every day, the main thing to remember is the rule – you need to shorten your hair every month, otherwise it will look sloppy.

  • Kare. Most often it is made graduated so that the transition is obvious or slightly noticeable. The haircut looks like a regular square, a distinctive feature is a different length from bangs to the main length. This hairstyle allows you to play with images, throw curls from side to side, curl them with a curling iron, sometimes even collect them in a ponytail.

There are several options for such a haircut, the hairdresser chooses depending on the shape of the face and type of hair. For example, a bob with graduation on the side is suitable for a triangular or square face, and an oval or pear-shaped face – a bob with a torn, slightly sloppy bang. It is not difficult to lay a graduated bob, you should have a hair dryer, several types of combs for styling and an iron in your arsenal if you have naughty hair.

The perfect haircut for women 55+

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  • Garson – a haircut for women after 55, suitable for thin hair. In such a hairstyle on the back of the head and on the sides, the hair is milled, shortened, and strict clear contours are made. The bangs are most often absent or very short. Older women should choose an elongated graduated garcon – then the entire volume is concentrated on the crown, and small strands cover the neck, temples and forehead.

Women with a square face shape should make a garcon with asymmetrical bangs, ladies with a round face will suit a haircut with the largest volume at the back of the head and one elongated strand at the temple. If you have a high forehead, then choose a longer bang, if the forehead line is narrow, choose a short bang. Garcon is suitable for ladies who do not like to spend a lot of time styling.

  • Gavroche. The main features of this hairstyle are considered to be long strands at the temples, a voluminous, raised crown, and long bangs. Gavroche is a bit like a graduated caret, as there is also a structured, multi-level haircut with obligatory filleting. The classic bangs look like an inverted triangle, so gavroche is recommended for women with a rectangular or square face.

But today, the hairstyle is done with a torn, side or graduated bangs, which will suit the owners of any face shape. The hairstyle does not require complex styling or care, you need to visit the hairdresser once every few months to resume shape.

  • Page. This name goes back to the Middle Ages, but the hairstyle itself is at the peak of popularity today. She is rather complicated in execution, but looks very stylish. Hair should be as smooth as possible, with perfectly straight bangs. The hairdresser must be able to create a graduated silhouette with the edging technique. Then the ends will not look messy, rough, and the cut line will remain soft.

According to the photo from the shows, the page with elongated curls becomes the most popular hairstyle option. The hair is then slightly longer than the line of the shoulders, shorter in front than in the back. A distinctive feature of the haircut is that the hairdresser cuts the hair in a circle and slightly curls inward to achieve maximum volume.

  • Forehead. This haircut is popular in several variations – classic or elongated forehead. The first is characterized by a straight parting or side parting, curls below the shoulders, soft and delicate contours. This hairstyle is universal: it is suitable for both straight and curly hair. With the latter, the forehead will look even more interesting, as volume and texture will be added.

The elongated forehead suggests slight asymmetry as the hair is shorter in front than in the back. The angle may or may not be clearly visible. Also, the hairstyle is suitable for owners of wide cheekbones. You can balance the shapes by adding side swept bangs. A graduated forehead is suitable for thin hair that lacks volume.

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  • Cascade. In such a hairstyle, flowing strands are clearly visible. The cascade is very similar to graduated hairstyles, a short flight of stairs, but the differences are that each strand in a cascading haircut is highlighted, the differences between the lengths are immediately visible. The shortest…

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