Stylish images with a perm

Modern perm hair is capable of miracles. On medium hair, you can make amazing curls. And photos of the best images will help you choose the best perm option.

Modern “chemistry” for hair

To look beautiful and well-groomed with beautiful curls or graceful curls, whatever a woman resorts to. But curling irons, curlers, hair dryers and other accessories give only a temporary effect and require a lot of time. You can try a perm to become the owner of perky curls for three or more months, which you just need to lay a little for the most luxurious result.

Some ladies may object that “chemistry” is dangerous and has a destructive effect on the structure of the hairs. But that was before, when the procedure was accompanied not only by “overdrying” of the hair, but also by a pungent odor that remained on the strands for a long time. Modern products do not have such a detrimental effect on the hair, and the smell is quite tolerable, and disappears after the first shampoo. Yes, and there are different options for chemistry that can be selected: from stronger products for thick and unruly hair to light chemicals for thin and fragile strands.

But the result will exceed all expectations! See before and after photos of the best perm bows for medium hair length.


Acid perm

Advantages of a perm:

  • suitable for oily or combined type of hair – slightly dries the scalp, the secretion of sebum decreases;
  • gives volume to thin and rare strands;

  • you can not wash your hair every day – due to the curl, they look fresh and beautiful;

  • we get a well-groomed hairstyle with structured neat curls, which lasts from three months to six months.

But still, this procedure is associated with the application of chemicals and affects the structure of the hairs. Therefore, we must not forget about the care of the strands:

  • limit the use of a hair dryer so as not to overdry the hair;
  • make moisturizing masks (no more than twice a week), rinse the strands with herbal decoctions;
  • do not use too hot water, and after washing, rinse the curls with cool water.

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Important. You can choose a perm for long and medium hair. If the hair barely reaches the shoulders – you need to be ready for a “spherical” result. Curling greatly shortens the length.


Types of perm and procedure

Depending on the means used, there are several options for curling:

  • alkaline – a more gentle method than the acid version, but such a perm lasts up to three months and is not suitable for thick and heavy hair;

  • acidic – the most “strong” perm, large and small curls can last a year or even longer. It was this option that was made in the 2000s, when “chemistry” was very popular. Now experts recommend doing this perm on hair prone to fat content;

  • amino acid (Japanese) – contains proteins and amino acids. Hair looks healthy and well-groomed, but the result is unstable. And for thick and heavy hair is not suitable at all;
  • silk – contains silk proteins. Hair becomes softer, and the result is more beautiful. Curls hold for a long time, but the procedure is expensive;

  • carving – light and gentle option for short and medium hair, holding up to two months. Suitable for girls who like to change their looks. It is worth washing your hair and stretching the strands with a hair dryer-brush – they will be straight again. And when they grow back, there will be almost no difference between regrown and curled strands;


  • biowave performed by non-aggressive means. This option can be chosen for damaged hair. Lasts up to three months. In 2019, it is a very popular perm option.

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Important. Alkaline or acidic components of the solution wash out dyes, so dyed hair may change color after curling.


How is the procedure

It is worth contacting a good master, because in the case of an incorrectly selected tool and poor-quality work, an unpleasant result may result.

Before proceeding with the procedure itself, the master:

  • evaluates the structure of the hair: for thick, you need to take stronger funds, for thin and obedient strands, weak chemistry is enough. Do not perm dry and brittle hair;
  • checks the scalp – for any damage or injury, the procedure is contraindicated;
  • makes a test for allergies and skin sensitivity – the selected product is applied behind the ear to the skin and waited for about ten minutes;
  • checks the solution on one strand. Hold for five minutes and look at the result.

Next comes the hair wash, a thorough cleansing in preparation for the procedure. The solution can be applied before winding strands on bobbins or curlers, or after. Depending on the size of the selected curlers, you will get large curls or smaller ones. The master can be creative in the selection and placement of bobbins, creating smaller curls on the main hair, and larger ones on the strands near the face. And also, when performing a perm on medium hair with bangs, it is worth curling the strands of bangs onto larger curlers – it will be easier to style it and it will not jump too high and short.

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Fashion looks with curls

Beautiful curls will be the property of the girl for many days. She can make a ponytail, put it in a careless bun, take it in a high hairdo or walk with loose curls – any look will be amazing and take a matter of minutes. But what exactly the curls will be depends on the choice of curlers and the curling option.

American or large

As a result of such a curl, large and elastic curls are obtained. A special secret of the American version is the use of extra large curlers (Olivia Garden). The strands look neat and luxurious. Everyday or evening styling will not cause any trouble. If you stand longer, the curls will be tight and dense, and if you reduce the time, the curls will be softer and more airy.

For girls with sparse and thin hair, it is better not to choose a large perm – the result will look pale and unpleasant.

African or small

And who doesn’t want to impress those around them with a super-fluffy head of hair made of mischievous Afro-strands? Such a perm is often performed on medium hair. To get the right curls, papillots or small spirals are used.

light chemistry

Something between a blow-dry and a curl, although it lasts much longer than a normal blow-dry. But the means used are the most gentle and harmless. For two or three months, you can enjoy wavy hair with pleasure.

vertical waving

There can be two options for execution – winding curls on cone-shaped bobbins or on special spirals. Moreover, unlike other types of curls, strands are wound from root to tip. The result looks…

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