Stylish images for obese women for autumn 2020

What to wear in the fall of 2020 for overweight women to look trendy and at the same time disguise the nuances of the figure? In this article you will find the most fashionable trends that will help you achieve your goal!

Stylish novelties

Light colors

There is a stereotype that with plus-size parameters, it is permissible for women to use only dark matte colors of clothes in their bows. But stylists assure that in practice such a rule has long outlived its usefulness. In the fall of 2020, even a plump woman can afford sophisticated and feminine colors from a fashionable beige, cream and milky palette. Such tones not only look stylish, but also remarkably refresh and rejuvenate the image.

Stylists suggest that there is one fashionable trick that allows you to get a bonus from the light range as a slimming property. To do this, you should use a single color vertical in a monochrome bow – that is, combine several light shades at once in the image. Ideally, if you complement this look with trendy beige or cream high-heeled shoes, which, in combination with monochrome, will perfectly slim the silhouette.

Red color

In addition to the fashionable light range, you can let self-sufficient red into your autumn wardrobe. Given the matte texture, such a color scheme will look great on a full figure, and as a bonus, it will make the image bolder, brighter and more memorable. In the 2020 season, checkered motifs with an active participation of red tones are especially welcome – if contrasting vertical lines stand out on such a print, it will skillfully stretch the silhouette of the figure.

In addition to red, the fashionable palette for full ladies includes:

  • blue,
  • emerald,
  • purple,
  • orange,
  • lilac tones.

If you are afraid to use bright colors in the main image, improvise with accessories in juicy shades – they will perfectly diversify the usual combinations.

leather texture

You don’t think that with full parameters it’s customary to dress only in boring and nondescript outfits, do you? With modern trends, you can emphasize your individuality with the most stylish and fashionable novelties for any build. So, one of the key trends of autumn 2020 is leather texture, which harmoniously fits into various looks. Another feature is the density of the skin – it skillfully hides the imperfections of the figure.

If you want to add a stylish peppercorn to your autumn bow, you can include leather trousers, a jacket, a skirt or a shirt in your wardrobe. From this texture, top outerwear looks stylish too – for example, a jacket or a raincoat.

Knitted dresses

A stylish bow for overweight women can also mean the main role of a knitted dress. Such an outfit will advantageously sit on the figure, provided that it has a dense texture and a free comfortable cut. The combination of flimsy knitwear and a tight fit is a categorical taboo for overweight women, because such a tandem treacherously emphasizes all the imperfections of the figure.

If you’re afraid of making the wrong choice when it comes to fashion, bet on a win-win option, such as a semi-fitted fit with a vertical knit pattern and discreet below-the-knee length. In order for the image to have slimming properties, complement the knitted dress with high boots with steady heels and matching tights – the “wow effect” will be provided!

Women’s outfits

Stylists confirm that not only cozy knitted dresses are the most organic fit for obese women – among the variety of fashion models you can find other interesting novelties.

For example, during autumn shopping, you can pay attention to:

  • comfortable A-line silhouette
  • jacket dress,
  • cut case,
  • shirt,
  • model with a smell or asymmetry.

It is important to choose a dress with a high waistline – this model perfectly hides imperfections in the abdomen and hips.

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In addition to the classic monochrome models in the fall of 2020, a plump lady can also adopt stylish prints. So, among the fashion trends, vertical stripes, a cell, animalistic and floral motifs come to the fore. The main thing is to choose an average motive without unnecessary contrast of elements.

Another effective trick is to add a leather belt to the dress. Such a fashionable accessory embodies the emphasis on the waist, visually tightens the silhouette and forms a feminine figure.

If your arsenal is dominated by dresses made of light texture, you can beat it in the autumn style by pairing it with a basic plain turtleneck underneath. Such layering looks extremely stylish and warms perfectly.


In the fall of 2020, a trendy jacket can also be worn by obese women over 50 years old. Such an ultra-fashionable novelty is perfectly combined not only in business sets, but also in everyday ensembles along with your favorite jeans. As for the current and suitable cut, here you can select an elongated straight cut or a model with an elegant belt at the waist.

Pants and jeans

The ideal solution for overweight ladies in the fall of 2020 will be high-rise jeans and trousers with a straight cut – these styles are best suited to a problematic figure. Contrasting stripes have now faded into the background, but any other vertical inserts in the cut of the pants are only welcome. For example, a fashionista can adopt jeans in a trendy patchwork style with straight patches of denim in a different shade.

A slight flare of the bottom cut in the image is another good idea that perfectly corrects the proportions. True, such a feature of the style should be combined with an overstated fit and a tucked-in top.

A fashionable autumn look for obese women may also include loose trousers with arrows. A similar thing is acceptable in light colors – and in this design it will still please with slimming properties. As a top for such trousers, it is appropriate to choose not only a classic shirt, but also a turtleneck or a sweater.

Extraordinary trousers with vertical cuts are also an extremely stylish solution in the 2020 season – such original decor elements perfectly slim and stretch the silhouette. True, such a model will have to be abandoned with the advent of real cold weather.

Flared skirts

If you want to make an autumn bow more feminine and romantic, rely on the relevance of stylish skirts. In the 2020 season, models with a high waist and a loose fit are considered clear favorites – these are the products that have no equal in corrective properties.

The exquisite pleated skirt does not lose momentum in popularity – it looks as fashionable as possible in metallic colors. To create a successful bow with such a model, you can choose a sweater or jumper as a top, and choose sneakers or lace-up boots as shoes.


A versatile and stylish trouser suit can be safely called a real must-have for autumn 2020. Stylists recommend ladies with a full set…

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