Stylish ideas: how to combine a bright coat in autumn 2020

How to wear a bright coat in 2020 to look stylish and harmonious? You no longer have to puzzle over this question, because all the inspiring ideas have already been collected in this article!

Top tricks

related tones

Stylists have one win-win technique with which they can beat even the brightest and most non-standard outerwear models. The trick is to combine with colors from the same palette as the coat. For example, under the orange model of outerwear, you can safely choose matching accessories, as well as a yellow sweater and red trousers. It will be very effective!


To create a stylish look with a bright coat, you can build on its colors and stick to monochrome. Let’s say your choice fell on outerwear in rich mint or blue tones. In this case, you can pick up other things and accessories in a similar, but more muted and restrained palette. A win-win move is the selection of bow components that are slightly lighter than outerwear.

Stylists emphasize that according to this principle, women over 50 can and should wear a bright coat. At this age, it is better to rely on a refreshing light palette that has amazing transformative properties.

With beige base

Beige is one of the main favorites of the 2020 season. Only if quite recently fashionistas went crazy for outerwear in this design, now they are changing the components of a stylish look with great pleasure. That is, the actual and at the same time neutral beige acts as the basis and background for a contrasting and bright coat. Are we armed?

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It is also worth noting that in the 2020 season, the beige-brown gamma only welcomes dilution with white accents. Say, if your choice fell on chocolate-colored trousers, you can always complement them with a white blouse and add a stylish peppercorn to the bow with a bright contrast coat.

With gray clothes

Gray clothing is also considered an impeccable addition to expressive outerwear. By itself, the wardrobe in such a palette looks restrained and ordinary, but it immediately changes if you complement it with a bright coat. For example, a basic gray dress will definitely play with such an addition.

Another style idea to think about is the style mix that is incredibly popular in 2020. The trick of this technique is the combination of an elegant coat with sportswear. For example, such outerwear will look great in the company of a gray sweatshirt with jeans or a tracksuit of this color.

With black color

Black clothing has many undeniable advantages, and one of them is the ability to make bright colors even more expressive and saturated. Such a curious property can also be taken into account when compiling an outfit with a coat of juicy colors. By choosing a black base for such outerwear, you will emphasize your style and make the coat the central accent of the bow.

The fashion trends of the 2020 season offer plump women to wear a bright coat according to this principle. The fact is that neutral black clothes perfectly slim and visually “collect” the silhouette, and the bright final layer does not allow the image to seem boring and gloomy.

With black and white

Another relevant technique is a combination of bright outerwear with a strict combination of black and white. Such a spectacular, graphic and at the same time discreet tandem perfectly adapts to a coat of any rich color, suitable for various situations.

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A dress in black and white print can also become a universal companion of a bright coat. In the 2020 season, the midi-length style with a flared skirt and a graphic cage is deservedly considered the most relevant model. Such a dress feels comfortable in combination with ankle boots with heels, and in combination with rough boots.

With contrasting color

To actually wear a bright coat in the fall of 2020, you can also pair it with a contrasting juicy color and stick to it when choosing accessories. In this case, it is recommended to choose neutral clothes as a base – for example, jeans combined with a vest.

color blocking

To create a fashionable bow with a bright coat in the title role, you can take the principle of color blocking as the basis for your experiments. Its essence lies in the combination of several colored things within one outfit. Stylists confirm that for a harmonious image it is better to select its monophonic components and maintain a single temperature of shades.

If you are just at the beginning of the path of color experiments, you can start by using the color blocking technique when choosing accessories for a bright coat. At the same time, it makes sense to choose basic clothes in neutral, restrained colors so as not to make the final bow overloaded. The ideal background for the highest fashion aerobatics – color blocking – is gray, beige, black or white clothes. You can also use the basic rule of color combinatorics, which states that you can combine two primary colors in an image and carefully include the third as accents.

With matching shoes

Another bold experiment based on the extravaganza of color is the selection of bright shoes to match an equally rich coat. To make such a bow look harmonious in the end, you can take neutral clothes in black, white, gray or beige as a basis.

FROM print

A winning addition to a bright coat is rightfully considered to be printed clothes that support accent colors. For example, if a green coat becomes your favorite in 2020, you can always pair it with a floral print dress that features the same color scheme.

With a suit

We will not hide the fact that a coat of bright colors always requires a particularly careful selection of the top and bottom in the main image. But there is one way to simplify the search. The trick is to choose a one-color suit, which is a ready-made winning set.

For example, in the office, such outerwear can be beaten with the help of a trouser ensemble, and for weekdays, you can choose a comfortable sports set. You can wear a bright coat in a duet with a suit in the winter of 2020-2021, only for this you will need to pick up a cozy duet of thick knitwear.

With jeans

A universal ally of a bright coat is basic laconic jeans. Depending on the color of the outerwear, you can choose blue, white or blue denim – the main thing is that it be presented without active decor. In the role of the top in this look, you can choose not only a neutral turtleneck, but also a bright sweatshirt – it will most effectively contrast with a juicy coat. A fanny pack, which is consistently one of the most stylish accessories of the season, completes this look perfectly.

With casual clothes

When compiling…

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