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Stylists give a lot of advice on how to create a stylish look for women in their 40s. Often, with age, women, along with their lifestyle and figure, also change their clothing preferences. Many ladies believe that it is contraindicated for them to wear youth bows, as they look ridiculous and often vulgar. Therefore, they are of the opinion that looking stylish and fashionable is the prerogative of young girls. And older women should wear baggy and gloomy clothes that will hide all the flaws in their figure.

In this article, we will break this stereotype, look at photos of leading stylists and make some stylish and vibrant looks for women over 40.


Compiling a basic wardrobe 40+?

When updating your wardrobe, it is very important to take into account several key parameters: lifestyle, body type and individual preferences of a woman. There is no “universal” list of necessary things that are ideal for all ladies of age. But stylists are ready to share their secrets and gave some tips for creating a basic wardrobe.

office bow

One of the most necessary bows in the wardrobe of every adult woman should be business. Such sets of clothes are necessary for both ladies who regularly visit work and unemployed women.

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The first thing the leading stylists of the country are asking for is to forget about strict suits with a straight cut, equipped with coat hangers and a striped print. Such costumes immediately bring you back to the 80s and add age to you.


Modern office suites are quite suitable for women 40+. They usually consist of trousers and a jacket. Their cut and fit allow you to look not only strict, but also stylish.

Stylish office bow

Older ladies should refrain from too tight and skinny trousers. Loose cropped straight-cut trousers are perfect for them.

The jacket should not be shapeless. To emphasize the waist, but to hide all the other figure flaws, an elongated fitted jacket without buttons will help. Under the jacket, you can wear a blouse of your choice: it can be a satin top or a cotton shirt. Don’t be afraid to pair your suits with turtlenecks and jumpers.

Designers also offer to abandon the jacket and opt for a stylish blouse, decorated with accessories.

Stylish blouses will refresh any office bow

Accessories and shoes can complete the look. In summer, you can not be afraid to wear square-heeled sandals and classic pumps. In winter, you can pay attention to suede ankle boots with low heels or stylish boots.

Fashionable and comfortable shoes for women over 40

By the way, shoes do not have to be high heels. Stylish loafers and oxfords will perfectly complement your look.

When choosing clothes, you should carefully approach the choice of color. For women who are not afraid to look bright, light suits in nude shades or bright colors (red, yellow, green) are ideal. A more classic version can be gray or blue. The main thing is not to “lock” in total black and not create a gloomy and monochromatic image.

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evening bow

For a solemn occasion, a fashionable evening dress should hang in the wardrobe of every woman. For women 40+, this rule also remains relevant. When choosing a dress, it is worth considering the type of figure. In any case, it is better to abandon tight-fitting styles and models with open arms.

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In this case, bright colors will not work either. Pink, blue and purple dresses are best put aside. Attention should be paid to the classic basic shades: black, blue and burgundy.


The dress can be easily replaced with a skirt and a bright blouse. The most optimal shades for such an outfit:

  • Brown;
  • Mustard;
  • Bordeaux;
  • Blue;
  • Beige.

The length of the dress and skirt should be optimal for the figure. It is better to hide problematic legs with a midi-length skirt. Slender legs can be opened already from the knee. The main thing: do not overdo it, and do not hide your figure under a floor-length skirt. This style will add extra age to you.

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Feel free to experiment with materials. This season, suede, leather and suiting will be in trend.


The “pencil” style and belt at the waist are suitable only for slender ladies. Full girls can opt for a skirt-“sun” or free-cut dresses.

Ladies who do not like dresses can listen to useful advice from Evelina Khromtchenko. She recommends stylish looks for women over 40, consisting of bright flared trousers or evening jumpsuits embroidered with sequins or rhinestones.

Pants can be either narrowed in the hips or loose, straight cut.

Fashionable pants for women over 40

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Do not be afraid of bright accessories: jewelry, bags and scarves. By the way, a scarf can hide the neck and neckline imperfections, but it will look very stylish at the same time.


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casual bow

Women 40+ can look stylish not only on holidays, but every day. The main thing is to listen to the advice of stylists.

What can a daily look consist of?

First, comfortable trousers or jeans. There is a stereotype that jeans can only be worn by young girls. It’s not like that at all. Jeans will also help adult ladies to emphasize their figure and look younger. It is important to simply choose the style that suits you.

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In the summer and spring of 2019, cropped jeans will be in trend. An open ankle will visually make you look younger.


Fat women should pay attention to trendy boyfriend jeans or “mom fit”. They will perfectly hide all the flaws of your figure and will look very feminine and stylish.

By the way, one of the trends of 2019 is jeans with a high waist. This fashion trend is perfect for older women. Because behind the high landing you can hide extra volumes. And if you casually tuck a blouse or T-shirt into jeans, you can not only hide flaws, but also look very fashionable.

Stylists, of course, rush to protect older women from a few mistakes when choosing jeans. Firstly, in the pursuit of “youth” you should not overdo it. Jeans should not have any torn elements, especially knees. Secondly, skinny-type models, even on slender ladies, look very ridiculous. Still, it is better to opt for loose-fitting jeans.

The top can be decorated with all sorts of T-shirts, jumpers and sweaters. Here it is important to make sure that all age-related changes are hidden. For example, if you have problematic skin around your arms, then you should not wear T-shirts or T-shirts with short sleeves. It is better to wear a cardigan on top or choose sweaters with at least 3/4 sleeves.

In winter and autumn you can also…

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